Sunday, May 2, 2010


I log into the web site I use for stats every so often and review the information to see what's going on with my blog and the blogging world in general. First of all, I'm pleased to see that my blog gets 1000 hits a day no matter what. If I make a new post, it goes to 2000-3000 hits and there's a little bump for a few days... but since this blog is rarely updated and rarely updated with jerking material I'm happy to see that people still check in or discover it.

I also like to see where people are coming from. In the past, everyone came from similar blogs...mostly about bare sex. Now a lot of my traffic comes from pic/vid blogs and more general blogs about gay life, especially high school guys.

After checking out some of those blogs, I feel like a dirty little slut and am surprised at some of the people who link back to me. Hopefully you 16/17/18-year-old guys just read this for fun. ;-)

I stress again that this blog is not an example. This is just a's not a guide or a suggestion. I would rather have people reading my blog than following my lead.

Obviously it wasn't a fantasy for me. I lived it...spent 2 years of my life having a good time until I felt like doing something different in December. I'm lucky because I'm no worse for the wear. I'm clean as of not too long ago, and most people don't get so lucky. I've talked to more than one guy who had a much smaller slut stage than I did and came out of it with HIV.

I used to have people asking if I was addicted to sex. Obviously I'm not...I've gone four months without it and I'm doing just fine. I've been content jerking off and enjoying my own little fantasies. I don't know what the future will hold, but that's the present.

So in summary to my younger readers...don't copy my example. It's a very easy thing to regret. If you want to feel cum in your ass every day go find yourself a hot boyfriend. Don't be me.

And yeah, I'm real, despite what some people choose to comment. I was reading about some guy who was pretending to be a teenager today and apparently turned out to be 40-year-old. That will never happen here because I have half a dozen witnesses...including a fellow blogger.

To quote Breedingjock:
He is definitely 20, definitely dirty blond with blue eyes, and definitely inshape! This boy is very cute. And he is definitely fuckable! He has a great ass. And a great hole.

So I stick my tongue out to doubters. This former college cumslut is quite real, even if he is advising others not to follow his slutty past. ;-)

Saturday, May 1, 2010

And Happy Birthday!

I was so focused on graduation I almost forgot that I'm going to go ahead and mark my birthday. I'm not quite there, but it's pretty close... why not just use the first day of the month? ;-)

Freshly 21, freshly graduated, freshly is changing at the speed of light.

I know I've had a lot of comments and e-mails telling me I should post more about life, but that's difficult. It's easy to change a steamy meeting's much harder to talk about a fight I had with a friend or a place I went without giving up too many clues to my identity. That's why those posts are infrequent...that stuff is better left to the individuals who have to listen to me blabbing. :) Especially the friend drama. Trust me, I think everyone is better off not knowing. Sometimes I feel bad venting about that!

I put a link on the sidebar to the site I used for Christmas if anyone is so inclined. Now that I don't keep people entertained, I'm not expecting anything, but you never know. College graduation and a big birthday, why not? It can't hurt.

I think I'm getting to be too much of a burden on a certain special friend anyway... :) I don't try to be, I'm just not used to having someone care about what I want! Sometimes I feel like I could mention a famous painting or statue and wake up with it sitting outside my door...


It's official, I graduated. Now I just have a few short months left in Florida... and then I'll be off to another place. :)

And before you ask, I don't even know where. So I can't tell you...because I don't know either!

I'm sad to see so many friends leaving town forever. I know I won't ever see some of them again. Talk about depressing...that's about as depressing as it can get.

Growing up sucks.