Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Happy New Year

Every few months I take a look at the blog world and see what's going on. I also check out Nifty and see what people are writing. It's always interesting...I wonder how many people were inspired by this blog or took something away from the way I wrote it. I'm guessing many.

Anyway, I will come out of the closet about something. I have a boyfriend. Hence the lack of new updates for many months. My crazy adventures have ceased.

As of September 2010, I was HIV negative and STD free. I've only had sex with one guy since then. And we typically go at it almost every day. :)

I miss writing this blog and I miss crazy adventures, but I don't have a whole let to tell you. If I tried I'd just be writing the same story over and over again...

School was rough last semester. 50 hour weeks don't leave too much time for fun. The new semester will begin soon, and it'll be a little easier...but still very tough. I'll keep working hard.