Saturday, October 31, 2009

Fucking Cruiseboy's Hot Ass

I started writing this post in September and it was based on what happened in August, so I really apologize for taking so long to finish it. The problem is I kept adding stuff and blowing my load thinking about it... you guys should be able to understand. ;-)

So it's a little dated, but I hope you find it hot. Here you go:

If you need to be reminded, Cruiseboy is about 6 feet tall and weighs 160 pounds. He's fucking hot and has a very nice 7" cock. Most simply, he's the hot frat boy every gay guy wants to have.

After getting to town, Cruiseboy texted me and let me know he wanted to play as soon as possible. Well, at least that's what I got out of "hey bro, we really need to hang out." Fuck yes we did. I let him know I was his whenever he wanted. As always, Cruiseboy said he had a lot to do and wasn't sure when he'd be free. I waited several days until he announced that he was free one evening.

I let him know where he was going and he knocked on the door 15 minutes later. I ran down and let him in.

Cruiseboy is so beautiful. His hair was really short again, his tan darker than it ever had been before. He was wearing a Polo tshirt and a pair of red shorts, his perfectly manicured, smooth feet resting in a pair of brown leather flip flops.

"Hey, RC," he greeted happily, cracking his trademark smile. He pulled himself inside, closing the door and wrapping his arms around me in a tight hug. I wasn't expecting it and it didn't feel the least bit sexual, but I could feel his dick filling out in the shorts. I think I must of started melting when he let go.

"Wow. You look great," I complimented.

He laughed. "I was staying busy all summer. Glad to be back though..." he said with a wink.

I wanted him to kiss me, so I got close enough to make him look uncomfortable. Since he'd made out with me during our last session, I thought this was going to be something he was over, but the fact that he already looked uncomfortable suggested he wasn't. I went for it anyway. I looked into his eyes and pressed my lips against his for just a few seconds before I relented and let go. His lips were warm and soft...his face was perfectly shaved. I could have worked on them for hours without getting bored.

He looked uncomfortable but he smiled.

"Let's go upstairs," he suggested, looking me over.

I felt his cock through his shorts. He was completely hard, all 7 thick inches ready to go. "Yeah," I agreed.

We both ran up the stairs and into my room. He pulled off his flip flops, took his shirt off, and slid his shorts and boxers off in one movement. He had a little more muscle than he did when he left--it looked fucking hot. The dark tan extended all over his entire body

I tore my clothes off as Cruiseboy got up on the bed, laying down with his legs open to accommodate my body, his dick pointing up toward his face.

I licked his chest first, twisting his nipples while my tongue worked down to his abs. I licked all over them, steadily getting lower until I was in his crotch. I pulled my tongue across his cock, making him moan, and drove him nuts with several other quick licks. His piss slit was already glistening with precum, which I lapped up, and then I couldn't resist wrapping my mouth around his head and sliding down on his thick meat.

He tasted freshly washed, just a hint of him there, but I didn't was rock hard, pulsing, and precum was leaking out into my mouth. I sucked him hard, taking his cock down to the balls and rubbing my tongue along the shaft inside my mouth. He loved it, moaning greedily, his strong tanned hands finding my head and forcing my mouth up and down.

"Fuck, it's so good," Cruiseboy grunted. "I haven't been sucked by a guy since you did it a few months ago."

I couldn't really smile with his dick shoved down my throat, but I was on the inside. I wondered when he'd last been with another guy. Was I the only one he had riding his cock and sucking him off? I also had to wonder how many girls had felt his thick meat inside them...and whether or not he really liked putting it there.

That was only a few seconds of thinking of course. I was paying more attention to the dick. ;-) When Cruiseboy released my head, I focused on the tip and worked my hand down the shaft. I had him moaning, so I started rubbing the space between his hole and his balls. He moaned louder and lifted up a little bit, to my surprise. I kept working the area, pushing lower toward his hole, and he kept lifting up. My only mission was now to touch his hole--I thought he'd pull away at any moment. I inched closer and closer, Cruiseboy's groaning at full speed, and then I pushed my fingers against his hot hole, rubbing hard.

"Shit!" I heard him say through the pounding in my ears.

That was all the encouragement I needed. I kept going, feeling his hole while I sucked his cock, working inside a little with the sweat that was on his ass. I quickly figured out that I wasn't going any farther without some help.

I pulled off his cock, looking him the face before I got down to his ass with my mouth. He had a really sweet pink hole, some hair spread around it. I grabbed his legs and raked my tongue against it.

"Oh shit," Cruiseboy groaned. "Feels good, RC...but you might want to stop. I didn't really prepare for a tongue up there."

I jammed it inside, getting a very appreciative moan and feeling Cruiseboy lift his legs up higher. He wasn't dirty, so he had nothing to worry about it...he tasted amazing. I would have eaten his ass no matter what anyway--how often do you get to taste a hot frat boy's hole?

I ate him out for a good five minutes while he went nuts, his cock still hard and dripping hot precum. Eventually I couldn't take it anymore. I stopped, lifting up and pulling his legs to my face. I rubbed a finger around his slippery hole, sliding it in just an inch. He moaned but didn't say anything, just looking me in the eyes.

I rubbed my dick against his ass and he didn't complain. I let some spit go, hitting my dick and rubbing it around. I didn't really believe he was going to let me in, but I pushed my cock's head where the finger had been, feeling the heat from his ass and the stickiness of the spit.

We didn't exchange any words. There was no negotiation and no permission...I just started sliding inside him, as slowly as I possibly could.

I expected him to clamp down, knock me off, punch me in the face and call me a fucking faggot. He topped every other time we had sex and never showed any interest at all in bottoming, and now I was pushing my cock into his hole?

I didn't complain. He was groaning but still letting me slide, so I kept pushing, and after a minute my 8 inches were buried inside him.

I looked at him with amazement and he made the same face at me. We both seemed surprised to be in the position.

"Go slow," he whispered, locking his eyes with mine.

I moved my 8 inches around very carefully, slowly pushing in and out of his ass. He was moaning, his tanned legs and feet pressed against my sides. I couldn't tell if he was enjoying it or not, but he didn't ask me to stop, so I kept going, getting as brave as I thought I could with my strokes.

Eventually his ass loosened and I was working my cock in and out without any difficulty. Cruiseboy seemed really relaxed, just laying there moaning and looking into my eyes every so often. His ass was so hot and soft, still tight even though I'd loosened it. It felt amazing wrapped around my dick, and I knew someone else had to have fucked his ass at some point. I really wanted to know who, but right now I focused on fucking him.

I was pretty gentle, sliding in and out and trying to find places he liked. We settled on a stroke that had me pulling most of my dick out of him, then sliding back inside with only 6 or 7 inches, sparing him an inch or two each time. He really seemed to like that, so I pumped in and out, watching my thick cock spreading his hot frat hole open. He was steadily getting looser and his ass was gripping my dick less, so I started pushing it all the way inside. Cruiseboy moaned with pleasure with every stroke, so I fucked him harder, lowering my sweaty body down to his and pressing my face against his.

He was moaning in my ear while I pounded his hole, pushing the whole length of my dick in and out of his hot ass. I went for my kiss, finding his lips with mine and pushing my tongue into his mouth. He met mine and we made out while I fucked him, sweat and spit dripping off of me and onto his face.

"I want to fuck you," he said softly. His 7 inches was semihard, probably ready to go with a moment of looking at my eager hole.

I thought that meant I wasn't going to get to cum in him, so I was really bummed and kept fucking.

"Fuck me after I shoot," Cruiseboy whispered.

My dick inflated to full capacity with those words. I wanted to just keep plowing, but I pulled out, spit and ass juice running out of his hole. It gaped for a few seconds, opened by my cock, all red and sweet inside. Shit I wanted to blow my load in there.

I flipped over into the sweat-soaked spot he'd been in and I pushed my ass up, wrapping my legs around him. Just as I expected, his cock was rock hard, and he was rearing to go. He spit on his dick and rubbed some of it on my hole, looking me in the face as he pressed inside me.

"Shit," he mumbled, closing his eyes, as I felt his cock pushing into my hole. He didn't stop, just sliding straight inside, but I took his whole cock without feeling any discomfort or pain. I wanted it more than I'd ever wanted it before.

Cruiseboy started fucking me instantly, sliding his bare cock in and out of my hole without any mercy, sweat and spit for lube. I guess I deserved that, and I wasn't felt amazing.

"Fuck me!" I begged him. And I moaned liked the sluttiest little bitch you've ever heard. Every stroke of his dick into my ass was pure pleasure, dragging across my prostate and opening me up.

Cruiseboy's hair was soaked with sweat and it was dripping down his face and off of his body. With each hard thrust into my hole, I felt some flecks of his sweat hitting me. His whole body was hot, his face fixed in concentration.

My ass was totally wet now. Cruiseboy's cock was gliding in and out of my hole without resistance, driving down as deep as it would go. My bitch moans just made him fuck me harder.

Cruiseboy grabbed me several times, lifting me up, pushing me over, moving me somehow to make it better for him. That made me fucking hot. He was totally using my ass in every way he possibly could, groaning and panting the whole time.

He was stopping and starting a lot trying to keep the cum in his cock. Every so often he'd lean down and press his face against mine, giving me his lips or his tongue and launching into a hard drive into my ass.

I wanted him to fuck me forever. I could have stayed on my back with my legs up taking his cock for hours, but it was too good to go on that long. I could tell from Cruiseboy's face that he was going to lose his cum inside me at any moment.

He fucked me for a couple more minutes when he tensed and started slamming me.

"I'm cumming, RC!" he yelled. "Fuck I'm cumming!"

I pulled my legs around his body and dug my feet into his back, holding as close to me as I could while he sprayed his sperm deep inside my cunt.

And he just kept shooting, more than ever before.

"Fuck, I'm still cumming," he confirmed, groaning. It looked like one amazing orgasm.

Eventually stopped, leaning his sweat-soaked face down to press his lips against mine one more time. He pulled his dick out, which was still solid, totally wet and slicked with gooey frat cum.

I didn't think I was going to get back into his ass, but he got down next to me and raised his legs. He still wanted it. Fuck yeah!

I jumped up and spit on my dick, pressing it against his hole. I didn't try to kiss him, and his face made it obvious that this wasn't going to be a patient fuck. I was going to have to hurry if I wanted to cum in him.

"Just slide in. It's still loose," he instructed.

No complaints from me. I pressed my dick in, easily pushing into his tight ass until he had six hot inches pulsing inside him.

Cruiseboy moaned. "Ok, just fuck me hard until you cum. Don't stop, just fuck me until you blow."

I nodded and started my strokes, working his ass open to take 7 inches. I tried to press the last bit in, but he winced and grabbed me with his strong hands.

"A little too deep, RC. Just use what you have and cum."

He lifted his hands off my body and put on to his dick, which was still semi-hard. He started moving his fingers up and down his shaft while I fucked.

After already taking his ass and the pounding he gave me, this was going to be a short fuck for me anyway. I just focused on how hot and tight his ass was, dipping my cock as far as he was letting me and plowing him hard.

"Cum in my ass," Cruiseboy moaned. Fuck, was I hearing this right? With him talking to me like that...

I kept fucking him, trying not to get myself too close since he asked me not to stop. I managed to spend a few minutes inside him.

"It's getting sore," Cruiseboy complained. "Just fuck me hard and blow."

Oh shit. His ass is so good...I could feel my cock ready to blow at any second. I looked Cruiseboy over, his sweaty face, his sweat-soaked hair, his hot chest and stomach, his semihard cock, his hot arms, his sweet legs and feet. Fuck.

I jammed my cock deep and gave me best final strokes, and then it hit me. I groaned loudly and the cum flooded out of my hot cock, deep into Cruiseboy's guts.

"Yeah," he encouraged. "Fucking cum, RC."

Eventually it stopped spewing, and my load was now inside Cruiseboy's ass. From now on I'd think about my sperm swimming inside him every time we saw each other.

I pulled my cummy cock out completely satisfied, his ass gripping it hard. Now his hole was seriously gaping, my cum clearly visible.

He spent a lot of time on the toilet squeezing my load out of his ass. We took a shower together and got dressed, all the sexual tension gone. He was quiet and I figured he'd leave my apartment right after he got out of the shower.

We got dressed and went downstairs. We wound up staying in the living watching TV for a few hours like we were just friends. No touching, no kissing, just watching TV and talking and joking.

He left and that was that. But I fucked him. :)

If you're thinking that maybe we screwed our relationship up by doing this, you're right so far. I regret it to some extent...I've barely seen Cruiseboy and I've only had the pleasure of getting his cock a couple times this semester when he was insanely horny. That's why he's disappeared. All I can think about when I see him is how much I want to fuck his sweet ass again and feel my sperm inside him.

I know when a guy likes me. Cruiseboy does and has for a long time...he wants more from me than sex. That's how we started making out and I think that's why he let me fuck him--he really wanted it. The sad thing is that he's in the closet and seems very confused about himself. I don't think anything is ever going to develop unless he figures shit out.

I would totally date Cruiseboy if he was ok with fucking around together. He'd be the hottest boyfriend ever and we'd have some insanely hot adventures. That probably isn't ever going to happen though. :(

Friday, October 30, 2009

Load #100

Yes, I was successful in my quest. I'm sorry I haven't been able to update you on it...I've been busy with school. I have to go to a party tonight, so I don't have time to write it all up, but I'll try to work on it this weekend.

And until then, hopefully I'll get some ass or cum tonight. ;-)

Monday, October 26, 2009


Cum in my ass. We flip fucked and swapped loads...most of his seed is still brewing inside me.

The next load I fuck into a boy will be a special one. Load #100 for 2009! I'm on the hunt right now planning to add 2 more loads to the count tonight...let's see if I can do it.

Until then, I'm happy with the boy cum I've got. ;-)

Sunday, October 25, 2009

My hole's empty. :(

Well, I had the best intentions yesterday...I really, really, really wanted to get fucked and take a load or two. But it didn't happen.

I wound up going to some parties and got pretty drunk. I was planning to stay in the range where sex would have been possible, but when other people are mixing the drinks for you it's hard to say how much liquor you're downing. Oh well.

I didn't exactly have a ton of options either, with almost everyone there being straight. So I actually wound up wanting a fucking hot girl who had an amazing body and nice boobs...yeah, I touched her and she was hanging out with me for the night.

She didn't want anything anyway, though, so nothing came of that. But it was still fun, and some of the guys she knew were hot too.

I came home and passed out on the floor. So much for checking CL or adam4adam. :)

I woke up so hungover I doubt I'll be able to do anything tonight. Damn. Well, there's always Monday. And maybe I can finish a story for you all to read tonight. Maybe...

Saturday, October 24, 2009

I need cum in my ass.

I'm so fucking horny right now. I want to ride a huge cock until it blows up inside my hole...

School's been keeping me really busy. And I have to worry about paying a fortune worth of application fees. Fun stuff.

But right now I just a want hot boy's sperm up inside me.

The hunt begins. :)

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

My blog list

Hey guys, this is just admin stuff, no story--sorry. I wanted to work on my blog list since I haven't updated it in a long time...and I wanted to remove things that didn't exist anymore or weren't getting updated.

If you'd like for me to link to your blog, please e-mail me ( I'm mainly interested in linking to blogs about bare fucking by guys 30 or under, but not every blog in my list now fits that, so if your blog is hot feel free to ask.

I see Google deleted some of the blogs that were on my list. I hope they're not going to go after sex blogs like they went after pic and video blogs...

Monday, October 19, 2009

Whoops, I'm back ;-)

I forgot to mention that I was going to be gone on a little mid-semester vacation, so I've been quiet up until I got home just now. I'll have to work on writing something for you guys!

I added 4 loads to the count while I was away. Fun times. :) I hope I can add some details to that little tidbit soon...

Friday, October 9, 2009

E-mail, comments, Thomas Kraemer (new story post right below this one)

I posted a new story right before I posted this. Make sure you check that out.

Thanks for all the e-mails and comments I've gotten lately. I try to respond when I can and when something deserves a response. And just so you know, I NEVER delete a comment, no matter what someone says about me or the blog. I've only edited a comment once (I think) and only because someone posted another person's personal information in it.

I know if you wrote me between when school started and a few weeks ago I probably didn't answer. Sorry...I just got busy with school. I read whatever you sent though. :)

Also, if you send me an IM on Yahoo, don't pretend you don't know who I am. That's really annoying. You can only get my Yahoo info from reading my blog--you know my stats and you know if I've fucked lately!

I logged into my stats web site for the first time in months a couple days ago. Traffic to this blog basically never changed...I had the same number of hits over the past few months that I had when I was posting good stuff several times a week. Thanks for sticking with me and checking the blog out even in my dryspell! Now that I started posting again the numbers doubled and we came close to having the best day ever for visits a few days ago.

Finally, I wanted to address Thomas Kraemer again. I posted awhile ago when I Googled myself and found an article about me and this blog:

I went looking again and found that Thomas Kraemer acknowledged my post. Find that here:

I'm glad he acknowledged that he believes I'm for real. I remind you that my posts are based on real events--every load in my count is for real. I try to tell you as much as I can.

Also I'll say thanks for the compliments on my writing. I like knowing that people are getting hot off of my life. I wish I could make money doing it...I haven't made a dime from this blog.

I'll remind anyone willing that I could use fun money. My rent is paid and I have a full tuition scholarship, but I like buying clothes and eating out/running around town. ;-) I'm not comfortable selling videos, pictures, or web cam shows. I realize I'm probably one of the more paranoid bloggers out there, but that's how I keep everyone in Florida guessing about where I am. What about used underwear? Buy me two pairs and I'll send you one back? Haha.

No, I don't expect anything from you guys. I do this because I think it's fun, as long as I have time to do it. If I were serious about earning money I would have accepted offers to put ads up or I'd have a Paypal link somewhere in my toolbar.

I really wish I was taking a load instead of writing this, but it didn't work out tonight, so here I am. Better luck tomorrow, I hope.

Ok, that's all for tonight. Hopefully I can write you something hot again very soon. I've gotten 3 things out in the past week, not bad.

Vacation Threesome

It's been partially completed for a long time. I finally finished. I don't think this is a great story because waiting this long to finish it meant I lost some details...but I still think it's fun. I had planned something longer and hotter, but that's really tough to do months later. What I did write is straight out of my memory. ;-)

Before I start, I'd like to apologize for being so secretive about my long vacation. Unfortunately, giving away the details would make it very easy for someone to figure out who I am, so I don't have much of a choice if I want to remain anonymous. Feel free to venture some guesses in your minds about where I was, though. I imagine what I'll describe will be relevant to a lot of different places...

If you think this was you, you have my phone number. Text me. I'll tell you the truth. ;-) I highly doubt the people I hooked up with are going to ever read this post though. Knowing that you had a threesome with a stranger in some big city narrows it down though...and if I fucked my load into your ass that certainly should have left an impression.


As I previously said way back when, I spent most of my trip in a rural area visiting family, so there was no action to be found there, and even if I'd found some it would literally take 45 minutes to get somewhere. I can't believe I considered the place I go to school to be isolated and's really nowhere close relative to where I was on my trip!

No point in wasting any more time talking about that. I had fun and I jerked my cock a ton--I couldn't wait to move on to the next leg and find some hot action. After more hours in the car than I want to think about, I was in my big city checking into a hotel. I spotted my first few hotties in and around the was going to be a good trip. :)

I spent the first day out on the town, seeing sights and checking out a few shops. I wound up going back to my hotel and taking a little nap, setting the clock for what I hoped would be a good time to go out. When I woke up, I started working on some liquor I'd brought with me, since I'm still too young to drink. After a few chugs I was feeling pretty good and ready to go.

I was staying within walking distance of all the gay clubs, which were gathered together in a relatively small stretch of the nightlife area. The first night I got in without paying any cover, but there weren't tons of hotties there. It was an off night to go out, so I wasn't expecting many, I just wanted to check out the places where I was planning to prowl in the coming couple of days.

I got tons of looks and had a bunch of people talk to me, but none of them screamed "Take me home!" I did befriend someone who told me I should try another club given the day of the week, so I followed his advice and it was a HUGE improvement. This place was packed and probably half gay, so there were tons of hot gay boys there and tons of hot straight boys. You can probably guess where my attention was. ;-) I had a bunch of boys try to dance with me and several grabbing at my body, but I didn't wind up getting any sex that night. I just went back to the hotel and went to bed...I was exhausted, so I passed out almost instantly.

The next night I headed out and found the clubs a lot busier. There were more hotties, way more people dancing, and a lot more people checking me out. I spent most of my time just walking around the club seeing who would hit me up. As you might guess, I had tons of hot boys hitting on me. A lot of them were trashed or tweaked out and trying to grab my body and/or cock, which I didn't mind since I was drunk, but I focused on the ones who were coherent enough to have a conversation.

I danced with a couple of boys throughout the night and there was some making out going on. I settled on a hottie who was around 5'10", a nice build with dark hair. He had a nice tan and he was drunk, but he was hot and I could tell he wanted to have sex with me. We were making out and dancing...his tongue was soft and he tasted pretty good despite all the alcohol he was downing at the club. He was getting hard with me on him, so I was getting a good feel of his cock...felt like it was between 6 inches and 7 inches, maybe a little above average in thickness. I was grabbing his ass too. Not a tight little twink ass, no, but it still felt good. I could see myself getting my bare cock in him without a fight. Actually I imagined him begging for my load.

We split up eventually. I said I wanted to check other people out elsewhere in the club and he didn't want to go. I wound up looking around the other floors of the club and ended up on a balcony looking out at people and cars down on the street.

I decided I would stand by the hottest boy I saw outside. I picked him out while I was scoping the street and I stood a couple feet away, looking in the same direction as he was. He checked me out, and I checked him out when he finished. We traded a couple times.

He was smoking, and as soon as he was done and tossed it away he turned to face me.

"So what's a hot guy like you doing out here alone?" he asked.

He was really cute. Maybe 5'8", kind of short, with dark brown hair and really tanned skin. He was wearing a cute little bracelet and a really expensive pair of designer jeans.

"Just checking people out," I answered.

He looked me over again. "Yeah, me too. There are so many hotties out tonight."

We talked about where we were from and what kind of guys we liked for awhile, a lot of small talk. The balcony was really quiet, so we were by ourselves with just a few other people outside.

I wound up going back in the club with the cute balcony boy. We made our way down to the people dancing and joined in.

The first boy I'd talked to that night found us. He was obviously into the second boy I'd picked up from the balcony, and he joined in. The three of us were dancing and there was some hot making out going on. Eventually Balconyboy said he was going to get some drinks, taking our orders and heading for the bar.

"You should take him back to your hotel with me," the first Barboy suggested. "He's fucking hot."

"Yeah," I agreed. "You want him?"

"I want both of you!" He smiled. He had more liquor in him than I did.

Balconyboy came back with the drinks. Barboy gulped his down in a few hits and we returned to our routine.

Eventually Barboy said he was ready to head out. Balconyboy agreed that it was a good idea, and I followed them out of the club.

We watched people on the street for awhile. All three of us knew what we wanted, it was just a matter of getting there.

"You going with him?" Balconyboy asked.

I smiled and looked at Barboy. "Yeah, we're going to have some fun."

Barboy gave me a goofy smile.


"You want to come with us?" Barboy asked, looking at me like he was asking permission.

"What are you guys getting up to tonight?"

We all knew the answer, but I told him anyway. "We'll just hang out and see what happens."


Balconyboy looked hotter out on the street away from the dark club and balcony. I wanted him more than I wanted Barboy, but he was pretty shy about telling us he wanted to join.

"We can get you back to your hotel later," Barboy suggested.

"I don't want to get in the way of you guys having a good time."

"We don't mind," I said firmly. I wanted this boy naked in my room.

"You sure?"

Barboy grabbed him. "Yeah, come on! We'll have a lot more fun if you're there too."

He didn't complain and started walking with us. We made small talk all the way to the hotel, talking about how big our cocks were and who we'd fucked lately. In just a few minutes we were there.

We went up to my room and I poured everyone a fresh round of drinks. Barboy and Balconyboy were really hitting it off together, but I still had the best cock in the group.

After a few rounds of flirting, we started getting physical, touching each other and pulling pieces of clothing off.

Barboy and I got undressed first, with Balconyboy playing shy. We stripped down to our underwear...a hot pair of briefs for me and a normal pair of boxer briefs for Barboy. His body was decent, not great, but he was obviously insanely horny.

We both got on Balconyboy and pulled his shirt off. His tan was everywhere, so he obviously spent a lot of time in a bed, but I still thought it was hot. All of his body hair was shaved off, and he had a little muscle definition. He was fucking hot.

His skin felt so soft and warm when I touched it. I couldn't keep my hands off after that. We stripped his jeans off next, touching his legs and getting very close to his crotch.

Barboy and I lost our underwear. Just as my hand suggested, he was about 7 inches, maybe closer to 6.5, and he was rock hard. Ready to go.

So was I. Barboy was all over my cock, grabbing it and feel the 8 inches pulse in his hand. Balconyboy liked it too. His eyes lit up as soon as I slipped my underwear off.

He didn't fight us taking his underwear off then. The two of us pulled it down, and out popped Barboy's own 8 inches. Maybe it wasn't that big, but it seemed like it on his small frame. He was completely tanned down there too, all the hair trimmed down really neatly. He was a fucking hot little twink. We made him turn over so we could see his ass--it was hot. A tight little twink ass shaved smooth.

I got my tongue in his mouth as soon as we pulled his clothes off. He wasn't an amazing kisser, but his tongue felt really good sliding against mine. I touched his body and played with his nipples while Barboy's face found his crotch and started down on his dick.

We were both into him more than we were into each other, and Balconyboy loved it. He was getting all of the attention from both of us.

We kept making out while Barboy bobbed up and down on his long cock. Balconyboy relaxed instantly, letting his legs spread open and giving in to our horny overtures.

We sucked face until Barboy got jealous. He got off the cock and demanded a turn at making out with Balconyboy. We switched places. I stole a good look at both of their asses and started working Balconyboy's dick while the other two made out.

He liked my head better, I'd say. He was moaning a lot more while I sucked him, trying to take his dick down my throat. Balconyboy loved hearing me gag on it. He was purposefully raising his body up as I took more, shoving his dick down my throat while he and Barboy kept making out.

We wound up switching places again in a few minutes. This time I got up on the bed and pointed my dick at Balconyboy's hot face. He opened up instantly, letting me slide into his mouth. For a small guy he handled it well. He clearly enjoyed sucking cock.

It wasn't amazing head, but it still felt good. He was rubbing my head with his tongue and working my big cock with his little mouth for all he was worth. I bet he'd do a better job if he were sober.

Barboy spread his legs open and tried to go for his ass, but he was met with Balconyboy's hands.

"I'm not feeling it," he said with alarm.

My heart sank. I wanted nothing more than to fuck his hole, but he seemed to have his mind made up. He wasn't even going to let Barboy rim him.

We kept going, trading places making out and sucking each other off for awhile. My only chance now was with Barboy, and I knew he'd give me what I wanted.

While Barboy sucked Balconyboy off again, I pushed his body down and got between his legs. I raised them up, pushing his ass into the air.

It was sweaty and masculine. I'd much rather be tasting Balconyboy's hot twink hole and licking it out, but Barboy's was plenty hot. I spread his cheeks and looked up at his face. He was excited, even with a dick stuffed in his mouth I could see that.

I pushed my tongue against his ass and licked gently. He moaned happily, so I kept going. I slid all around the outside and then pushed against his hole, dipping my tongue inside lightly at first. He kept moaning, so I kept pushing. I slid in as far as I could until I was eating his ass with full speed.

It was driving him fucking crazy. He was squirming and moaning wildly while Balconyboy looked on with excitement. I pushed in as deep as I could and kept working my tongue, teasing his hot hole.

"You want to get fucked, hottie?" I asked.

He pushed Balconyboy's dick out of his mouth and gave us a very loud "YES!"

I got up and we moved around on the bed. I got Balconyboy to get next to Barboy, and I pulled Barboy's legs up.

I didn't have any condoms. I didn't think either of them did either. If he asked I was going to have to say I didn't have any, and at this rate I doubted it would matter.

His ass was already soaked with my spit, so I got some down on my dick and worked it around.

"Yeah, fuck him," Balconyboy urged, jerking his 8 inches excitedly. I started to think he might want a turn.

I got closer to his ass and pushed my head against his hole. I looked at his face and found his eyes locked on me. I smiled and started sliding against his hole. He moaned happily without any complaints.

I pointed it into his ass and started sliding at a medium pace. I didn't want to shove it in but I didn't want to go too slowly either.

He opened right up for me, my dick parting his ass easily. My tongue work had really lubed him up and at least gotten his hole a little open.

"Oh fuck!" he groaned. "Fucking fuck my ass!"

Ah yeah. This was going to be nice. I pushed all the way in until my balls were on his hot skin.

I started fucking him slowly, but he didn't like that. He barely made any noise and basically looked like he was just laying there taking it. I decided I'd ramp up my work. I slammed his ass with my cock.

"Yeah, fuck him," Balconyboy encouraged, his tanned arm with the bracelet working at full speed.

I stared plowing his ass. I leaned in and made out with him, pulling Balconyboy into the mix. Our tongues met and all three of us were sliding against each other swapping spit.

I pulled up to focus on fucking. I gave it to Barboy hard, grabbing his legs and shoving my cock as far into his hole as it would go. I plowed him at full force while he made out with Balconyboy.

His moans were probably waking people around us up. What a fucking slut! I fuck him slow and barely a sound...I plow his ass and he sounds like a little bitch!

Balconyboy was getting really hot. He was working his cock furiously, making out with Barboy and making out with me whenever I leaned in and found his mouth. We did a threeway makeout a few more times while I fucked. We were all so fucking happy making out and touching each other.

I got back so I could see Barboy's ass. It was slicked with spit and sweat, my big cock driving in and of his hole and stretching it open. What a fucking hot sight! He felt really good inside. Really hot, and with just the right amount of looseness--gripping my cock but still sliding in and out of him without any effort.

I kept tearing his ass up, slamming him hard. He kept making out with Balconyboy, the two of them getting louder and more excited with every passing second.

"I'm so close to blowing!" Barboy told us between moans.

I started fucking his ass as hard as I could. I wanted him to blow with my cock tearing him open, and I was close enough to blow my load whenever he was ready.

"Shit, I'm close too," Balconyboy said softly, madly stroking his 8 inch dick.

Fuck, I wasn't ready for this to end, but they were both drunk. I guess I was too--I didn't look at the clock, I had no idea how much time had gone by. When you're drunk 30 minutes can seem like forever.

Barboy's moans were getting me close. He was furiously making out with Balconyboy, their sweaty faces pressed against each other. I couldn't hold off with both of them ready to blow at any moment...they had me too turned on.

"I'm cumming!" Barboy yelled. "Fuck!" His hand jerked until it stopped suddenly, his cock blowing up and starting to spew gooey cream all over his chest and stomach. The first shot flew past his head and hit the pillowcase.

I jammed mine as deep into his ass as I could and lost it instantly.

"Shit, I'm cumming too!" I felt hot cum spray out of my dick, injecting his insides with my college boy syrup.

Balconboy's face was in pure pleasure. He gave his cock a few final strokes and started moaning loudly.

"I'm blowing too," he said quietly. His eyes closed and his 8 inches pulsed, streams of white cum covering his stomach.

I got between them and we all stayed in bed panting for awhile. It was past 5:00 in the morning, maybe even 6:00 by now.

We made our trips to the bathroom and cleaned up. Neither of them had any intention of leaving now, which I didn't mind. I told them we could share the was big enough for all three.

We were all exhausted, so there wasn't much chatting. We were all happy, satisfied, and still coming down from the alcohol.

I downed some water while Barboy and Balconyboy cuddled up in the bed. Barboy was in the middle, so it didn't look like I'd get to sleep with Balconyboy against me. Oh well. I'd never see him again anyway.

I turned the lights out and jumped into bed next to Barboy. He pushed his body against mine as much as he could. I imagined my cum was probably still in his ass...I hadn't heard him pushing it out. He was a little slut and probably loved having it in his ass.

We were basically silent, my pickups sounding like they were passing out next to me.

I woke up the next morning with Balconyboy kissing me goodbye.

"Bye hottie," he whispered.

"Bye," I mumbled.

Barboy left my room a few hours later. None of us really got any sleep, but it was totally worthwhile.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Load me up

Sitting here jerking before I go to bed. I just slid a finger into my ass and licked it off...there's a fresh load of college cum in my hole. Pissfucker added another round of his seed to my ass and I gave him mine. ;-)

Who wants to be next? I was ready to go again as soon as he blasted up inside of me. Get your bare dicks in my tight ass and fucking dump your seed. I'll beg for your load no matter what...pull your dick into me as deep as I can get it and wrap my legs tightly around you while you fill me up.

Cum in my fucking ass. Give me more to feel, taste, and smell in my hole right feels so good knowing that there's a hot load up there.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Computer Lab Cruiser

Talk about making up for the past...I wrote you guys another post. Keep in mind, I posted another new post a few hours ago that's right below this one. Make sure you check it out. ;-) Now stop bitching at me.

I started exploring bathrooms when I started writing my blog. Up until then, I'd never experimented and the idea disgusted me. Since I'm a huge slut and all of you know it, that almost seems funny now, but I wound up reading about and I wound up looking at the boards for some of the bathrooms on campus. I met Cruiseboy there, when he was tapping his foot for a blowjob. I pushed that way past the I can text him whenever I'm horny. That doesn't usually get cock in my ass, but it's still cool, and every so often I get a hot frat boy in my bedroom. We even started hanging out and being friends for awhile, until summer. We haven't really kept that up this semester. I think Cruiseboy's really confused about himself...reasons why are yet to be posted (I don't have a copy of the Cruiseboy story I was working on this computer or I would be finishing it now and not writing this). Oh well, he's got frat stuff to do and girls to date.

Ok, that's a bit of an aside, but consider it an update on Cruiseboy until I post my new Cruiseboy encounter.

Back to the campus computer lab now. I have some free time between classes, as I did when I met Cruiseboy last spring, which means I sometimes wind up in a computer lab getting some of my work done. I'm not there every day, but I frequently am...with hot college boys everywhere.

This happened a couple weeks ago, so excuse my being a little hazy. There's no fucking in this story either, so don't expect it to happen--just making out and oral.

Anyway, I had settled in one day and I was working on an assignment when a cute boy passed me and sat at the computer next to me. I turned my head and looked him over. He was short, probably 5'6", with light brown hair at medium length. He had just a faint tan and was wearing a leather bracelet on his wrist. He had on a graphic tshirt and a pair of khaki shorts, plus a pair of leather flip flops. He had cute feet, nice medium length toes and neatly trimmed nails...his legs weren't too hairy. I would have happily bent him over and pounded his ass.

I'm pretty sure he noticed me looking, and I thought he might be gay. There were plenty of open computers around and he chose to sit at the one next to me.

I kept working and glanced over at him several times. I caught him glancing back at me once, quickly shifting my view back to the computer. Yeah, this guy was into me. He probably sat next to me so he could check me out while he was doing whatever he came to do.

"Hey," he said next to me, stealing my attention.

I turned my head to look at him.

He smiled and our eyes locked. "Hey, are you going to be here for awhile?"

"Yeah, another hour at least," I answered.

"Would you mind watching my stuff while I run down to the basement bathroom?"

There's a bathroom right next to the computer lab, so "basement bathroom" meant everything. I got the message.

"Actually I was about to go down there myself."

He nodded, standing up. "Oh, Ok. Cool." He grabbed his backpack and started off.

I stood up and did the same, following a few feet behind him. He looked back and saw me coming, smiling. It seemed a little corny, but damn it worked on me, didn't it? I was guessing he used this trick a lot. If you don't understand what's going on, you don't think anything of it. If you're familiar with cruising and random hookups, it makes instant sense.

At first I thought he was taking me to a different bathroom because he turned in a different direction than I usually do and he opened a door that revealed a staircase I'd never seen before. I followed anyway, walking through a crowded little corridor and down two flights of stairs until we reached another door. It opened into a hallway that was 10 feet from the bathroom--this little gay boy not only knew where the bathroom was, he knew a shortcut I haven't found in years of having classes in the building.

Honestly it turned me on. How many dicks had that cute face sucked off in here? And how many times did the computer lab trick work?

He went into the bathroom and headed straight for the handicap stall at the back. I followed, seeing that the door was still open, and I stepped inside.

He was facing me and smiling, so I pushed the door shut and locked it.

"I knew you were checking me out," he said softly with a cute little laugh.

"You're cute," I told him honestly.

"I'm horny!" He smirked, rubbing his shorts.

I managed to get both of our backpacks up on a hook and guided him to the toilet I'd once gotten fucked. I sat him down and he unbuttoned his shorts, pulling down a pair of Andrew Christian trunks (I like underwear, so I recognize all the hot ones, but no, I can't actually tell you what they REALLY were, but they were HOT underwear).

A solid six inch cock was waiting. He'd shaved within the past few days, so he only had a small patch of really short hair surrounding his dick. His balls were big, oversized for his cock.

I got my face in his crotch. He smelled like a boy, really hot...I teased his balls with my tongue and licked up and down his shaft.

"Yeah," he whispered.

I got up and went for his face. I wouldn't normally go there at this point, but he wasn't a straight boy looking to get his dick sucked...he was gay and looking for a man. He opened his lips instantly and our tongues were gliding against each other, really hungrily. He tasted faintly of toothpaste and mouthwash, which was hot...sometimes I just enjoy a mouth that seems super clean.

We swapped spit for a couple minutes before I slid back between his legs. I stopped teasing him and started sucking his cock, easily getting all six inches down my throat.

He moaned happily, closing his eyes and touching my face with both of his hands.

I slid my tongue up and down his cock while I took it into my throat, getting it all the way down and holding it there while I rubbed my tongue against his head.

He gripped me tighter. "Yeah, that feels so good."

I kept working, adding more suction as I bobbed up and down.

We heard the door open suddenly. I started to stand but the cute boy held my head down on his dick.

"I'm going to fucking blow," he whispered in a voice that was barely audible.

I stayed down as his cock swelled, my heart racing and nervousness flowing throughout my whole body. He spewed cum down my throat, which I swallowed, lifting my head up to get a jet of jizz on my tongue and closer to my mouth. He'd blown a decent amount, most of it down my throat but still leaving plenty for me to taste.

We heard pissing from the urinals. I finally stood up, my mouth coated with cum. The flush came soon, and whoever else was there walked out without delay. I don't know if we were noticed or not--I'm not sure how good the view was or how attentive our pisser was--but we weren't caught or challenged.

"Sorry," the cute gay boy apologized. "When I feel like I'm getting caught it makes me cum so easily. I couldn't stop."

"It was hot." I ran my tongue along my lips. "And tastes pretty good."

He got off the toilet and traded places with me. I was wearing shorts with a pair of boxers, so accessing my dick was easy. The excitement meant that I wasn't fully hard, but a couple touches with his hand got me going. He kissed my lips gently and slid his tongue into my mouth very carefully. I matched the mood and we softly made out for a minute, until he was heading for my rock hard cock.

The gay boy took me straight into my mouth. He had a difficult time taking the whole length, but he tried really hard and steadily he managed to get the entire thing packed into his throat. He didn't keep it there, but I prefer having all the attention on my head, so that was fine with me.

He sucked me pretty expertly, working his tongue all over my cock and using just the right amount of suction to make me feel good. His mouth moved up and down on my dick, his eyes looking up at mine every 30 seconds or so for approval. I just smiled and groaned softly while he worked.

I was getting super sensitive after a couple minutes and figured I'd let him have it.

"Getting close," I warned.

He started working harder, determined to make me shoot. It worked. I fired my load into his mouth 30 seconds after saying I was close.

I didn't shoot a lot, but I pretty much never do when I'm getting sucked off. He swallowed what I shot and cleaned the rest of the load off my cock, slurping it down.

"Good cum...really sweet," he complimented. He got up, looking completely satisfied.

"Yeah, so I hear." I laughed and got off the toilet.

The cute gay boy pulled out his dick to piss, so I stood beside him and did the same thing. He started and I followed, both of us pissing into the same toilet until his flow came to a stop.

He left me to finish, grabbing his bag, and I flushed. I took my backpack and headed for the sink, washing my hands well and wiping my face down with a paper towel.

"I'd love to do more," I told him plainly.

I saw him smile in the mirror. "That would be really hot."

I pulled out my phone to get his number but he shook his head.

"Maybe next time, but if I gave my number to every guy I sucked off on campus..."

"Oh." I put it away. I was a little annoyed and figured I wasn't going to see him again.

"Next time we see each other in the lab, I want to fuck. You're hot."

It surprised me, and he started walking away just as he started talking. What a slutty thing to say and do! :) All I could do was follow him back up to the lab.

I stayed a few feet behind again and imagined what his ass looked like. I spent the rest of the walk checking out his legs and feet. I wondered if anyone had noticed the two pairs of flip flops in the handicap stall at the back of the bathroom...

We got back up to the lab without trading any more words. He did whatever he needed to do and stood up to leave.

"Thanks for watching my stuff," he said with a grin.

"Anytime." All I could do was grin back.

No sightings yet. I don't know his name or major, but I'm totally fucking his cute ass bare and blowing my load inside. Just wait.

Pissfucker (a story!!!)

Good things happen when you take me away from my habitat for a weekend. Well, when you take me to a place other than Tampa, Orlando, or some other fun city anyway. ;-)

I'm naming a new boy in my life today...we're going to call him Pissfucker. Ok, so maybe we didn't exactly do that, but he is the only guy who's ever pissed in my ass with his cock shoved inside of me, so I think it's a hot name that fits him pretty well. I'm going to introduce him and tell that story right now. ;-)

This guy posted a Craigslist ad saying he was looking for fun. His stats were very similar to mine, but he had darker hair, more body hair, and his cock was a little smaller and average thickness, plus he had a hot chest and arms. I responded to his ad and we sent a few e-mails back and forth, and then we started talking on AIM. I figured out that he was versatile and he'd had a lot of sex but not with very many guys. He loved fucking, so he was a perfect fit for me.

We met up on campus one day very briefly just to check each other out, and we both liked what we saw. I had him drive over to my apartment that night, with my roommates out for awhile, and the two of us wound up chatting. We ended up on the couch in the living room watching TV, so before you know it I was touching him and my lips were getting closer and closer to his.

I kissed him really softly at first. He's a hairy guy, so when he shaves stubble returns after a few hours. It had been at least a day since he shaved, so his face was rough as I went for the kiss. Our lips touched very softly and my hands started working. I kept it tame for a few minutes, and then I deployed my tongue, licking it along his bottom lip until he parted his lips and I was free to push into his mouth. I did and our tongues met, working together until we were both as far as we could go in each other's mouths. I love making out like that, especially when both guys are grunting and can't get enough...and we were. ;-) My 8 inches were totally hard, his hand working down to the athletic shorts I was wearing and pulling my big dick out.

"No underwear?" he asked when my meat jumped right out.

"Not when I wear these," I said with a smile. "Easy access!"

He laughed and we kept making out. His hand went down to his jeans, but I pushed it away. In our conversations he made it clear that he was into rape, bondage, and being controlled, so I figured I could give him a little fun that way.

"Jerk me off," he begged.

"Fuck no." I grabbed his arms and pulled them up to the couch arm, getting his body down the length and of the couch and sitting on top of him.

Pissfucker loved being denied his cock. He started making a bunch of noise while we made out some more, and I decided it was time to get my dick sucked. I moved forward and pushed it against his mouth, sliding across his stubble for a second--fucking intense--and then against his lips.

He opened enough to take the head, so I shoved more cock in. He gagged a little but he took it, and I pushed until I was buried in his mouth. I fucked his face for awhile, slapping my dick on it whenever I pulled it out of his mouth.

I still wasn't letting him touch his cock, but I felt his jeans and he was rock hard.

"We're going to my room," I announced, pulling my dick out of his mouth. I jumped up and he followed.

"We should take a shower," Pissfucker suggested without jumping straight into the bed.

I figured he was worried about his ass, so I agreed. I started the water and we made out until I stripped him and we both went in.

I soaped up and he rubbed his asshole, turning me on like you can't imagine.

I turned away. "I need to piss." I pointed my dick at the corner of the shower.

"Really?" he asked with intrigue.

The smile on my face was impossible to hide. I knew what he wanted.


Pissfucker got on his knees, his face level with my cock.

"Piss on me," he begged.

A few seconds later a hot yellow stream of piss was flying out of my dick and straight onto his face. He opened his mouth, letting it fill up before he spit it out into the shower. I coated his face and soaked his chest until I was finally empty. He took my semihard cock into his mouth, getting a final taste.

I looked down and saw that he was furiously working his cock, which looked longer and thicker than it did in any of the pics I'd seen. My ass was craving it now. I intended to fuck him, but I couldn't pass this up.

I slid his legs to the sides of the shower and made room for me to get down on his cock. I pushed it against my hole and started moving up and down, with my feet at the bottom of the shower, hot water running down our bodies. The water makes fucking difficult because spit and lube both get washed away. I decided not to bother with either, just pushing down on his pole.

I was surprised when he started sliding inside. My hole must have wanted dick really badly. ;-) It wasn't exactly comfortable, but it felt amazing, so I kept pushing down and his cock worked its way into my ass. I started riding him--no spit or lube--my ass slapping against his body and puddles of water each time I went down.

"That's fucking hot," Pissfucker mumbled while I rode his cock. "Yeah, ride my dick, bitch."

I slammed down harder and rode him until my ass started feeling sore. I tried to add some spit into the mix, but like I said it was easily washed away.

"Let's get out and go to the bed."

I turned the water off and grabbed two towels. We dried ourselves off really quickly, my body finding the bed within a minute. I pushed my legs up into the air and Pissfucker slid between, holding his cock against my ass.

"Fuck me," I demanded.

He spit on his dick, working a spit-covered finger into my ass for just a second before he replaced it with his cock's head.

I was sore from riding him in the shower without any lube, which maybe wasn't the best of ideas, but it was so hot it was completely worth it. I had to have him take his time pushing into my ass, but it felt a lot better with a decent amount of spit slicking things up. He was working his pole in and out of my jock ass in no time, grunting while I moaned my appreciation.

He moved my legs around a lot, experimenting with a few different positions. I decided he wasn't trying to find the best one for him...instead he was seeing how I was reacting, and he settled on the position that caused me to make the most noise. He was sliding right against my prostate, so I couldn't even jerk my cock after a few minutes of getting fucked.

Pissfucker felt amazing inside of me. I think I probably stopped moaning and basically started screaming--I was load--and he was totally turned on by it, just working his cock into me even harder and deeper following my reactions.

My ass was wet, loose, and totally his. He was stopping and starting a lot after ten minutes of fucking me, giving me a few powerful thrusts and then stopping to shove his tongue into my mouth.

"I'm so close," he whispered with his head just a few inches from mine. I wrapped my feet around his body and let him pound me, our tongues locked together with muffled sounds flying out of me.

"Fucking cum in me," I moaned. "I want to feel your sperm in my ass."

He grabbed my legs and held my feet up, slamming his body into my ass harder and harder until he broke into yells and closed his eyes. I felt his cock expand in my hole and it was quickly surrounded with the warmth of a fresh load of college jizz.

I wrapped my feet around him and pulled his body into me, getting his dick as far into my hole as I could. He was panting, sweaty, and red all over.

"I really need to pee," Pissfucker said urgently, trying to pull away from my grip.

I smiled that cocky smile I always use at a moment like that. "So do it..."

He looked surprised. "Inside you?"


I knew he wanted to, but he resisted. "I can't...not on your bed. It's going to get messy."

"So?" At this point I didn't care. I hadn't cum and I was still horny as fuck.

"When I pull out of your ass it might spray everywhere..."

I didn't move, holding onto him with my legs and feet. "So?" I said again.

"Ok." He closed his eyes and let his body relaxed. A couple seconds later I felt more warmth in my ass, and I could feel it expanding. He was filling me with his piss, and it was fucking hot.

He smiled, looking impressed, and pulled his cock away. My ass tightened right up without any spills--it was too fast for him to have finished, so I figured he still had a lot left, but I was quite content to do something I'd never done before, and I was insanely turned on.

We swapped positions. I cleaned his dick off with my mouth and licked his hole for a minute. It tasted freshly washed of course, so I didn't stay down there long, but I left plenty of spit. I added some to my cock and slid inside him.

"Fuck yeah," he moaned, sounding like he hadn't even cum.

"I won't last long," I warned.

"It's ok, I'll get sore since I shot my load already. Just fuck me until you cum, don't stop."

Easy enough. I worked his hole open and fucked him, feeling his hot ass wrapped tightly around my cock. The orgasm started building really quickly, so I experimented with a few positions and kept myself to slower strokes. I could feel the piss and cum in my ass, a little pressure but not enough to make me worry about leaking all over the bed. I ramped up and started slamming him, which got him moaning like a bitch, and I knew if he kept that up this wasn't going to take more than another minute.

I was kind of sad since I really wanted to top this boy and top him well, but I already knew Pissfucker was hooked on me and I knew he would be back for more. No reason to drive myself crazy trying to make him feel good when he'd already shot.

I fucked his ass hard and let the cum build up inside me.

"Cum in my hole," he moaned. "Do it, shoot your load in my ass."

I slammed him until it hit me. The cum burst out of my dick, spraying all over his insides, and I made enough noise to wake most of my neighbors, basically yelling as loudly as I could as the shots of cum flew out of my pole.

I took a little time to recover before I pulled out, collapsing on top of his sweaty body, my heart beating super fast.

When we got up to clean up he didn't want to take another shower.

"Right now I'm proud of smelling like sex," he explained with a smile.

He called me back from the bathroom to point out a big spot on the bed. Whether it was cum or piss, it had leaked out of my hole while I was fucking him. He thought it was hilarious.

Pissfucker cleaned up and we made plans to meet up again. We already was the marathon flip fuck session I outlined in my last post. I think I found another great fuckbuddy.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Fun Update!

Yeah, we fucked for almost an hour, flipping the whole both of us were drenched in sweat after the first few minutes. I fucked his ass hard, rode his cock, pounded him some more, and then he shot a massive load into me. Add a few more movements in and bake for an hour.

My turn. I fucked him for as long as I could hold out after being inside him for so long and I shot a huge load of cum in his tight ass. Well, I guess it wasn't tight the time I pulled out that hole was sloppy as fuck and my cum was slicked up in a little gooey little circle around his hole.

My bedroom still smells like sex. What a great smell to go to bed with. ;-)

I'll be away this weekend, so no new adventures, but hopefully I can relay some old ones. I'd like to write about this one...I fucked this guy another time and posted about it in a quick post. You all deserve more details. ;-) He's hot and the sex is fucking good--shoots huge loads of cum.

My ass is sore. I don't like having a sore ass, but thinking about how it got that way makes my cock hard. And as I'm writing I still have a warm load up inside me...who wants to add the next one, no questions asked?

Thursday, October 1, 2009


I shot a huge load yesterday trying to finish my Cruiseboy all over my hand and on the carpet/keyboard. When you read it you'll understand why. ;-) Another couple days I'm thinking...

Today I got fucked in front of the front door with both of my roommates home. Yeah, that was insanely hot.

Now I'm waiting to flip flop...can't wait to tell you about this boy either. I'm going to get there! I'll post a live update after the fuck the next 2 hours!