Thursday, February 4, 2010

Another Thank You

Before I get to the point, I'll share that I had sex for the first time in quite awhile. I got fucked, and wow...when you go for almost a month without taking a cock, it sure feels good to finally take one! It split me open but felt great when we got going...and I ended up with the first load of creamy college cum that I've taken since I came back to school. I haven't gone back to my old ways, though, so I'm not announcing a comeback yet. I'm still thinking about myself for now... ;-)

I wanted to give a very public thank you to Jay, a very cool guy who made my day with an awesome surprise.

Thank you, Jay! I bet you never expected to see your name in one of my posts...haha.

I'll be sure to have a great time. :)

Finally, I just wanted to say that school has been awful. I guess since it's the last semester I should expect that, but I really just want to graduate. Sadly I have many more semesters to go, but hopefully I'll enjoy what I'm doing a lot more than I am right now.

I'm sure I'll poke my head up again soon enough...