Saturday, March 20, 2010

Florida Boys

First, I forgot to mark the one year anniversary of my blog. So this is the acknowledgment that I'm about a month late in making.

Second, a public thank you to a very special friend. He knows who he is...and he helped make my spring break better than it otherwise could have been. :)

Now, Florida boys! Hopefully you read this far down.

I'm horny. Very horny. Extremely fucking horny. Any hot Florida boys out there ever wanted to meet me? Hopefully the answer is yes. Well, now is your shot. I want to hear from you! ;-)

If you're in Florida and willing/able to travel, under 26, hot, and enjoy my adventures, send me an e-mail with some stats and/or pics. Tell me about yourself and what you might be interested in doing...

Who knows what could happen?


Tuesday, March 2, 2010

HIV Negative and STD Free

As of March, I am totally clean.

Given my lack of sex over the past couple months, I certainly have no reason to believe otherwise from the window period...