Wednesday, July 21, 2010

College Cumslut has a blog!

My old buddy College Cumslut wrote a few posts that made their way onto this blog back in 2009. If you remember them, they were pretty hot to read. Click the tag on this post and you'll be able to refresh your memory. ;-)

I got an e-mail from CC today saying that he started his own blog. You guys know what that means...he's probably been up to no good. Go read about College Cumslut taking and giving some hot loads of college sperm:

When I visited there weren't any new posts yet, but you'll find CC's old posts and some extra info about him.

As for me...I've been busy fucking too. :) I'll try to write another story soon for your reading pleasure.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Bare Fucking Jockguy

I wasn't planning to fuck when I invited a hot jock over to my place. It was kind of late, maybe 3:00 AM, and I was already feeling tired. I almost didn't ask him to come over but I'd already blown the guy off a few could I keep doing it when he looked like he had so much potential?

His profile said 6', 170, dark hair. His pics showed a super hot body with just a little hair and a super hot tan. A freshman but who am I to judge for that? You guys already know this is the kind of hot jock I'm all over. ;-)

We talked a little more now that I was serious about having him over and we found out he actually lived in the apartment complex literally next door to mine. We were no more than a 5 minute walk from each other.

Can't fight fate. I gave him my apartment number and told him to come on over. He said he was leaving right then.

I have a pretty good view of my apartment complex from the window, so I went there after a few minutes and started looking around. I spotted my jock guy walking my direction after a couple minutes. He looked just like he did in the pics he'd shown far so good.

Soon he was mounting the stairs and I heard him knock on the door.

I checked myself out in the mirror one last time. I could have used a shave, but my face wasn't too bad. I didn't bother changing either...a tshirt and gym shorts were all I needed.

I opened the door and there he was, a plain tshirt, a pair of black shorts, and nice flip flops. Total fucking hottie.

"Hey man, what's up?" he greeted.

"Hey...come on in." I pulled the door open and he walked inside.

We said we were just going to hang out and watch TV, so I walked him to the couch and we both sat down. There wasn't a whole lot of space between us, so we kept checking each other out the whole time.

We BSed and watched TV for awhile, but there wasn't much doubt about the fact that we were both into each other. I kept catching his eye and he kept catching mine. The only question was who would move first.

He did. He pulled off his shirt, exposing a beautifully defined body. I followed his move, taking mine off too.

"You're really hot man."

I smiled at him. "Yeah, you too. Awesome body."

"Not as good as yours."

I laughed in disagreement, but we wouldn't waste time arguing about it.

"You going to take off your shorts too?" I asked.

He looked down at his shorts. "I would but I'm not wearing anything underneath."

Pretty sure that made my cock a little hard. What the fuck...why not. I pulled my shorts and underwear down.

Jockguy looked my stuff over for a minute before pulling his shorts off.

We were naked on the couch now. His cock was rock hard, and if it were a little thicker it would have been almost as big as mine. Within a minute we were both fully hard and stroking our cocks.

He reached over to feel mine and I felt his back. We stroked each other for a bit...both of us were gushing a ton of precum. Nice to know we were both in exactly the same place.

"Your cock's so big, man," Jockguy complimented.

"Yours too. Almost the same size."

"Yeah but yours is still bigger. Super hot."

He made his way to my cock, getting his head into sucking position.

"What, you want to suck it?"

He looked intently at my 8"x6" dick. "Yeah. Let me suck it."

Jockguy licked up and down my shaft first, then my balls, and finally positioned his mouth over the head. He started sliding down, working his tongue around.

I moaned and started rubbing his shoulders and chest. He felt so good on my cock...obviously knew what he was doing. He sucked me for awhile and then rose up again, sitting on my middle with his legs on either side of me, his face looking at mine.

"You're so fucking hot," he whispered. Jockguy's ass was rubbing against my cock.

I pulled his head forward and we kissed. Simple lips at first, then more, with my tongue poking into his mouth. He opened up instantly, making room and meeting my tongue. We made out for a few minutes, just rubbing our tongues together and moaning softly.

The kissing was amazing. Perfect. We liked kissing in exactly the same way, so all of our movements complimented each other and made it feel even better. It was so good we kept kissing for at least ten minutes, and that's when he finally pulled his tongue from my mouth and looked me in the eyes again.

"Shit, I don't even know your name," Jockguy realized.

We both laughed and swapped names.

"We're having sex," he declared. He reached his hand around to my cock and pressed it into his ass, feeling for his hole.

Shit. He meant it. I wasn't in any hurry to do it, but this hot freshman jock was aiming my dick at his hole. How can I refuse?

"You have condoms?"

I didn't. "No."

"You have lube?"

"Yeah. In my room." Almost a brand new bottle, actually.

He jumped up and went for my room, turning on the light. "Where at?"

This was going to be a hot raw fuck. :)

I directed him and he came back holding a bottle of lube, his dick still rock hard. He lowered himself back into his original position and spread the lube between my cock, his cock, and his tight hole.

Jockguy started sliding his ass down without further talk. The head of my dick went in, surrounded by his hot hole, then the rest, inch by inch. Within moments all 8 inches of my cock were resting in his warm guts.

He was already moaning. "That dick...that fucking dick. Shit." He started riding, moving up and down. I could feel his ass lifting on and off my fucking amazing. Each stroke was pure pleasure.

His bare ass was so hot and tight, and now he was slamming it up and down in pure exctasy.

"Fuck dude! Fuck me with that big fucking dick!"

He had a look of pure lust in his eyes as he kept riding, pushing my dick as far into his insides as it could possibly go. He couldn't even touch his cock now, which was rock hard and still gushing thick precum. One touch and it looked ready to burst.

I let him fuck himself awhile longer, helping out when I felt like it by driving my dick up inside of him. So fucking good. We were both drenched in sweat now, his whole body covered, beads dripping down his face.

"Can you cum, man?"

"Yeah." Easily, any time.

Jockguy moaned. "This dick is so good...I want to fucking cum."

"Where do you want me to blow?"

"Anywhere," he answered instantly. The safe answer...the one that means he'll take it in his ass if I blow it there but he's not going to beg. Good enough. Looking into his eyes I knew exactly what he wanted from me, and he was going to get it.

I took hold of his body and started driving my dick into his butt, fucking him hard. I was slipping in and out so easily, his tight ass squeezing hard, working to suck the cum from my cock.

"Fuck," I moaned.

His hand started working furiously on his big dick.

"Yeah, fucking cum. Let's blow our loads."

I slammed him really hard, aiming for his prostate, and he couldn't hold it any longer.

"Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Ohhhhhh!" Cum spurted out of his dick, flying all over my stomach, chest, face, and even getting into my hair.

I held him tightly and kept fucking, my dick ready to burst too.

"About to cum. Yeah...fuck yeah."

His bare ass rubbed my raw dick perfectly and cum poured out, flooding his hot little jock hole.

"You cum?" he asked.

"Yeahhh...just did."

He lifted off and helped me clean his cum off my body. We took a shower together and washed off.

I knew as soon as it was over that he would be back. His ass couldn't resist meeting my dick again...he wanted to feel me empty my load in him over and over again.

And I was 100% correct. ;-)

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Drunk Fuck

We'd both been out drinking at a party for most of the night, so my hopes for getting lucky weren't too high. I figured we'd get home and instantly pass out.

My cock wanted action. Just looking at my friend's smooth skin...letting my eyes linger over his dark tan. I wanted his ass. I could hear him begging for me to fuck him harder as soon as my balls were pressed against his ass.

He stripped down to his underwear and jumped into bed, ignoring the blanket. A pair of skimpy little briefs was all that stood in my way.

I got undressed while he was laying down, and within moments he was out.

When I say this guy has a hot ass, you can't understand what I mean. He has one of the hottest asses I've ever seen or been inside. Perfect shape, perfectly smooth, perfect little hole always begging for the biggest dick it can get.

How can a gay boy resist? I climbed into bed and touched his stomach. Tanned, hairless, tight...perfect. My cock was at full 8"x6" already, pulsing for attention between my legs.

I tugged at the briefs, pulling them down a few inches. His cock wasn't soft. :)

I pulled the briefs down more and lifted his legs up in the air, exposing his hole.

Fuck. The perfect little ass. I wanted to shove my dick inside him instantly.

I reached my hand to his ass and rubbed a finger on his hole. It was wet. I don't even have to make up anything about how hot it was...his hole was wet, warm, begging for my attention. I slid a finger in without any resistance, all the way to the knuckle with no problem.

He feels so good inside. I have to use my dick.

I pull my finger out and rub a little spit on his hole. I add a little to my throbbing cock and press the head against his hole.

Shit...he's so warm and moist. I want to shove it inside him and just fuck the shit out of him for hours.

I press the head in and slowly push inside his ass. There's no resistance...he could take my whole dick in one stroke if I wanted. He's wet, warm, and open. He wants this dick buried inside him.

I go deeper and his head moves. He opens his mouth to let out a little moan.

My dick is sliding in and out of him very gently. His eyes open and he tilts his head back.

"Yeahhh," he whispers.

I give him my whole cock now, all the way to the balls.

His moans grow louder. I pick the pace up and keep stroking, just a little spit and his ass for lube.

It feels so good I can barely keep the cum in my cock. This hot fucking twink's perfect body is mine for the taking. He'll be begging for my cum inside him within 5 minutes.

I hold his legs and fuck him really hard, watching his cock grow. He reaches his hand around toward it and starts stroking while I fuck him, moaning the whole time. He sounds like the hottest little bitch when I hit the right spot.

I keep hitting it. He keeps getting louder and begging for more cock.

"Fuck me...I need that dick. Fuck me harder."

No problem. I'm more than happy to pound his hot twink ass harder.

His ass is so tight around my bare dick. Without lube he's gripping me so well...I can barely keep my pace up.

I manage not to stop fucking, keeping a steady pace up the entire time I'm in him. He can't get enough. His ass just feels so's trying to suck the cum out of my big dick.

Sure enough, he starts telling me what he wants.

"Cum in my ass," he moans. "Shoot your load inside me."

"You want it?" I confirm.

"Fuck yeah. Cum in my ass."

Not only do I get to fuck this perfect ass...I get to watch it drip my load. Awesome. :)

I pound the shit out of him until I can't hold it anymore. I fuck him with everything I have, ramming my dick against his prostate, plowing his hole so hard he can barely breathe.

"I'm close," I warned, feeling my dick crossing the point of no return.

"Fuck!" he yelled. A few seconds later his cock spewed thick rope after thick rope of hot boy sperm on his chest and stomach.

I emptied into him at the same time, my balls resting against his hole.

He panted and moaned a little more before he drifted back to sleep, still covered in cum.

I cleaned myself up and grabbed a paper towel to wipe him off. I pulled his cheeks apart to inspect his hot twink hole, and sure creamy cum had leaked out a bit, his ass more wet and open than I'd originally found it.

If I didn't know he was a little dirty I would have spent 10 minutes eating him out right then.

Around 20 minutes later my cock was hard again. I look back at my twink, sleeping again, his briefs back on.

I got back on the bed and pulled them down again, examining his perfect ass. I pulled his legs apart to see his hole again...perfection.

How could I not?

10 minutes later another batch of creamy college cum was planted in his ass.