Friday, April 23, 2010

Jockstrap Boy

6', 170, 32 waist, muscular build, blond, smooth. Worth exploring a little more...even without a great pic. Especially when Adam4adam is a wasteland on a particular night.

I send a message. A simple, "Hey, what's up?" We chat for a bit and I get him to unlock the three pics I can't see. He's wearing a jockstrap in all three... two shots of his package and body, one of his ass. Damn. Tan all over too.

I unlock my pics so he can get a look. He says I'm hot. We should get together.

Yeah. we should.

He asks me if I have a jockstrap. I have a few, so I say yeah. He's really into them...starts telling me about how he likes smelling a guy's jock while he's getting fucked and how he likes getting fucked in a jockstrap. That's hot.

I tell him to come over and we can suck each other off. No fucking, just sucking...better than nothing. He wants me to wear one of my jocks so I say sure. He gets to my place in about 15 minutes and I answer the door.

Yum. Just as described...a hot fucking boy. Beautiful face, dark tan, shorts and flip flops...perfectly groomed feet and toes.

No small talk tonight. We go up to my room and he kicks his flip flops off. We strip off everything but the jocks, and I can't even keep my whole package in mine.

We start making out really passionately, lots of tongue. He loves that I'm bigger than he is. Our jocks are rubbing against each other and my feet are on top of his.

We move to the bed and get even more into the making out. Both our cocks are rock hard... we let them out of the jocks but keep them on.

I lick his nipples and kiss his stomach. I lick up and down his shaft... and take his cock in my mouth. I rarely find one as nice as mine, but his is still really good.

His legs relax and open up. I can smell his sweaty hole...I start licking around his balls, lower and lower. I can't help tongue goes for his hole. I dive in and he groans, working his cock furiously while I'm eating him out.

We swap places and he goes down on my cock, but of us still wearing our jockstraps. He's smelling my crotch while he licks, still working his own cock below. He's not bad but I want to get my ass eaten.

He sucks me a little longer and then we lay next to each other making out, both of us working our dicks in our jockstraps.

I'm going to get what I want. I get up and position myself so that he can see my ass clearly, the jock framing my tight little hole.

I hear him work his cock even harder as I feel his hands on my ass, sliding up and down, opening my cheeks to get a glance at my hole. His legs pull out from under me and he slides up behind me, his cock hanging out and pushing against my skin.

Jockstrap boy wraps his arms around my chest and breathes his hot breath on my neck. He slides his cock down my crack, to the edge of my hole, leaking precum the whole way.

Shit...he's leaking so much precum. I can feel it dripping down to my hole, almost inside me.

He keeps rubbing it up and down, still wrapped around me, still breathing on my neck. I can't help but let out some little moans.

His hand reaches down to my cock. Rock hard. I can't hide it.

He keeps sliding along my hole. He's leaking so much fucking's oozing out and coating my skin.

I'm moaning my approval. He's rubbing the head of his cock against my hole. It's so wet and my ass is so hungry for a hot dick.

He kisses me from the side and I feel his head pressing farther than I know it should. His cock is so slick with his glides effortlessly into my ass.

I don't even whimper, I just open up. In 30 seconds his whole cock is inside me and his tongue is as deep as it can possibly be in my mouth.

"Fuck," he whispers. Jockstrap to jockstrap...he must be in heaven.

His arms wrap around my waist and his hand feels my dick. Rock hard, totally engorged with lust.

He starts pushing in and out of me. It's a little tough with just a slick sheet of precum, but it works. My ass is so hungry I just open up and take him. His gentle movements turn into hard strokes.

He's playing with my jockstrap while he slams my ass, his breathing now heavy on the back of my neck.

It feels so fucking good to be stretched open. He's probing my sweet spot and it feels so amazing.

He fucks me for 10 minutes, my back to his face, our tongues connecting every so often, his breath in my ear or on my neck. His cock is moving in and out of me with no effort at all.

"Fuck," he whispers again.

I can tell from the way he's moving that he's close to cumming. We're both dripping sweat now. The air's hot and full of the smell of my ass.

He wraps his arms around my chest and starts fucking really hard. His moans are telling me he's going to blow any time.

Jockstrap boy hits his orgasm and jams his cock deep into my ass, sliding against my prostate. He moans loudly while the squirts of cum empty inside me.

I blow my load as soon as he stops fucking, spraying all over my comforter and even on the floor. Biggest load I've shot in a long time.

We're both sweaty and panting. He pulls out of me and goes into my bathroom.

I fall on my back and lift my legs up. My hole's so fucking open...cum dribble out. The front of my jock is soaked.

He gets dressed and leaves.

I just lay on the bed for a little while. My room's still warm and smells so good. My hole is used and wet.

Eventually I make it to the shower.

Then the night finally ends.

Monday, April 12, 2010


I'm thinking I might use all the horny in me to write some hot fiction for those of you who still check out this blog. It would be good for getting a load off on my part...and maybe fun for you guys to read. :)

I'm sure we can all agree that around 50% of the blogs out there are already fictional. I would probably say more like 75%, personally...and I've had plenty of people call me a 40-year-old fat guy. Those who have seen me on cam would beg to differ, but that's not important. The point is that this new writing would be something that has nothing to do with my real experiences...I'd want to write about something I haven't done.

If this idea interests you, give me some ideas!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Life sucks sometimes.

School is annoying. Single spaced paper? What? Did I read that page count right? I'm going to be up working on this a lot longer than I thought. Ughhh, I think there's an assignment due in my other class too. And a quiz? I thought that was next Wednesday. :( I need to order a pizza to motivate myself. Shit, I can't order a pizza...I can barely see the abs!

I'm graduating in less than a month. That's school for a few months until it's time to do it all over again for a few more years. But my friends are graduating too, and moving. I probably won't see some of them ever again. Yeah, we've got Facebook and texting and all that...but it's really not the same. You can't hang out with people on Facebook.

It would be nice to find a cool guy worth dating. At the risk of sounding like a hypocrite, it would be nice to meet someone not totally obsessed with sex. Why does a relationship have to start with hooking up? We can't you fuck in a few weeks instead of in a few hours? Does no one actually want to do that? My cock's hard all the time, but I like movies and going out too...

The FL economy is in pretty bad shape. No way I can get a job for summer, which sucks...because everything is so expensive! I had to write my manager a big check and I wrote another one to pay for my summer housing. I've got about $5 left in that checking account now...and not much more in my other account! I don't really need that belt or that hot pair of shoes, but they would just look so hot on me. Being a student has its downs! How am I going to pay for moving? We'll figure it out when I get there.

I haven't fucked since I wrote my last post about taking a load. Does anyone know how long it's been? Way too long. I got close a few times...I've made a lot of naughty eye contact with hotties on and around campus. But nothing came out of that. I don't know, just haven't been in the mood for it. Ever since I came back from Christmas break I haven't felt the same.

Maybe that's good? Maybe bad? Depends on how much you miss my posts, I think...hahaha.

I'm sure life will get better soon. Trying not to let it get me down. :)