Thursday, June 18, 2009

Load Count & Gay Days

While I have a minute, mindful of the comment posted on the post I made a few hours ago...

3 loads given bb
1 loads taken bb

My taken/given is starting to get really uneven. I think I need to work on that... ;-)

Let me tell you, I really miss having sex all the time. It's killing me! Maybe it'll switch around on my vacation, but who knows. I hope it does--those will be some hot stories.

Anyway, I wanted to mention gay days while I was making a post. I went last year and had a lot of fun, even if it was expensive and there wasn't much eye candy to be found in clubs that I paid $50 to get into...but it was still fun, so that's Ok. I got plenty of sex! ;-)

The two big tests that have been consuming my life for the past few weeks basically surrounded gay days. I was hoping to meet up with some hotties who I've been talking to from the blog, but I just couldn't put off studying to go have some hot romps in Orlando. For what it's worth, I did really well on one test and hopefully when the other one is graded I can say the same thing. I'll be really unhappy if not...

Next summer I shouldn't have summer classes to worry about, so I think I can be in Orlando for gay days. :) Although I'd hate to have to wait a year to meet up with some of the guys I've been talking to from out of state...that would really suck.

So if you think you saw me or had sex with me at gay days, I'm sorry to say you didn't. I'm sure there were tons of other hot guys looking for raw fun and loads, so I can understand why some people would think I was among them. ;-) Not this year, though, guys.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009


As you probably guessed, I've stayed busy. You'd think I'd have more time to blog over the summer, but that doesn't seem to be the case.

I wish I were announcing my return and posting a story, but unfortunately I'm going to be going on vacation soon and might not have much internet access for a week. That means any sex I have will have to be found the old way...I'm not sure how that'll work out, since I've never done it very much.

We'll see and I'll let you know! I'm going to be visiting several different places, so there should be lots of opportunities and lots of hotties. :)

Hopefully I'll have more time when I get back. If I have internet, I'll try to make some posts while I'm on the trip.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Load Count & Update

Here we go:

4 loads given bb
4 loads taken bb

I may not have had much time to write, but I had some pretty hot breaks scattered through all of my studying. ;-)

One insanely hard, life-controlling test down...just one more this week and I should be free for awhile! I'm hoping to get back to writing about what I've been up to then.

A few helpful hints...I've now cum several times without touching myself. ;-) Last night I got my ass PLOWED...some of the guy's cum is still up there. I also plowed his ass later and dumped a nice load of my sperm in him.

Hopefully I can write about this stuff in more detail soon...and hopefully I did well on that test, given the crazy amount of time I put into getting ready for it!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

A Question and Update

Yeah, this won't be a story. Sorry guys...I just haven't had time. I'm basically practicing like crazy to do well on a test for grad school, so I haven't had much other time. The test is next week, though, so you can expect a good post from me then at the latest.

I met up with handsfree boy again for a study break. He dumped his load in me and I shot all over his chest while riding his cock! It was as hot the second time around as it was the first...the orgasm even felt better.

That makes 3 loads given and 3 taken for this week. Not bad since it's Thursday afternoon...

Anyway, I figured I would ask a soft question just to give myself something small to do with the blog. Please feel free to answer, otherwise it won't be much fun. ;-)

I get tons of emails and comments telling me that my writing is really good. I've even had some people ask me if I have writing on something other than sex to show them.

With that in mind, I'm curious to know what you think I would be good at writing aside from a sex blog. Any thoughts?

Monday, June 1, 2009

Load Count & Update

It's been a slow week. I've been pretty busy, unfortunately. :( Here's the count:

2 loads given bb
1 loads taken bb

The good news is that I'm already at 2 given and 1 taken for this week, so there's a lot of room to improve. ;-)

I have two major tests coming up quickly, though, so I might not have as much time to play and I might not be able to make any updates until I get that stuff out of the way. We'll see...I apologize if I wind up being quiet until next week. I'll try to avoid it!

I prefer hot story posts to these short little updates, but I figure letting you know what's up is better than nothing...