Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Fucking Pornboy Again- Complete

If I could pick any guy who I've been with recently to have another go with, who do you think it would be? Consider the question carefully and take a guess! Have one in mind?

If you said Pornboy, you win. ;-) Ever since I made him cum without touching himself I've been wanting another shot at it, and you can bet I've been trying hard to hook up with Pornboy again! Well, there was no several week wait this time...we managed to do the deed at the start of the week. I should say now that he didn't cum without touching himself this time, although he did sound pretty close...I just couldn't keep the cum in my dick. His ass was working me hard!

I'll stop teasing you with little details and actually tell the story now. As a reminder, he's 18, 5'10", 130 lbs, very skinny, and has a huge 7" cock--a very hot boy!

Pornboy and I missed each other on a few days (blame my busy school schedule), but like I said, it finally worked out. He said he was going to be right by where I lived for work and that he could just stop by my apartment after work for some fun. Obviously I said that was fine, and I spent the next 6 hours waiting for Pornboy to text that he'd gotten out of work.

He texted me every so often, telling me about how hard his cock was behind the counter while he dealt with some customers. I thought that was hot...makes you wonder what's going on in someone's mind when they're checking you out at a store, doesn't it? ;-) I almost wanted to go visit and see what would happen--he might blow a load right there in his pants!

Well, eventually I jumped in the shower to freshen up and shortly afterward Pornboy texted that he was free. I gave him directions to my apartment and he was on his way!

After a few minutes, I was running to the door, throwing it up to find Pornboy standing there in his work uniform, his hair conservatively matted down.

"Hey baby," he greeted, going for my lips.

We kissed in the doorway, his hands quickly finding my cock and his tongue quickly making its way into my mouth. He was clearly very horny, and there wasn't going to be any delay in getting the fun started today!

"I've been thinking about you ever since my cock slipped out of your ass," I whispered into his ear.

Pornboy seemed to melt in front of me. "Oh my god, I've been fingering my hole almost every day trying to make myself cum the way you did. I can't wait to feel you inside me again."

Our lips met, the two of us sucking face for a few minutes while Pornboy's hands gradually pulled my belt off and slipped my pants open. My hard cock was sticking straight up into the underwear, his hands groping it gently, little sounds coming out of him while he touched it.

He dropped down to kis knees, kissing my chest and stomach down to the underwear, which he peeled back. My 8x6" dick was rock hard, completely swollen and ready to enter his tight little hole. He pulled them and the athletic shorts I had on down a few inches to expose my dick and balls

He took the whole length of my cock straight away, almost down to the base, repeating the process several times while he swished his tongue around my dick.

"Fuck," I groaned. "You know how to take a dick!"

He looked up with a cute knowing smile before he went down on it again, taking the whole length into his mouth.

I grabbed his head with my hands and started facefucking him in the living room, sliding the whole hard 8 inches in and out of his warm little mouth. He made a few gagging sounds with the strokes, but otherwise he was taking it like a champ, eagerly choking down my whole cock. I couldn't wait to repeat the process with his ass! I almost wanted to just keep going with the facefuck, plowing it until I shot my load straight down his throat (which is really hot if you haven't ever done it).

I used my hands to yank him off, pulling him up to my mouth. Our lips and tongues met, the taste of my cock and my precum on his breath.

"Want to get back to my room?" I asked.

He lit up. "Let's do it!"

I grabbed his hand and lead him to my room, which was quite a bit larger than his and far more orderly. He seemed impressed as he looked around, but now wasn't going to be the time we talked about it. I shoved Pornboy down on the bed, grabbing his shirt and pulling it off. Next I grabbed his shoes, untying them and yanking them off.

I know not all guys are into feet, but I love feet. I have to say, I like the smell of a guy's feet when they've been in shoes all day, so Pornboy's feet were really getting me going after I pulled his shoes off! I put the socked feet up on face, just taking in the scent.

He looked a little worried, but he didn't protest--I was making it very obvious that I was having a good time.

I pulled his socks off, seeing that he was still wearing his anklet underneath. His feet smelled and tasted amazing, my tongue worked between his toes and down his little soles, Pornboy moaning with enjoyment. I pulled them up to my face and inhaled a final time, nibbling on his toes.

I had planned to just pound Pornboy's ass, but now mine was craving a good fucking and a warm load.

"You want to fuck me again?" I asked.

Pornboy had pulled his underwear down to let his cock out. He looked surprised, stroking his big thick dick furiously.

"You're still going to fuck me right?"

"Yeah, after."

He looked down at his dick, seeing that it was fully inflated. "Let's do it, hottie!"

I finished undressing him, dragging his work pants and underwear off and tossing them to the ground. He looked so sexy...I couldn't wait to feel him inside me!

I turned my body around, backing my ass against his face without bothering to ask for permission. I knew he'd like it, and sure enough his hands pulled my cheeks apart a few seconds after I came to rest. His tongue flicked against my hole, and then he started laying it on, greedily working his tongue against my hole and pushing the tip of his tongue inside. Pornboy moaned softly while he ate my ass, his face pressed tightly between my cheeks while his tongue continued to work its magic.

I sucked his cock while I enjoyed the rimming, backing off his face after a few minutes and switching positions with him so I was the one on my back.

Just like the time before, I pulled my legs into the air and gave him a clear view of my hole. He grabbed the lube off my nightstand, working a little into my hole and coating his hot cock.

"You're turning me into a fucking top," he joked, lining his cock up with my hole like he'd done it 100 times now.

"Nothing wrong with being versatile!" I chimed. Those are words I live by. ;-)

I felt the coolness of the lube against my hole as he started to press inside, more bravely now than the first time he had fucked me. He pushed the length in quickly, not giving me much time to adjust, but it felt good--I didn't mind one bit. Pornboy hit bottom, letting out a big moan and launching right into the fuck, his bare 7" pole sliding in and out of my hole without any difficulty.

Playing with his feet had certainly put me in a bottom mood, so I was moaning a lot more than I usually would, letting out a pleasured sound with every stroke of his cock. His eyes were intently fixed on my face, his mouth gaping open like he had just discovered how great topping was.

We kissed a few times, but Pornboy was focused on fucking my ass, drilling my butt intensely with his thick dick.

He lasted twice as long as he had the first time, sweat dripping down his forehead and coating his entire body, his cock effortlessly working my hole. I knew he wasn't going to make it much longer.

Sure enough, he started to fuck harder, jamming his shaft as deeply into my hole as he could. Then he froze, whimpering loudly.

"I'm cumming in you!" he groaned. The twink cream spilled out into my hole, a massive load pouring out of his cock.

He stopped holding himself up, his warm, sweaty body resting against mine while he panted. His cock slipped out, a little trickle of cumming escaping with it.

We made out, his hair and face slick with sweat. His hands were on my dick again, which was still rock hard.

"Fuck me?" he whispered gently.

I pushed him off to the side, pulling his body back to the middle of the bed and getting his legs up in the air. I slid my cock against his ass, the precum saturated head moving against his hole. It would have been so nice to just slide it in like that, but I knew it wasn't going to happen.

Pornboy moaned gently. I pulled his ass into the air and started my tongue assault, licking and sucking his hole as well as I could. He made it obvious that I was doing an amazing job, so I kept going until my tongue was tired, tasting his ass and giving him a great round of pleasure.

"Fuck me," he begged. "I can't take it anymore! Fuck me!"

"Yeah?" I grabbed the lube, putting a little on his hole and as little as I thought I could get away with on my cock. After spreading it around, I started pressing into him. No mercy this time...he was a bottom who liked it as rough as he could get it, so I was going to give it to him.

As soon as my dick had breached his hole, I slid all 8 inches right inside, not stopping.

"Holy shit!" he groaned. "Fuck my ass!"

I knew he'd like it. :) His ass was amazingly tight, wrapped around my dick in just the right way. I slammed his butt as hard as I could and it gradually loosened up, still feeling amazing.

I pulled my cock all the way out, Pornboy groaning. His ass was gaping open, completely surrendered to my big cock.

I slid back in, pushing all 8 inches to the balls and then fucking him for a minute. Pornboy seemed to love it, so I repeated the process a few times.

I wasn't even the least bit close, so I plowed a way, fucking his ass while he moaned like a little bottom bitch. I gave him another 5 minutes of plowing when my cock slipped out, sliding up his ass against his balls.

"Wait," Pornboy said. He turned over, sticking his ass up into the air for me. We were fucking doggy again!

I spit on my dick, rubbing it around and pushing my cock back into his ass. He was completely open, taking my dick without any effort.

I slapped his ass and resumed fucking, using deep, hard strokes that made his ass cheeks bounce with each one. I gave it to him as hard as I could, the noises flooding out of him showing his appreciation.

I fucked until I was too close to keep going, almost pushing myself over. I was on the edge of orgasm for at least 20 seconds...one little tick away from spewing my cum inside him.

Eventually it passed, so I pulled my dick out and pushed it back in, repeating over and over, all 8 inches out and then straight back into his loose little boy pussy.

"Fucking tease," he grumbled.

I slammed it inside, returning to deep strokes. Pornboy started whimpering, making the same sounds he had made the first time I had him on his back. Could it be? Was he going to shoot again? I fucked his cunt for all it was worth just in case, plowing him as hard and as deeply as I possibly could.

It was getting me too close, so I stopped to rest, listening to Pornboy whimper. Then he started bucking his ass into me, not lightly, but hard. He was impaling himself on my cock, moaning louder and louder.

I started fucking again, matching him, and it felt amazing, but I was too close. I stopped and let him keep bucking into me--he sounded close.

He started going harder and harder, making more and more noise, but I couldn't handle it.

"Shit, I just went over. Going to cum!"

"Yeah, baby!" he groaned. "Cum inside me!"

My hot jock sperm flew into his hole, squirting out of my dick really forcefully as an amazing orgasm rocked my body.

Pornboy slid his body down, my cock still inside him, so that I was resting on top of him. He turned his head to me, our mouths meeting, tongues finding each other.

We kissed gently as I rested. Eventually I picked myself up, pulling my cock away from the tight grip of his ass.

He laid there in my bed looking completely satisfied while I cleaned up. Then he took his turn.

When he got out of my bathroom, we kissed again.

"You should be doing porn with me," he joked, though he probably meant it.

"You wish!"

He smiled. "Yeah, I do. It would be hot...I'd be an instant porn star!"

We traded a few more words and he put his work clothes back on, heading home for the night.

And actually, I think Pornboy may be filming scenes right now as I write this. Wish him luck in your minds, guys...I want him to be successful and have lots of fun in the porn world. ;-) Especially if he only does condom porn and I keep getting to tap his ass raw!

Monday, March 30, 2009

Study Buddy

As I've said previously, the last week sucked school-wise. I had several tests to worry about, and they prevented me from having nearly as much fun as I would otherwise want to have! That said, I did still have time for some fun. :)

One of my friends also had a lot of work to do and suggested that he come over in order to keep us from getting distracted on our own. That doesn't really do anything to help me, but it does help him, so I said sure, mindful that I could wind up inside him if things went the right way. Half an hour later, he was at my door with some books and his laptop.

We actually did work for a couple of hours, and I basically accomplished everything I needed to accomplish for the night. He was still working, but I was horny as fuck. It was time to go for the prize!

My friend is used to me being horny and trying to get into his pants...I'm sure he had it in mind when he came over. When I appeared in front of him with a bulge in my boxers, he didn't look too surprised.

"Something I can help you with?" he asked.

I pulled down my boxers, a hardening dick flopping out. "Yeah."

He took it into his hand, stroking me gently. Then his lips met my cock--the next half hour was sealed! He started licking around my head and down my shaft, then took the whole thing into his mouth, encouraged by the gentle moans escaping my mouth.

Books, papers, and his laptop found their way to the coffee table. My friend got down on the couch with me on top of him, our mouths meeting and tongues twirling together.

I slid my body up to his face, my cock hitting his mouth. He opened up and I stated fucking his face. Normally he's not the best at that, but this particular night he did an awesome job...he was taking the whole thing, all 8 inches getting crammed into his mouth and down his throat. We loves getting facefucked, so I let him have it for several minutes before I slowed down.

"Want to go to my room?" I asked.

My cock slipped out of his mouth and he nodded his head.

Within 10 seconds we were back to my room and the clothing was being stripped off. He got on the bed, his cock rock hard and pointing up the ceiling.

I got on top of him and let our dicks slide together, making out with him again. He was obviously incredibly horny, sliding his tongue as deeply into my mouth as he could.

I moved down to his cock, which is probably 6.5" and average thickness, not a bad cock at all. I sucked him off and cupped his balls with a hand, sliding a finger between them and his hole. He started moaning, so I sucked harder and kept up my finger work, gradually moving my finger around his hole.

"You want to fuck me?"

I looked up to his face, seeing the huge amount of lust in his eyes.

"Yeah," I answered, rubbing his hole.

"Do it."

I moved up to give him a quick kiss, then held his legs back, licking his hole carefully.

"That's so good!"

He moaned constantly while I ate him out, pushing my tongue as deeply as I could. After a thorough rimming I reached for the lube, squirting some on his hole and letting a few drops fall on my dick.

"You want this?" I teased, poking the head against his hole.


"You need my big cock inside your hole?"

"I need it now!"

I stopped teasing, sliding my thick pole into his ass. It was slow at first, but he opened up.

"You ok?" I always like to make sure!

"It's yours...tear it up!"

I pushed all the way in, my friend moaning the whole time.

"Wow," he said between moans. "It's so big."

I stopped. "Too much?"

"No, keep going! It hurts but it feels really good."

I resumed sliding in and out of his hole, gradually fucking him harder and harder. His moans grew with my pace, and he even said my name a few times over the course of the fuck, asking me to go deeper or harder and to fuck him for all he was worth. My kind of bottom! :)

His ass was really tight, so this wasn't going to last too much longer. I reached the point where I couldn't just fuck nonstop, so after a little bit of plowing I would slow down, leaning in to shove my tongue into his mouth or grasping his dick with my hand and jerking him for a minute.

We repeated the pattern for about 10 minutes, and then I decided it was time. I fucked my study buddy's ass as hard as I could, slamming into him with maximum force. He was jerking his cock and moaning loudly, obviously at the verge of cumming.

"I'm shooting!" he announced, giving his dick a few final strokes before it spewed a few thick lines of warm cum on his stomach.

I kept fucking, letting my orgasm build, and then it hit. I jammed all the way into his ass, my cock unloading inside and spilling cum into his insides, a load groan accompanying the whole time.

We made out, my cock slipping out of his hole.

"That was a lot better than studying," he joked. "I'm glad we took a break!"

"Why do you think I asked you to come over?"

We both laughed, me setting off for a bathroom in the living room and him setting off for the one in my room.

When I got back from cleaning up he was dressed again, his hair the only thing amiss--it was obvious he had just been having sex! I certainly didn't mind.

"Back to work!" he said, heading out into the living room.

"I'm done...come back when you finish."

I closed my door and logged on to Blogger, starting to write this post and checking my e-mail. What a good night!

Best of all, I got As on the tests, so this break didn't cost me anything! ;-)

I had a hot flip flop fuck with someone last night who I think you all will enjoy hearing about again...I think I should be able to get that posted tomorrow, so look forward to it! I'm also planning to hook up with someone tonight, so hopefully that's hot enough to be written about as well.

Sorry for the delay in this post. Hopefully my blogging will return to normal now that I've adjusted to knowing I have a friend reading it!

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Discovered and Load Count

Even though I do change descriptions and alter events to some extent for the purpose of protecting myself, it's still possible to see yourself in an experience if you were there living it. That said, I figured it was only a matter of time before someone I knew would figure out I was writing this blog. A couple of days ago that finally happened! That explains the lack of updates here...it's just been weird writing knowing that someone I know in the real world is reading. ;-)

The guy involved doesn't go to school here anymore, but his cock spent a lot of time in me last year. He was even in on a few threesomes with Straightboy, which were always very hot. Now that he knows I might have to write up some of our tag teaming Straightboy for you guys to read.

Anyway, he wasn't mad or anything, just a bit surprised. Most importantly of all, he isn't telling anyone else that this blog exists! So I'm saved for the moment and I will continue writing.

As for my good friend who enjoys fucking me, he said he shot several loads reading my posts. I'm pretty sure he wants to buy a plane ticket now...so that was kind of hot. ;-)

I've had time to bring you more stories, I was just too spooked to do it. Expect some in the near future!

This week's load count wasn't great, but here it is:

1 loads taken bb
3 loads given bb
1 load taken oral

The next school week should be good to me, so I expect to do better! ;-)

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Free Time

School will cool down for at least a week, so I think you'll be hearing more from me. ;-)

I'm stressed out and exhausted, so I don't know what the weekend will look like, but hopefully it won't be too bad.

I gave two loads this week...one to a study buddy who came over to get some work done. Yeah, in the course of studying he wound up in my bed with legs up in the air and my bare cock sliding in and out of his hole. I have to say, I think I may be one of the best people in the world to study with! Volunteers? lol

I'm horny and hopefully flip fucking tonight. I should be posting more than I did last week, so if you like reading you can look forward to that!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Bad Fuck

It was bound to happen at some point... and now it has! I actually had a bad experience last night.

I won't go into much detail because this isn't going to be one of my epic story posts, but let's just say that I got all hot and sweaty with a guy and had him poking at my hole with his rock hard cock.

I told him to fuck me, so he grabbed a bottle of lube and slid inside. The fuck was great for 10 minutes...he was pounding at my hole wildly, fucking me hard the whole time without seeming the least bit close.

It started getting old after we passed that point. He kept fucking, but it was soon clear there was no way he was going to cum. :-(

That really turned me off. I flipped him over to fuck him, but he seemed to have lost interest. I stopped working my cock and that was the end of that.

10 minutes of bare fucking, but no load...very sad.

I guess it's a slow week relative to last week. I've only given one load, and I haven't gotten any!

My hookup Sunday night didn't wind up going through either. So two days of crappy luck!

I have too much work to get done tonight to stand a chance at having any fun, so tonight doesn't look good either.

Damn! I hope this week finishes better than it began!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Pornboy- Complete!

Pornboy is the little bottom twink I've been mentioning in several posts, and he is now one of my favorite people because he came without touching himself! As you should be able to guess from the nickname I've given him, Pornboy has been in pics and vids on some web sites that film here in Florida and is now making the transition to being in movies with a major studio. I'm not going to identify Pornboy or any of the sites he's been on, and I'm also not going to reveal the studio he's filming movies for now, so don't get your hopes up on that...just know that he's in porn and maybe you've seen him out there. Without more of me gloating about my conquests, let's start the story. ;-)

Pornboy is 18, 5'10", 130 pounds with a 28" waist, and has medium length brown hair . He's very skinny, yeah, but he has a thick 7" cock that looks huge. Not quite as long as Adamcutie, the last small guy I was with, but probably a bit thicker (which is hot). In addition to some of the pics he had taken of himself, he also sent me some of his web site pics, which were HOT. His ass looked absolutely amazing, and I wanted to go lick it and plow it right then. He also had very cute feet...nice color, nice toes. I wanted to lick them too!

We first talked before spring break, and we spent about two weeks chatting every so often. Believe it or not, he even asked if I had ever made a bottom cum without touching himself, and I had to say no because I never had. I said I had gotten close, and he said it was the same for him--tops had gotten him close, but never quite been able to push him over. Anyway, right after spring break Pornboy told me about how he had been out of town and gotten his ass filled by one of his friends. That completely secured my interest! He was super eager for me to come over and pound his ass, but every time he popped up I had already shot my loads for the day, wasn't in town, or had too much to do to make any time for some hot sex.

Eventually things worked out and both of us were able to make it happen. Pornboy let me know where to go and told me that I could spend hours pounding him if I wanted to, finishing off with a hot load of creamy college jock batter deep inside his ass.

I headed out and 20 minutes later I was in Pornboy's driveway. He lived in a really bad area of town, but not so bad that I was nervous about being there. Given the fact that he's 18 and doing porn for a couple hundred bucks a video, I can't say I was surprised, but that's another story. What mattered was that he was very hot and wanted my dick inside of him. ;-)

I texted that I was there and he appeared at the door, barefoot with a tshirt and a pair of light jeans. He also had a little hemp anklet on, which can be very hot on the right kind of boy. In his case, it was!

"Hey hottie!" he called.

"Hey cutie," I answered back. We had greeted each other that way in our IMs, so it put a smile on my face.

I walked up and he took me into his house, which looked like it probably housed 3 or 4 students. A TV show was on in the living room, so he sat us down on the couch and we made some small talk with that on in the background. Pornboy was always clear that he wanted to hook up, but unlike a lot of the guys I get with he said he didn't want to launch straight into it. I don't mind hanging out for a little bit, so I had no problem respecting his wishes. I figured he probably wasn't going to last long with me sititng there horny!

We talked about miscellaneous things for awhile, mostly his porn work and his friends. He told me about the trip he was about to take to film some scenes and seemed super excited about that--I can't wait to compare those to the experience we had!

Pornboy and I exchanged a few more words, and then he started making his move, getting closer and giving me a few touches. Now I was going to get what I had come for!

I matched his movements and leaned my head in, our lips meeting. It didn't take long before I felt his tongue pressing against my lips, and I didn't hesitate to let him in. We made out right there on the living room couch, his hands gripping my dick beneath the shorts I was wearing.

"I've been waiting for this for weeks!" he said with a cute little laugh, sliding his hand up and down my shaft.

I pushed my tongue back into his mouth and reached around to his ass while we made out, smacking it with my hands.

"And I've been waiting for that," I returned.

We kissed on the couch for a few more minutes, slowly getting bolder and bolder with feeling each other up. His hand had gone beneath my shorts to rub me underneath my underwear, and then he passed that layer so that his hand was on my rock hard dick. I hadn't bothered with his underwear, sliding beneath his shorts and underwear in ne go, gripping his warm cheeks.

As our tongues intertwined I let my fingers brush past his hole, which made him moan.

"Fuck, maybe we should go back to my room now," he suggested, jerking my cock.

"I think that would be a good idea!"

We stood up, a big grin on my face. He lead me back to his room, shutting the door behind him.

It was really messy, but I didn't care--I wasn't there to deal with it, just to fuck his ass!

We started making out, our shirts coming off in the process. His hands were on my belt a few seconds later, my shorts and underwear pulled to the floor. Pornboy jerked my 8x6" cock hard as our faces stayed pressed together.

I pulled out of the kiss, pushing him down on his bed and taking off his jeans. His hard cock had formed a huge bulge in his tight boxer briefs, a big wet spot at the tip of his cock.

"Excited?" I teased, sliding between his legs and poking my cock against his hole through the fabric of his underwear.

"You know it hottie. I've been dreaming about this for two weeks!" He had a blissful look on his face.

I slid down, grabbing his underwear and yanking them off. His thick 7 inches made a loud smack as it hit his stomach, the tip still wet with precum.

I started licking his shaft, sucking him gently, tasting his precum (so good). I took about half of it down my throat, getting a big moan out of Pornboy. Now I knew what he liked, and I put most of my attention on deepthroating him to many sounds of satisfaction pouring out of his mouth. I could feel his legs moving, his feet twisting, toes curling.

"Let me suck you, babe," he suggested.

I gave his cock another minute of service before I pulled off and we switched positions.

We kissed, his mouth moving to my ears and then licking down my neck. He hit my nipples, moving his tongue down my chest and across my stomach. Within a moment he had hit my cock and was bobbing up and down on my head, steadily taking more and more into his mouth.

"Big hot cock," he said coming off. "Can't wait to feel it inside me."

"Fuck yeah!"

Then his head was back down, sucking me with considerable skill.

I could only take a few minutes or oral before I had him back in my position, holding his legs up into the air to give me a clear view of his hole. It was just as hot as the pics he had shown me, pink and tight. I pushed my tongue against it and gave him my normal course of licking, which had him squealing. In the course of our talking he said he liked getting rimmed more than he liked getting head, so I was going to take my time!

I licked and sucked hard, following his sounds. My tongue pushed into his ass, probing as deeply as it could. I teased him with it for several minutes before I replaced it with my cock.

"Can you grab some lube off the dresser?" he asked.

I was sad that I couldn't use spit, but I did as he asked, grabbing the lube and squirting some on my cock and into his hole. I slid a finger in, sliding it straight back into his hole, moving it in and out.

He moaned with considerable enjoyment, taking his rock hard dick into his hand and jerking.

"Ohhh, I need the real thing!"

I pulled my finger out, pressing the head of my cock against his hole and sliding inside. He was tight, so it took a minute, but then I was firmly in his hole.

I knew he wanted it rough, so no gentle fucking here. Instead I went straight to hard pounding, working his tight hole as best as I could.

He made little whimpering sounds the whole time, his face looking more blissful than it had all evening. I kept it up, stretching him and loosening his hole so that I could pull my cock out and slide it right back in. He seemed to really enjoy that (I know I do!) so I kept it up, slamming his ass hard.

I wasn't ready to cum, but his ass suddenly tightened up and I hit the point of no return. I pushed my cock in as deeply as I could.

"I went over, gonna cum!" I shouted.

He moaned really loudly as my cock swelled and the cum flew out, coating his insides.

I kept going with gentle strokes, eventually pulling out and getting beside him.

"Want to fuck me?" I asked, his hand working his dick. "I can fuck you again after."

His face lit up with excitement. "That sounds hot!"

I put my legs up and he climbed on top of me, grabbing the lube and preparing his dick for entry. He looked down to my ass, and I felt his shaft starting to press into my hole.

"I never top, but I want to fuck you," Pornboy said, slowly pressing his thick cock into me. \

He stopped, grabbing my legs and giving me a few strokes.

"Fuck, this is good!" He was quiet, but his face was full of pleasure. Not as much as when I fucked him, but he looked pretty damn happy.

After giving me a few minutes of nice slow fucking, he picked up the pace and starting going hard enough to make a slapping sound with each stroke. He stopped suddenly, obviously having a hard time controlling his pace. Some guys might be turned off by an unpracticed top, but I thought it was cute, and his dick still felt good inside me.

Pornboy launched into another hard round of strokes and lost control, tensing up stopping.

"Cumming!" he moaned. I felt his warm load spilling into my hole around his dick. "Sorry, I couldn't go anymore."

His dick left my hole and he got beside me, giving me a kiss.

I was already rearing to go again. I got up and threw my body on top of his, grinding my cock against his cum-covered spent dick.

He moaned, lifting his legs up around my sides and digging his feet into my back.

"Yeah, baby? You ready?" he asked.

I slid down and lifted his legs further up so that his ass was sticking out, still wet. I started rimming him again, tasting cum and lube on and in his hole. He was loose now, so my tongue slid right into his hole.

Pornboy made all kinds of pleasured noises as I ate him out again. I looked up to his face to see his eyes tightly shut, his face fixed in concentration. It was hot.

I got up, pushing his legs to the sides and spitting on my dick. He didn't protest, and a second later I was sliding back into his ass. I resumed fucking him where I had last let off, giving it to him hard and rough just the way he wanted.

After another few minutes of fucking Pornboy on his back, I turned him on his side and did the same, his back to my stomach. I slid my cock in like that, fucking him hard. I'm not used to that position, so it wasn't long before I pulled my cock out, a needy whimper coming out of him.

"Get on your stomach," I ordered.

He did it with great speed, pushing his hot little ass up into the air, looking back at me as I slid my cock into him.

Pornboy groaned as I slid my length back into him, his ass feeling so loose in this position. I started fucking him, slapping his ass a few times. He started making the whimpering sounds again, his face pressed half into a pillow.

I plowed his ass without mercy for several minutes, slamming into him hard, pulling my cock out and shoving it back inside. His noises grew louder the entire time, so I kept going, keeping it as intense as I could without blowing my load.

After another couple minutes his face turned toward me. "I think I'm going to cum!"

I looked down, seeing that his hands weren't anywhere close to his cock.

"Without touching yourself?" I kept slamming into him, his moans growing louder.

"Yeah. My hands aren't on it. Keep fucking me!"

I did, slapping him again, plowing his ass for all it was worth.

"Fuck!" he moaned. "Fuck, don't stop! Right there! Yes, yes, yes!"

I froze my cock into the moment he liked, repeating it over and over again.

"I'm cumming!" he yelled. "I'm cumming! Fuck!" His ass tightened and a loud series of whimpers followed.

"Did you cum?" I asked.

"Yeah. All over the bed," he said softly. "Keep going, shoot in me again!"

It didn't take much more. Another couple hard strokes into his ass and I was spewing cream inside him for the second time tonight.

I slid my dick in and out, slapping his ass again. Eventually I left him, my cock covered in big globs of cum.

"Wow," I panted. "I can't believe you did that."

He got up, his back to my stomach, our heads nestled next to each other. We surveyed the bed, which had a trail of cum splattered in several places. He had shot a huge load of cum.

He turned around to face me, seeing the cum on my cock. He bent down to lick it off, taking my deflating shaft into his mouth to wipe it clean.

We made out, both of us covered in sweat and sticky with lube and cum. I could taste mine in his mouth still.

"Did that really just happen?" I asked.

"You saw it," he assured me. "No one's ever done that to me before."

"What it'd feel like?"

"I dunno...not like a normal cum. It was different, but it was good!"

We made out some more and took a shower together. I got dressed and let him know that I head to home.

"We really need to try again soon!" he suggested.

"Yeah, you can count on that!"

"Better see you soon, hottie." He smiled and let me out.

Then I was on my way home, my ass full of Pornboy's cum and my cock spent from shooting two loads into his hole. And I still can't believe I made him cum without touching himself...

Believe me, I don't think this is the last of Pornboy. I don't think I'll be able to pry him off of me. ;-)

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Load Count & Update

What an awesome week! One more last night, which brings us to this count for the week:

6 loads taken bb
5 loads given bb
1 load given oral

I only got the Cruiseboy story, so you've read about 1 out of 12 loads. Yeah, I know that sucks, guys... I'm 100% sure I'll write at least 2 more stories on this week, I just need time to do it. I don't want you to miss my making a bottom cum without touching himself, believe me!

I may have to stop there, but we'll see. School is going to get worse this week, so I may be doing less fucking.

I'll let you know! Expect at least one story tonight. ;-)

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Cruiseboy and I Start the Week

After getting back to town from spring break it didn't take long for the IMs, texts, and calls to start pouring in. Everyone wanted a piece, and with the current count for the week at 5 loads given, 5 loads taken, and one facial, almost everyone got one!

My first pick was Cruiseboy, who texted me as soon as he was in town and asked if I was up for some action.

Cruiseboy: hey bro horny?
Me: yes!
Cruiseboy: can you host?
Me: yeah, i live at [apartment complex and apt number]
Cruiseboy: ok cool. up for getting fucked?
Me: yes! it's been so long
Cruiseboy: haha ok bro, be there in 30? im in a rush though so wed need to be quick
Me: yeah that's fine. cant wait!

I jumped in the shower and gave my ass a good prep, just wrapping up in a towel when I was finished. I got on my bed, on my back, sticking my legs up into the air. I ran my finger around my hole, just lightly sliding the tip inside. This was going to feel so good!

After a few minutes Cruiseboy texted that he was here. I ran down to the door just dressed in my towel, pulling it open to see Cruiseboy standing there. Aside from a much darker tan and hair a little longer, he looked just like he had the last time we met. He was wearing another Ralph Lauren polo with a pair of red shorts, completed with the same pair of flip flops he'd worn the day we first met. I thought they were tanned under the bathroom stall...now they were even darker, a rich golden brown. I didn't doubt for a minute that he'd spent spring break crisping on some beach in Mexico.

"Damn, bro!" He looked me over with a grin, obviously exciting about the towel. "You don't want to waste any time do you?"

He came in and I closed the door.

"I thought you might appreciate it..." I slipped the towel down, showing off my hardening cock.

He stared at it with a huge grin. I really wanted to kiss him, so I went for it right then, wrapping my hands around him and pressing my lips to his. He didnt stop me, but our lips only touched for a couple of seconds before he pulled back.

"Maybe another time," he whispered, gripping my dick. I guess kissing was still off limits.

I nodded and we went up to my room. I yanked the towel off and Cruiseboy starting pulling off his clothes, kicking his flip flops off to the floor. Once naked, he grabbed me and pushed me down on the bed, sliding his cock against mine.

"You enjoyed that big cock inside you?" he asked, pushing my legs up.

"Yeah. It felt so good!"

He poked it against my hole, his thick head feeling amazing.

"Yeah, it did. Haven't been able to stop thinking about your ass, bro. Jerked off to you the whole time I was gone."

I wanted to touch my dick and explode right there.

He let my legs down, moving up my body so that his cock was against my face. I opened my lips and he plunged it inside.

"You're a good cocksucker too." He moaned, sliding his cock between my lips. "Gunna fuck your face."

He started hammering my mouth with his dick, hitting my throat with each deep stroke. I reached up and twisted his nipples, which made him groan.

He pulled his dick out, now slick with my spit.

Cruiseboy resumed his position between my legs, pulling my feet up against his chest. He swirled a finger around his mouth, adding some spit and sliding it against my hole.

The sensation of just his finger against my hole was amazing, spreading through my whole body.

He licked his finger again, sliding it inside and repeating the process a few times. Then he pressed the head of his cock against my hole, slowly pushing it inside.

"We ok?" he asked, halting his advance.

"Yeah," I whispered. "Fuck me!" I had been worried he was going to ask to use a condom now that we had migrated out of the bathroom, but he didn't mention it. I assumed him asking that as he slid in my hole was him asking if it was still Ok--and it certainly was. I wanted nothing more than to feel his hot raw cock inside me and filling me up with another load of his cum.

He kept going until he filled me up, and then he immediately began to pound me.

He grunted, his thick pole moving in and out of my hole with fast strokes.

"I'm not going to last long," he warned. "Your ass is just too good, bro."

He rested a minute, looking down to his cock, which was still shoved deep in my hole. A little smile formed on his face, and he started pressing it in and out again, watching his dick sink inside beneath him.

After a minute he resumed full speed, slamming my ass hard. I was moaning as loudly as I could, making sounds I usually don't make, completely filled with pleasure and desire. I just wanted him to fuck me like that forever.

I know he gave it to me as long as he could, his dick working my hole with amazing skill, hitting me just right in all the right places.

Cruiseboy got louder and started bucking into me harder, his face contorting with pleasure. Seeing him like that and hearing his balls slap against me was too much--my light jerking took me over the edge and I shot cum all over myself, my ass tightening.

He seemed to love the feeling, jamming his cock into my hole with even more force.

"Can't hold it anymore, gonna cum!" he yelled, letting out a series of loud sounds as his cock spilled a gooey load inside me. "Shit, bro! That was so hot!" He pulled it out, slapping his cummy dick against my ass, a big grin on his face.

He went into my bathroom, leaving the door open. I heard him piss and then the sink started to flow. He emerged after a few minutes and went for his clothes.

I just remained on the bed, admiring his hot body as he got dressed and thinking about the fact that this hot frat boy had now dumped two loads of cum in my ass.

He pulled his flip flops on, finishing up the job.

"Wish I didn't have to be somewhere, but I do. Text you soon?"

"Yeah," i said from the bed.

He smiled. "Alright, bro. You want me to just let myself out?"

"Yeah, go ahead."

He nodded and opened the door, closing it behind him. I heard the front door open and shut. He was gone, but at least I still had his load inside me.

I stuck a finger into my hole, loose from the rough fucking he'd just given me, and reached for some cum.

I pulled it out and licked Cruiseboy's cum off my finger. It tasted so good...I could really go for him just shooting another load in my mouth.

Eventually I cleaned myself up and went on with life, and that's how this fuck-filled week began!

I get that Cruiseboy is busy, but next time I hope he'll save a block of time and just go crazy with me. We'll see...

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Another Update

Add another two loads to this week's tally, with three days left to go! I've given 4 and taken 3... :)

I've been doing so much talking I can't even begin to post the conversations. Dormboy's roommate, Cruiseboy, little bottom twinks, jock tops--I've been busy!

I don't have time to write up anything just yet...this week of school has been a lot more taxing than I expected! That said, I can tell you who to expect. Dormboy accounts for 2 loads, Cruiseboy accounts for 1, a little bottom twink counts for 2, and there are 2 more involving someone who I haven't given a nickname to just yet.

Sounds like fun, doesn't it? ;-) Oh, it was. Incredibly fucking fun. I've been having so much sex I don't even have time to write about it, which is great for me but bad for those of you are enjoying my posts.

I'm probably going to take it easy this weekend, so if I don't post anything before then, you can expect two or three then.

School and work suck!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Fucking Strong :)

I said it would be a much better week, and it certainly has been. In the past two days 5 loads have been exchanged! Fuck yeah.

I won't go into vast detail yet because I plan to write these encounters up for you, but they were hot times.

I even made a guy cum without touching himself. :) That was HOT!

Hopefully the week continues strong!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

This Week and Load Count

I expect to have a lot of sex this week with everyone getting back to town and my schedule being relatively light. Let's hope so...

1 loads taken bb
1 loads given bb

That's all I have to show for my spring break week, which is depressing. :( Oh well, I'll try to do a much better job starting today!

I believe I do have plans with a hot boy. ;-)


While I was home I spent a lot of time on Adam4adam chatting with guys down there and back up at school. As is typical, most conversations begun on Adam4adam don't go very far... a few messages back and forth, a vague suggestion that fucking and filling my hole would be a hot idea and worth doing sometime.

I did manage to find a couple of interesting people who were a bit more serious about what they wanted though, one who plowed my ass last night and another who I intend to play with very soon. I also found a few future prospects who will be visiting town in the near future and hope to have a lot of fun with them! ;-) I'll save the details for the future when stuff actually happens.

Back to last night...it was hot. After more than a week without getting fucked I start to crave dick in my hole, which means I'm rubbing it or sliding my fingers inside throughout the day without even thinking. I almost even pulled out my dildos when I got back to school to give myself a wild ride, but then another opportunity came along.

Adamcutie had started talking to me when I was home and mentioned that he would enjoy getting together and having some fun. He was 20, with short dark hair, pale skin, and an average body. He was "cute" over "hot," and also really small, only 5'6" tall, 130 pounds, with a 28 waist. None of that was a problem for me...I enjoy a wide variety of boys!

Anyway, you tend to peg guys like that as bottoms, but his profile indicated vers with a preference for top. We chatted and he unlocked his private pic, which to my surprise was a thick 8" piece of meat that looked gigantic on Adamcutie's small body. Topping made complete sense now--his dick is what bottoms dream of! We exchanged a few more messages and he said he would hit me up when I got back to town.

Sure enough, just before I was set to come back, he popped up in my inbox.

Adamcutie: Hey, I talked to you the other day and was wondering if you might feel like bottoming for me tonight?
Me: i remember! ;-) i'm still home but i'll be back at school tomorrow...would that work?
Adamcutie: Ok, cool. Do you need to host or can you travel?
Me: either is fine...where do you live?
Adamcutie: [Location]. It'd be easier if you just came over
Me: yeah, no problem. you're ok with bb right?
Adamcutie: I'll top you, but I don't want to bottom without a condom.
Me: ok no problem. can i get your number?
Adamcutie: [His number]. Hit me up after 11:00
Me: ok cutie, see you tomorrow ;-)
Adamcutie: Can't wait!

Quick and to the point, just as our first chat had been. I went to bed and headed home the next afternoon, sending a text to confirm our meeting. He said we were still on, any time after 11:00.

I got back to school and stripped down to being naked...have to enjoy being alone in my apartment while I can! Then I got my stuff unpacked and relaxed until the time rolled around.

I texted asking for exact directions and he sent them back a few minutes later, also asking that I call instead of knock. We were on! I took a shower, giving extra attention to my hole, shaved, and brushed my teeth. A tshirt, shorts, and pair of flip flops later, I was out the door.

It wasn't far, pretty close to campus, which I basically live down the street from. The place was a nice house, which was unusual--aside from frat boys, I can't even name someone I know who lives in a house--but it certainly wasn't unheard of. I figured his parents had money, and that was that. I parked in the driveway, which was a task since it already had two cars, and gave him a call.


"Hey, it's me. I'm out in front of the house right now."

"Oh, hey. I'll be right there, man. Go to the side door so I can let you in."

"Alright, see you in a minute!"

I walked over to the side door, and a couple of minutes later it opened, Adamcutie appearing, dressed in a white v neck shirt and pajama bottoms. He was even cuter in real life, and standing right in front of him proved that he was indeed 5'6"...I was more than half a foot taller than him.

"Hey," he greeted with a big smile, almost in a whisper.

We shook hands. "Hey, nice to meet you!"

He stepped out, closing the door behind him, and leaned up to kiss me. Our lips met in a slow, sweet kiss, which lasted for at least a minute. I put my hands on him and we got more into it, making out at the side of the house as the insects buzzed all around us.

He pulled away, grinning. "Wow, you're good!"

I laughed. "Thanks...you aren't a bad kisser yourself."

His eyes darted around, surveying the houses around us. "My parents are asleep, so we need to be kind of quiet."

Wait, what!? "Your parents?" I'm sure I looked pretty shocked. He definitely hadn't mentioned that he lived with his parents.

"Yeah. No big deal, they're asleep...we'll be in my room. It's on the other side of the house."

"You know I can host?" I asked, not understanding why he hadn't just come to my place.

"No, I know, I just like having sex in my room when my parents are here." He grinned. "They have no idea."

Now I was turned on. He wanted to plow my ass in his room while his parents were asleep in theirs!

I shoved my tongue in his mouth and reached for his cock, which was rapidly growing. I rubbed it beneath the fabric while our tongues roughly slid against each other.

"Let's go inside," he suggested, grabbing my hand. We did, and he paused in the living room to offer his lips again.

"Where's their room?" I whispered.

He pointed to a door right off the living room. "That's it."

I was a little nervous about getting caught, but he obviously got off on tempting fate. We made out right in the living room, his hands pulling my shorts off as we sucked face. I reciprocated, pulling off his pajama bottoms. They were the only thing he was wearing, so his hard 8 inches was now sticking straight out at me.

"Your cock is so nice," I whispered.

He gripped mine through the pair of boxer briefs I still had on. "Yours too...and your ass." He reached around and grabbed my butt.

This was hot. We were half naked 10 feet from his parents' door.

He kept going, pulling down my boxer briefs. My dick sprang out, completely hard and eager for attention.

He looked me in the eye for a second, falling to his knees in front of my cock. He carefully took it into his mouth, giving me a soft sucking.

"Ohh," I moaned as lightly as I could. "That feels great."

He kept going, bobbing up and down on my thick dick as if he didn't have a care in the world. I kept moaning, which seemed to turn him on and encouraged him to keep sucking. His hands worked up to my ass, spreading my cheeks apart. He ran a finger over my hole, which caused me to make louder sounds.

He jerked my dick in with one hand, sticking a finger on the other into his mouth and working it around to my ass. The wet finger worked up against my hole, slowly sliding inside.

"Oh yeah," I groaned, feeling it sink all the way inside me.

"You ready to get fucked?" he whispered from the floor, working his finger in and out of my hole.

"Fuck yeah!" I whispered back.

He pulled his finger out of my hole and stood up, grabbing our clothes and leading me through the kitchen, their living room, and finally into a little hallway that held his door.

I passed inside and he closed the door behind us, another big grin spreading across his face. He dropped the clothes on the ground and stripped his shirt off, with me following suit. I kicked my flip flops off and got on the bed, rolling on my back with my legs sticking up in the air.

"Just try to be quiet," he said in a normal voice, another grin crossing his face.

He quickly slid himself between my legs, rubbing his thick cock against my balls and ass. His body was so small compared to mine, but he was on top of me anyway, his dick poking against my hole. That turned me on even more than I was...this 5'6", 130 pound guy was going to pound my 6'2" jock ass!

We made out some more, his cock sliding against me the whole time. Eventually he got on top of me, sliding his dick into my mouth. It took some effort on my part to accommodate the whole thing, but I managed to work it in, and after a few minutes his thick pole was gliding between my lips with ease, ramming deep into my throat.

Adamcutie was grunting his appreciation, and after a few minutes he slipped out, resuming his former position and throwing my legs back into the air.

"You want it?" he asked, pressing his mushroom head against my hole.

"Give it to me!"

He launched a few gobs of spit at my hole and his cock, working them in with a finger. Then he pointed his cock and started pushing inside. I relaxed, feeling the big head clear my entrance and the rest slowly sliding into my chute, filling me up. It had been a week since I'd been fucked, so I was craving cock like crazy--feeling one slide into me with just spit for lube felt fucking amazing.

When he hit bottom his face was gleaming with pure pleasure.

"You're so tight," he whispered. "It feels so good!"

"Ohhh, yeah. Use my hole with your big cock," I begged. I needed him to rail me.

He started slowly sliding in and out, his big cock very easily hitting my prostate.

"Harder!" I begged.

He complied, picking up his pace so that he was ramming his big dick inside me.

I moaned with delight, jerking my cock as well as I could without shooting off my load right there.

Adamcutie obviously wasn't the most experienced top, but his dick was still doing very well, loosening me up and feeling fucking amazing plunging deep into my hole.

He fucked me hard for five minutes, taking full advantage of my willing hole, before he lost control.

"Shit! I just went over," he announced thrusting hard into my hole.

"It's ok, just give me your cum!" My hand worked my dick furiously, an orgasm only a few seconds away.

He froze, his eyes shutting tightly, a loud groan pouring out of his body as his dick filled out and dumped his warm cum inside me.

I shot at the same instant, squirts of my cum flying up to my chest and coating my stomach as the warm comfort of his cum surrounded his cock inside me.

"Sorry I didn't last longer," he apologized, panting, his dick still inside me.

"Don't worry about it," I assured him. I would have enjoyed a longer fuck, but what I got was good enough.

He kissed me, his cock still inside. He gave me a few thrusts, which felt amazing...nothing better than being fucked with cum inside your hole!

Then he pulled out, flopping over beside me to share our post-fuck bliss. We kissed some more, making out in the same soft, sweet way we first had that night.

"So your parents don't even know you're gay?" I asked, curious.

"If they know it's not because I told them."

"I guess you've never been caught?"

His eyes wandered in the direction of his parents room. "Not yet..."

"How many guys have you fucked in here?"

"Just a few. If I think someone is really hot I invite them over."

I laughed, appreciating his little compliment.

After awhile we ventured into the house for the bathroom, not encountering either parent. I cleaned up but left his cum in my hole, getting dressed.

"I guess you better go...getting late."

"Yeah, good idea." We started the trek for the side door.

We kissed before I went out, for at least a minute.

"I'd love to hang out again," he whispered.

"I wouldn't mind seeing you again either!"

We traded smiles and I was out the door, on my way back to my apartment, warm load still lodged in my well-fucked ass.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Bareback Twink Bottom

Ahhhhhhh. I am one satisfied boy. ;-) I'm sorry this post took so long, but it's drained four loads out of me as I've attempted to write it. One the night of, one the next day, and two earlier today. I like to write story posts when I'm horny because they wind up being a lot more interesting! If I write them when I'm feeling satisfied they end up as "We met. I fucked him. Shot in his ass. It was hot." That's boring, so I try not to do that to you guys. ;-) So it took a couple days, but here you go.

I texted Twinkbottom a few hours after we traded messages back and forth. Apparently he was stuck hanging out with friends having a boring time, which meant he didn't want to leave me alone. I'm assuming he's probably always just as needy, but that's Ok...I only have a few chances a year to possibly have to deal with him anyway.

I sent him another message today a couple hours before the appointed time to ask if we were still on, and he said yes, that he couldn't wait to feel me fucking and filling his hole. Oh yeah. :)

I took a shower, grabbed my backpack (just in case), and was pretty much out the door. The campus in question is a short distance from my house (which is exactly why I don't go to school there), so it was a quick trip. Parking was extremely easy given the time of day, so I don't even have that to complain about! I had figured out where I was going earlier in the day, so I pretty much knew exactly what to do.

It was a decent library, a few stories tall. There were only a few people coming in and out or sitting outside, which was a good sign. I headed inside and tried to figure out how to get to our appointed meeting place. I had to consult a map...yeah, I guess I'm a dork. But after that it only took me 5 minutes.

The people in the library were concentrated at the computers or near windows with tables, other places seeming rather empty. Sure enough, the location he suggested was entirely dead. I won't say what it is, but let's just agree that there's a good reason for no one to be there...it has to be insanely boring and/or useless stuff!

I grabbed a table and sat my backpack on the floor. I was a few minutes past meeting time and he still wasn't there. Time to text.

Me: you on your way?
BBTwinkBottom: yea parking now boo
Me: cool, see you in a few minutes then! :)
BBTwinkBottom: o yea

I got another long look around and started going through my recent text messages. They weren't very exciting, but they were better than sitting around doing absolutely nothing. Seeing the messages from the twink I was about to meet also got me a little excited about what we were about to do! ;-)

After a few minutes I heard someone approaching, and just as promised, there he was. 5'10", thin, short brown hair, dark tan, and smooth skin. He was wearing a tshirt and athletic shorts with a pair of leather flip flops, complete with a cute little anklet.

"Hey," he said with a smile, easily recognizing me from the pics he had seen. His voice was pretty high and as stereotypical as they come, but that wasn't a problem.

"Hey." I stood up and we kissed right there. No one around... might as well.

"Fuck you're hot!" he whispered with glee.

"You too!" Oh yeah, he was...exactly what I needed.

We kissed again. He opened his lips for my tongue, which I slid inside. He was an awesome kisser, giving me some incredibly hot tongue action. I felt his hand on my cock, which was now hard hard beneath my shorts. I felt his, and it was just as hard.

"You ready?" he asked, taking a look around.


A devious little smile appeared on his face. "You want to do it here?" He gripped my cock again.

I was super tempted, but there was no way I could enjoy the sex with the possibility that someone could walk into this part of the library at any time. Especially if there were cameras... I hadn't seen any, but I guess you never know.

"Better not risk it," I suggested, picking up my backpack and slinging it over a shoulder.

He didn't seem to mind, just nodding his head. Our lips met and our tongues danced some more. After a minute he broke the kiss, smiled, and turned toward our new destination.

"Have you fucked there before?" I asked as we walked.

"Yeah, a couple times."

Fuck. That just made me want to jump on him, strip him, and plow him right in the little hallway we were in.


"Almost gotten caught once. We were fucking behind a shelf when we heard someone come in."

"Who was fucking you?"

"Hot frat boy," he answered matter-of-factly.

We came to a bathroom, both of us walking inside. It was empty, with a huge handicap stall at the back.

I grabbed my twink and shoved my tongue into his mouth, putting my hands on his ass.

He moaned a little, sliding his tongue against mine with hot lust. This boy wanted his ass ripped to shreds.

I slid my hands up his shirt, feeling a layer of hard muscles on his stomach and chest. He had to live at the gym for them, I'm sure, but muscle is always fucking hot. I unbuckled his belt and got beneath his shorts and the little briefs he was wearing, feeling a firm ass. I spread his cheeks apart and rubbed a finger over his hole. I couldn't feel a single hair anywhere on his ass, cheeks to hole.

"Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh," he moaned longingly, his hands gripping my cock beneath my shorts. Our making out got more vigorous...the hormones were on full blast.

I released him and pulled him back to the stall, setting my backpack on the ground and closing the door behind us. Our mouths were locked together again in no time, his hands working to pull my shorts off. They fell down with my underwear, my hard dick standing perfectly straight and pulsing. I stepped out of the shorts and set them on top of the backpack, still trying to be mindful of where we were.

He was going to go for my cock, but I shoved him against the wall instead, my dick poking into his body.

"Fuck boo, this is so hot!"

"And I'm not even inside you yet," I pointed out, grinning.

A look of ecstasy spread over his dumb little face, which got my lips pressed against his again, sucking face at full force.

I yanked his shorts off and added them to the pile, leaving his underwear on. They were cute little Ginch Gonch briefs, which for whatever reason I love. Hot underwear makes me drool. ;-) Anyway, they were way too small for his cock, which was literally poking out, but still very nice. The main color was white, so they formed a super hot contrast with his tanned skin, which was also perfectly smooth...there's no way he didn't wax. I don't like always like a perfectly smooth twink, but on him, it was fucking hot.

I pushed him back into the wall, my raging dick pressed against his through his underwear and up to his chest.

"Oh god! Your cock feels soooo big!"

I peeled his briefs off, an 8 inch cock springing out. It was just as big as his profile had promised, not as thick as mine, but still pretty nice. I got down and took it straight into my mouth, not bothering to tease him first...I was ready to just shove my dick into his ass.

He moaned pleasantly while i worked his meat, his hands wandering through my hair, over my head, and on my shoulders. His cock tasted great, precum flowing freely out of the head...extremely sweet.

His foot was right below me, so I adjusted slightly and was in range to rub my cock up against it while I sucked him. He didn't object, so I rubbed my cock against his cute little foot with precum leaking out all over it.

"I'm going to cum if you don't stop," he warned.

I pulled my mouth off, giving him a little jerk with my hand. He moaned, his eyes closed.

"Turn around," I ordered.

His eyes fluttered open and a grin appeared on his face. "I'm yours boo." He spun around, sticking his ass out into my face. It was tanned and totally hairless, a tight pink hole visible between his cheeks. I pulled them apart and dove my tongue at his hole, eliciting a big moan from the twink bottom. He tasted perfectly clean, a little soapy... he must have taken a shower right before he left.

"Ohhhhhhh," he groaned, pressing his hands up against the wall.

That only encouraged me to work harder, so I strarted probing inside with tongue, jabbing it as deeply as I could.

"Oh fuck!" he whimpered. "Fucking eat my ass baby! Ohhhhhhhhh!"

He had pressed back as far into my face as he could go. I worked my tongue on him for a few more minutes, listening to him whimper the whole time, obviously eager for me to shove my thick 8 inches into him.

I stood up, stroking my cock and pressing it against his hole.


"You want this inside you?"

"Yeah boo, I want you to fuck my ass so hard."

I pressed the head against his hole, but it only sank in an inch.

"Lube me up," I suggested, backing up.

He turned around and got down on the floor, licking along my cock and looking up into my face. He sucked for a minute, obviously to lube and not to suck. He spit on it a few times, evening it out with a quick jerk of his hand. In an instant he was back on the wall, arms pressed against it with his ass sticking out toward me.

This time my dick slid straight into his smooth hole, the inches steadily sliding inside. He was opening up without much resistance but still tight as fuck, whimpering the whole time. It was very easy to see what this little cumwhore wanted, and I Wasn't going to hold back.

I started fucking him at my top strength, my cock diving in and out of his ass without mercy. He was obviously enjoying it, his noises as loud as they could be without us worrying about attracting attention.

Fucking this hot muscle twink raw in a library bathroom was enough to get me going, but having him pushed against the wall whimpering like a needy bitch with each stroke of my cock...that was enough to put me on the edge after just a few minutes of being inside him. I slowed my pace and took it easy, but it didn't take long for the orgasm to creep up again.

I figured more spit would help. I pulled my dick out of him, which caused him to make a really needy noise. I was out for one second and he was already begging for me to go back in!

"Want to lube me up again?"

He flipped around almost instantly, going to the ground and ravenously taking my cock into his mouth again. This time he took his time, giving me a decent round of head. The noises he made bobbing up and down suggested he was enjoying the taste of his ass and our spit. There's nothing hotter than a bottom who loves to suck your cock after it's been fucking his ass... or flip it around, there's nothing better than sucking a cock that's been in your ass, I love it too! ;-)

After a couple minutes he lifted off and resumed his position. I smacked his ass a few times and pushed him toward the toilet.

"Let's fuck with your legs on me," I suggested.

He greedily obliged, taking his position on the toilet and lifting his legs up into the air. I bent down and gave his ass a few more licks, which had him whimpering again. Now it tasted like an ass, fucking delicious. After a minute I was back up and standing between his legs. I pulled his flip flops off, stashing them on top of the tank, and pulled one foot to my chest and one to my mouth. They were as tanned as the rest of his body, and well-manicured, the anklet he was wearing sliding up his leg.

Slight problem. The toilet wasn't high off the ground like the one I'd been fucked on in the bathroom on my campus, but I figured we could make it work. I got between his legs and stooped down a bit, my legs sticking out. It wasn't the best thing in the world, but it was good enough to slide my cock in.

I entered his hole like it was a loose pussy, instantly pushing my whole length right into the tight warmth of his hole.

"Fucking hot ass," I muttered. We were in closer contact than this position usually allowed, so I could feel a lot more of the heat pouring off of his body than I normally could, and I assume it was the same for him. I made out with him again, hungrily flicking my tongue against his and biting down on his lip in a few places. He let out a moan with each of the bites, so I could imagine the intense look on his face as I bit down on him with my cock plowing his tight little butt.

"Fuck me! Use me like your bitch!" he moaned.

"Fucking bottom cumslut," I answered with a rough stroke

I held his legs and jammed my cock into his hole as hard as I could, sliding it to the balls each time. He was whimpering constantly now, the sounds matching my strokes. I could feel sweat starting to drip down my forehead and on my back, his ass feeling even hotter and more inviting. By now I could pull my cock all the way out of him and his hole would stay open, white remnants of our spit caking out and covering my cock before I shoved it back inside.

It was so fucking good. The look on his face was pure bliss, which just drove me to be even more of an animal and fuck him even harder.

My life being the way it is, the door opened here. I froze, a little stunned, but I pulled my cock out and got my legs into a normal position. I pushed a finger into my twink's ass, bending down to make out with him.

Whoever cam in started to piss, and after a minute they passed back out the door.

Our tongues broke apart and I stood on my toes to slide my cock into his mouth. He slobbered on it, giving it another jerk to make me good to go.

"Keep fucking me boo," he pleaded.

I stooped back down and entered his ass again, spit and sweat allowing me to slide straight in.

I pounded and he whimpered, jerking his cock hard. I knew I wasn't going to be able to last much longer, so I let him have the roughest pounding I could deliver, my cock slipping all the way out and plowing balls deep into his ass, stroke after stroke.

He wasn't quiet anymore, instead moaning loudly enough to put us in danger of getting caught. That did it--I was at the edge of the point of no return. I picked his legs up and slammed into him at full force, my balls making a loud slapping sound.

"Going to fucking fill your cunt," I groaned, my orgasm hitting.

"Oh give me your load boo!" he screamed. "Fill my ass!"

My dick swelled up and my orgasm flowed through my entire body. I was making a sound I couldn't even control as the cum splattered out of me, shot after shot filling his tight hot hole.

"Oh god!" he screamed, giving his dick a final yank. His load flew out, hitting his flip flops, the toilet tank, his face and hair, and finally sputtering out on his chest and stomach.

He wrapped his legs around me, his bare feet digging into my back. I licked the cum off of his face and kissed him, trading it between our mouths.

My cock slipped out of his ass, getting a loud moan from my twink. I knew he had to feel pretty empty now, and I was certain he missed my cock.

I lifted up to normal standing position and pulled him off the toilet. He bent down and cleaned my cock off, licking carefully. It was super sensitive, but I was handling his gentle licks without a problem.

He got up and we made out. I slapped his ass with my hand and grabbed his firm cheeks.

He was so hot. So fucking hot, sweaty and panting--satisfied: his hair was matted down, his tanned skin was gleaming with sweat, his chest heaving up and down. If he hadn't just shot his load I would have bent over and asked him to plow my ass...I didn't even care about how much of a slut he was, he could have fucked me raw and blown his load in my ass.

"I wish every guy could fuck me like you just did," he said softly. It was sweet.

"I wish every guy had an ass as hot as yours was!"

He smiled and started putting his clothes on, grabbing them off my backpack. I picked up his flip flops and sat him on the toilet, sliding them on his feet for him. I know you're probably sick of hearing about my foot fetish, but you don't know how nice his feet were... I couldn't resist another good look!

He stayed in the stall while I got dressed, just staring at me. I slipped my backpack on and we made out again, just getting a final taste of each other. After a couple minutes we broke the kiss and left the stall.

We both washed our hands, casting glances at each other in the mirror.

When we finished I gave him a final kiss, soft and innocent. Then we both passed out the door, finding and empty hallway and a still empty quarter of the building.

We didn't exchange any more words, just grins. At the doors we parted ways.

It was kind of sad...I don't usually find myself so into a guy. I don't know if it was him or being stuck with my family for days and without sex for even longer, but whatever it was I enjoyed it. However fun it was, I knew I wouldn't even have a chance to see him for at least a month and maybe longer.

I got a text not too long later.

BBTwinkBottom: u were so amazing

Huge grin on my face, and I completely agreed.

Rawcollegejockslut: you too! that was so good
BBTwinkBottom: if u lived here i would date u
Rawcollegejockslut: aww...makes me wish i did
BBTwinkBottom: kit [keep in touch] and tell me when ur in town

There's no way I could ever date him because he's not at all what I would want in a boyfriend, but it was super sweet. As often as he's laying on a bed or back on a toilet with his legs spread taking loads, he still has a heart...

I'm sure I'll keep texting him and I don't think I'll hesitate to let him know when I'm home again! What a fucking hot time!

I'll be back at school and hopefully taking a load tomorrow night, so I'll let you guys know what happens as soon as I can. :)

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

My First Time

Since I have to wait until tomorrow night to hopefully have something new to post, I thought I would write about my first time tonight. I'd imagine there's a lot of interest in it...first times are always good stories. They're especially interesting when a hot guy can go from innocent virgin a few months before turning 18 to a slut who's taken around 200 loads in less than a year and a half. That's me, whatever your opinion of it may be.

I started noticing guys around the time I started high school, so I must have been close to 14. I spent almost four years checking guys out and talking to them online, never having the courage to go through with anything else. I didn't have a car and I lived in a really small house with parents who didn't even like me having friends over. I was pretty screwed.

I talked to plenty of people my age and some older, but I never had a serious chance to meet any of them. There were so many things that I was curious about and so much that I wanted to try...I would think about it all the time, spending hours jerking off with my imagination and some porn vids I downloaded. I basically was into cybersex and trading pics, and that was all I did. No one who I went to school was open about being gay, so I didn't have anyone who I thought I could experiment with or talk to. When I told a friend or two about my interest in guys, none of them reacted well. That just discouraged me from doing anything and scared me away from going beyond what I had already done.

By the end of high school I was starting to feel pretty restless and I just wanted to jump into the world and finally experiment. I started talking to local guys again, and I found one with a car who was fine with picking me up. I called him on the phone a few times and we chatted online for months, trading pics and talking about what we might do. He was in his 20s and had a boyfriend, but he said he was about to break up with him and he was interested in me--I didn't care. I thought he was really cute, and he took pics of whatever I wanted and sent them to me for nothing in return.

He had been asking me to meet him almost from day one, for months, and finally I decided I would. I told him late night would work best because everyone in my house would be asleep and I would be free to sneak out. He didn't really want to meet then and it didn't happen, until finally one night he decided he was interested.

I told him to drive to a store in my neighborhood and park in the back of the lot there (it was still open, so the cars in the back were employee cars and no one was walking around there). He did, letting me know about his progress the whole way. It was a 10 minute trip... he went from his apartment to literally being a 3 minute walk from my door.

I was terrified of getting caught, but that didn't stop me. I popped the screen off my window and made my escape from the house to the road, and then it was just a short trip to the parking lot. And there he was, in the car he had described, the window rolled down, him expectantly looking out.

He smiled when he saw me, and I quickly made my way to the car, opening the passenger door and jumping in.

"You made it!" he exclaimed with a big smile. He was even cuter than he had looked in the pics, and he looked way younger than he said he was. Perfect...I couldn't complain.

"Yeah," I choked. I was freaking out, my heart pounding at full speed, my mouth as dry as it could possibly be.

He chatted pretty innanely for a few minutes, touching my knee or my shoulder as the chat went on. Each time I felt a jolt--it already felt so good, and I couldn't believe it was happening.

"So when are you leaving for college?" he asked, taking his time to brush his hand over my leg.


"And you haven't even kissed a guy?"

"Not even once," I answered honestly (believe it or not!).

"You can't go to college without even kissing a guy!" He leaned in, and I almost died. I had no idea what to do... I had never kissed anyone in my life.

"Just press your lips out," he instructed. "It's no big deal."

I did what he told me to do, and our lips made my contact. It only lasted for a second before he pulled away.

I collapsed into the seat. It was the most amazing sensation I had ever felt.

"Was that Ok?" he asked, looking concerned.

"Yeah, that was amazing! I just can't believe it felt so good."

He laughed. "Kissing is great."

"Can we do it again?" I pressed my lips out.

He leaned in again and we kissed, his hand running along my leg. He held the kiss for awhile, moving his lips around on mine.

Eventually he stopped, resting his hand on my leg, near my dick. "You want to try it with tongue?"

I did, but I was going to do a horrible job. "I've never done it before..."

"It's Ok, just follow my lead and let it happen."

I did what he suggested, his tongue poking into my mouth. I opened up and tried to follow what he was doing, and we kissed with our tongues for several minutes.

His hand was no resting on my cock, which was as hard as could be.

"Pull your pants down," he suggested. "You can keep your underwear on... I'll only touch you through them."

I unzipped and pulled my belt off, my dick visible through my white briefs.

We kissed some more, his hand on my cock through my underwear, rubbing along my shaft and gripping me through the material. We kept kissing and eventually he slid it inside, holding my dick in his hand and jerking it softly.

It was beyond what he said would happen, but that was Ok with me...it felt too amazing for me to stop him. We kept kissing and he kept feeling my cock. Eventually his lips left mine and I just pulled my underwear off, my hard cock jutting upward.

"Damn! Your cock is so big...mine is going to look tiny next to that thing!" He jerked me with some fascination, feeling the thickness of my cock. "I can say now there's no way you can fuck me!" he added with a laugh.

I asked if I could see his cock and touch it, and he unzipped and pulled it out. It was a lot smaller than mine, and I think I would say it was just small now, though it's kind of hard for me to think about how big it was. I didn't care... it was the first other hard cock I had ever seen in real life, and within seconds it was the first one I had ever touched.

He suggested I go down on him, so I did. It was interesting...he was moaning, running his hands through my hair, and eventually they shifted to my ass. He was grabbing my cheeks and pulling them apart, getting a good view of my hole.

He really liked my ass, and he really wanted to fuck me. He asked if I wanted to go back to his place, but I was too scared to do that. I figured if I did I wouldn't be able to stop him from fucking me because I would be too curious, and I wasn't sure if I wanted him to be my first back there.

He went down on me. I had been expecting it to feel great, so it was pretty underwhelming. It was still enjoyable though--I was hooked.

I sucked him a little more and we made out a few more times, but after about half an hour he was ready to go.

Neither of us had cum, so I was really sad. I asked if I could suck him again so that he could get off, but he said it was too late and he was too tired. We kissed for a final time and I left. He drove away, and I made the hike back to my house.

I made my way back to the window, sliding through it and getting the screen back on. I closed it and collapsed on the bed, unable to believe what had just happened to me. I could taste him on my breath--I could taste his mouth and his cock--I could still find his smell with a sniff, and it was intoxicating.

I sent him a message letting him know that I made it home and told me that I was very cute and that he couldn't wait to do it again. He said next time maybe we could go back to his apartment and take things a little further, which excited me to no end. He suggested we could have a few drinks and then go back to the bedroom... he could slide his cock inside me and let me experience my first fuck.

It never happened, and I'm glad it didn't. He was a jerk, and looking back on it he was kind of creepy. Whatever had happened, I took my first steps into the world I inhabit now.

I wasn't happy with the experience. I repeated it almost a month later with a different person to find that it went the same way. I decided I was done. I went almost 6 months before I did anything with another guy. That was a little more than a year and a half ago, when I first got fucked and took the first load of cum in my hole.

What a journey. ;-) I guess I should write about my first fuck next... maybe tomorrow, before I leave to meet my bottom twink.

Monday, March 9, 2009

IMs and BBTwinkBottom Plans!

If I can't get around having sex, I might as well use this time to do some chatting. Here's a conversation with Dormboy's roommate, our first since our little encounter:

Roommate: hey
Rawcollegejockslut: hey
Roommate: what's up?
Rawcollegejockslut: just got home for break basically. you?
Roommate: yeah i got home a few days ago
Rawcollegejockslut: cool
Roommate: my family is so boring. i should have just stayed in [town]
Rawcollegejockslut: lol, i know how that is. that's why i don't ever stay for the whole break and try to find something else to do
Roommate: my parents would get really pissed if i didn't come since i never see them
Rawcollegejockslut: oh ok. mine don't ever make a big deal out of it
Roommate: must be nice
Rawcollegejockslut: it's very nice ;-)
Brief, uncertain pause
Roommate: so the other night was hot
Rawcollegejockslut: yeah, it was! you're pretty good
Roommate: haha thanks. you have an amazing dick
Rawcollegejockslut: glad you think so. i think it's pretty fun
Roommate: i'm only 6 inches, so yours makes mine feel tiny
Rawcollegejockslut: nothing wrong with being average. most people are! lol
Roommate: that's true
Rawcollegejockslut: so are you gay?
Roommate: yeah. still in the closet
Rawcollegejockslut: you still get a lot of action?
Roommate: ive only hooked up with guys a few times. i've never done it in my own room before
Rawcollegejockslut: glad i got to be first then! ;-)
Roommate: haha yeah it was worth it
Rawcollegejockslut: have you seen Dormboy since it happened?
Roommate: i saw him right before i left but he didn't seem to know anything happened
Rawcollegejockslut: lol, GOOD. if you ever want to have any fun again, anyway
Roommate: i would love to mess around again. just let me know when
Rawcollegejockslut: it's going to be kind of tough with Dormboy right there. I'm screwed if I get caught
Roommate: can you host?
Rawcollegejockslut: if you can get to my apt i can host ;-)
Roommate: i can def get there sometime, especially for you
Rawcollegejockslut: awesome. what all are you into?
Roommate: i havent been with a ton of guys, but i enjoy sucking, rimming, and fucking. i like getting fucked more than fucking
Rawcollegejockslut: cool. I would love to rim your ass and fuck the shit out of you :-)
Roommate: ohhhhh that sounds so hot man. i havent been fucked in at least a month
Rawcollegejockslut: yeah it will be. i could fuck you all the time!
Roommate: Dormboy would be ok with that?
Rawcollegejockslut: lol, no. we wouldn't tell him... would that be ok?
Roommate: as long as he doesn't care about you fucking with other guys
Rawcollegejockslut: no worries, he knows I do it. ;-)
Roommate: haha that must be great
Rawcollegejockslut: yep... and now i better go. talk to you another time
Roommate: see you later then

I had to go do some family stuff, unfortunately. I would have enjoyed a longer chat! I don't think I'm going to say anything about fucking raw. I'm just going to wait until I'm with him and sliding my cock around his hole... and hopefully he'll just let it happen. It'll be really disappointing if not! I've had some failed fucks like that, even though I haven't written about them here. I haven't had one since I started this blog because I now always make the bareback part 100% clear to anyone who wants me, lol. This time I don't want to scare him away. If he were a random guy, fine, but messing around with Dormboy's roommate is kind of fun.

I sent a message to the twinky bareback bottom I wrote about in my last post and we traded around a few replies.

Rawcollegejockslut: when can I add my load to your hole? ;-)
BBTwinkBottom: dam ur so hot!!!! are u just here for spring break?
Rawcollegejockslut: yeah. I'll be free the next few days but I'm leaving town after then
BBTwinkBottom: r u clean?
Rawcollegejockslut: last test in december...clean as of then
BBTwinkBottom: nice. u have more pics to show? [e-mail]
Rawcollegejockslut: pics sent! feel free to reply with some more of you!
BBTwinkBottom: fuck ur a hottie. my hole is starting to crave that that big dick inside
Rawcollegejockslut: fuck yeah. i want to slide my raw cock in you and pound you hard ;-)
BBTwinkBottom: mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. where do u like to shoot?
Rawcollegejockslut: deep inside if the bottom lets me
BBTwinkBottom: i wouldnt not let u boo. i want to feel ur load dripping out of me!!!!
Rawcollegejockslut: you will! how often do you get fucked?
BBTwinkBottom: few times a week. u?
Rawcollegejockslut: yeah, me too. what kind of guys do you let fuck you?
BBTwinkBottom: i like under 30 with big dicks that can open my hole up
Rawcollegejockslut: yeah, me too ;-) do you top?
BBTwinkBottom: i can but i like to btm more
Rawcollegejockslut: nothing wrong with that! how long have you been getting fucked bareback?
BBTwinkBottom: prob since 6 months ago i think
Rawcollegejockslut: how did you get started? if you don't mind me asking
BBTwinkBottom: a boy just fucked me bb and it was hot so i kept doing it until now
Rawcollegejockslut: lol, same story here I guess! couldn't get enough cum in my hole after my first time. can you host?
BBTwinkBottom: hot boo. no can u?
Rawcollegejockslut: stuck with my parents, so not here...
BBTwinkBottom: well i drive an suv so we can always fuck in it or u could meet me somewhere
Rawcollegejockslut: i've almost been caught in a car... lol. i can meet you somewhere. i saw your board posts so you tell me where a good place might be...i don't really know
BBTwinkBottom: [a certain large college library] is nice at 8 or 9. been fucked in a bathroom there and no1 came in for 30 mins
Rawcollegejockslut: fuck that's hot! i'd love to slam your hole and dump my cum inside...you want to do it?
BBTwinkBottom: yeah boo!!! wanna meet [in a certain place on a certain floor] about 8 tmrw?
Rawcollegejockslut: sounds great. :)
BBTwinkBottom: ###-###-#### if u want to txt b4 we meet
Rawcollegejockslut: ok, cool. i guess i'll see you tomorrow then! can't wait ;-)
BBTwinkBottom: mmmmmmmmmmmmm me neither hottie. plz txt!

Ok, is he really dumb? Sounds like it. Do I really hate the fact that he calls me "boo?" Yes, and passionately. I guess it's kind of cute when you want a little gay bottom boy who goes to a hair styling school, but otherwise...I don't think it is. No offense to anyone. ;-)

For whatever reason, the public schools in this state don't all have the same spring break, so the campus in question is still open for business this week. So the date is made, tomorrow at 8:00. He's obviously a little slut, so I plan to just top him. Hopefully it works out! If not, I'm going to be extremely disappointed. I really want to fuck him... you have no idea.

Finally, Cruiseboy actually turned up online the other day. He's going to Mexico with friends. Yeah. I hate him. ;-) lol I would much rather be in Mexico, but that's a trip I really can't afford. Our chat was extremely brief and isn't worth posting here, but he did say he wants to meet up again and that we could talk more about it after break. I look forward to that conversation...

I hope to have a story to post for you guys by 12:00 tomorrow. If it's not going to happen, I'll let you know as soon as I know! But it should be happening...this twinky bottom seems to have plenty of satisfied suitors.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Spending the Night with Dormboy

I already gave you the hint... I messed with one of his roommates.

If you haven't picked up on it, I have sex with Dormboy more than anyone else, and I've slept next to him more than I've ever slept next to anyone in my entire life. The main reason is that he wants to be as much of a slut as I am, he just can't ever seem to go through with it. He likes all of the same things and he's an awesome friend in addition to being a great fuck. He hasn't had sex with anyone else since we met; he basically refuses. He wants our relationship to be far more than it is, as you may have guessed, but I've drawn the lines and he respects them. I'm sure I could have a great life with Dormboy, but I prefer the one I write about here to the one I would have with him (which would involve only fucking him).

With that out of the way, it's story time! I had gone to spend the night with Dormboy so I wouldn't have to get up for class early in the morning, which is something we do rather frequently--he lives on campus and I'm stuck with a 20 minute bus ride.

Dormboy has two roommates, and they all basically share a little suite. I've seen one several times, in my underwear, shirtless, or in otherwise compromising manners. I was initially introduced as a friend, but given the states he's seen me in I'm sure he has to know what's going on. This roommate is straight without any question, and knowing what Dormboy and I are up to seems to creep him out.

The other roommate was nearly mythical for months. I never heard him, never saw him, and had no idea who he was. Eventually Dormboy pointed him out out somewhere on campus, and ironically enough I've seen him on campus several times since, but never in the dorm. He's a theater major who plays musical soundtracks in his room, so you can imagine the stereotypes we've discussed. Dormboy didn't agree, but I've always imagined roommate #2 was gay.

This night we did the normal stuff, watching TV for a couple hours and making out a few times. He seemed to hint that he wanted sex several times over the course of the night, but he never carried through. Eventually I quit trying, and then we decided to go to sleep.
We can't both fit in his bed comfortably overnight, so we developed another sleeping arrangement, which I can't detail because it's kind of unique and might give me away. ;-) The point here is that I wake him more often than not if I get up during the night... he's usually a very light sleeper.

On this particular night, we had been laying down for awhile when I got up to go to the bathroom. I tried to move carefully to avoid waking him up, and this time I succeeded... he was snoring happily when I opened his door. I grabbed a towel just in case, balling it up in my hand and heading for the bathroom, the door swinging shut behind me. All the lights were off, so everyone else seemed to be asleep. I pissed and washed my hands, walking back out into the room.

About 3 feet from Dormboy's door (the doors are arranged like this _ with a wide space in the middle), the second roommate's door suddenly opened. I scrambled to wrap the towel around my waist, and he looked completely stunned.

"Who the fuck are you?" he demanded

He was pretty short, about 5'6" and very thin. He was a redhead, which can be extremely hit and miss for me (Dormboy drools over them), but he had a cute face.

I was completely silent for a few seconds trying to process what had just happened. He had caught me completely off guard.

"Sorry," I mumbled. "I'm a friend of Dormboy's...spending the night."

He looked me over from head to towel to toe. "Ohhhhhhhhhh," he said with a grin. "So you guys are...?"

He really had no right to question me at this point, so I almost turned and went back into Dormboy's room. I figured I could cause him less trouble if I just explained what was going on though.

"Friends," I repeated.

"Friends or boyfriends?" He grinned. "I've heard you guys a lot."

"Really good friends."

He was wearing a very loose pair of workout pants, but I was pretty sure I could see the outline of a hard cock.

"So you mess with other guys?"

"Yeah," I answered.

He started forward, putting his hands on my hips. My heart started to pound pretty wildly and my cock started to rise.

"Is Dormboy asleep?"

"Yeah," I answered, feeling his fingers start to wander, pressing into the towel. I was completely hard.

"Can I see it?" he whispered.

I pulled the towel off, letting it fall to the floor.

"Oh shit!" he exclaimed more loudly than he should have. He looked into my face and reached out to my cock, gripping it and giving it a few soft strokes. "Can I suck you off?"

I smiled, nervous about Dormboy catching us but too excited to pass the chance up.


"Let's go into my room," he suggested, starting to turn in that direction.

"No, do it here," I whispered.

He gave me another long look and dropped to his knees, opening his mouth and starting to lick along my shaft.

I moaned softly as he took me into his mouth, fitting about four inches in on his first try. He was small, so I didn't expect much more. It wasn't a problem... it felt great.

He started sucking softly, working what he couldn't fit in his mouth with a hand. I don't know how many dicks this guy had sucked, but he wasn't an expert and probably hadn't had a ton of experience. He was still doing a decent job, just a few scrapes with teeth.

His intensity started to pick up, which prompted me to grab his head and start pulling him up and down. He seemed to like it, looking up to my face every 30 seconds or so and hungrily returning to my dick.

He slid his hands up my body, feeling my stomach and my chest, taking more of my cock into his warm mouth.

I pulled his head to a stop and started to facefuck him softly, his eyes fixed on mine the whole time.

I disappeared inside him, pushing it as deep as it could go, slowly sliding in and out of his mouth. It was hot, but it wasn't as good as his sucking. I stopped and he returned to the task, licking and sucking me with the same hungry intensity.

I guided him to the right technique with my moans and my hands on his head again, starting to feel myself getting closer. That encouraged him to work harder, his tongue flicking against me and the sucking growing harder, his hand jerking what he couldn't fit wildly.

The cum was starting to rise up within me, and I could feel myself on the edge.

"I'm going to blow," I whispered, moaning louder.

He looked into my eyes and sucked me for all he was worth. I went over, starting to groan as I pulled my cock out of his mouth, shooting a few ribbons of cum all over his face. He opened his mouth, and I aimed what was left at his tongue, a few squirts landing successfully and the rest hitting his chin and lips.

"Wow." He smiled, cum streaming down his face. He used his tongue to reach what he could, sliding the rest on to his fingers, which he then licked clean. He stood up, his hard cock sticking up in his pants. He hadn't touched it the whole time... I felt kind of bad, but I guess that was how he wanted it to be. His knees and legs must have been hurting, but that was hot... he was doing whatever it took!

I leaned forward and we kissed. I opened my lips and slid my tongue against his, tasting my cum. We swirled around for a minute or two, and I pulled away.

"Don't tell Dormboy," I suggested.

He nodded. "Yeah, I'm not going to say anything about you. Can we do this again sometime?"

"Message me on Facebook. We'll talk from there sometime." I gave him my name. We kissed again, his tongue dancing against mine for another minute. Then we broke off and he disappeared into his room, probably furiously jerking a load out of his cock.

I picked up the towel and opened the door to Dormboy's room. He was still asleep, the soft hum of the air conditioner filling the void. I returned to my position and passed out, sleeping pretty well with the taste of my own cum on my breath.

Dormboy hasn't said anything, so I'm pretty sure he really was asleep and never woke up. Roommate #2 sent me an add on Facebook, which was really dumb. I sent him a message reminding him that we hadn't ever "met" and gave him my AIM screenname. He added me and tried to start a conversation once, but I've been too busy over the past several days to have time.

I look forward to chatting with him and seeing how far we can go. :)

As an aside and final note, I hadn't even considered local public places in thinking about having fun while I'm stuck at home. Thanks to Windy City Sex Blog for the suggestion in one of my posts! I logged on to Squirt.org and sure enough there is a HOT bareback bottom who posted on the boards for a local college. 5'10", 150 pounds, lightly defined muscles, smooth, tan all over, and he has a really big cock! I'm sending him a message to try to set something up. I'll let you know! ;-)