Friday, May 29, 2009

Came Getting Fucked (no hands!) & Cum in my Hole

Yeah, I did it. I was in a huge bottom mood tonight even though I jerked off twice earlier in the day, so I didn't shoot very much, but I'm sure there was an orgasm and there was cum! I've never been able to cum without touching myself, so it was quite the interesting experience.

I was getting fucked on my back like normal, nothing special...maybe just some extra moans because I really wanted it. The top pulled his cock out and told me to ride him, so that's what I did. I was bouncing up and down on his cock when I felt it hitting the right places. Just a minute of sliding up and down on it had me feeling like I was close...I've been close before, just never gotten over the edge. Well, I didn't want to stop--I've lost it stopping in the past--so I kept going, even though we'd only been fucking for like 5 minutes.

I blew and he was so turned on he basically shot inside me at the same time while I rode his dick.

7 inches and relatively average thickness, so it wasn't a monster cock or anything...whatever he was doing right, it sure was nice. :)

I wanted to top too, but obviously that didn't happen. Even though the whole thing was cut short, my top sure wasn't complaining...he was fucking proud.

His cum is still in my ass, and I'm pretty sure it was a HUGE load. I'm not going to get rid of tonight...I'm just going to go to sleep with the load warming up my hole. :)

That's all tonight. I'm tired if you can't tell, and I didn't feel like giving the boy a name. I need to come up with a really good one!

This was insanely hot for me, so I hope to write this up as a detailed story in the next day or two. Stay tuned...

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Partyboy part 2

Sorry for the day of delay, I had to fill a cute boy's ass. ;-) I was bored tonight though and had time to write, so here's the second part of my last post, "Trick from a Party."

There aren't many reasons you jump into bed with a hot boy, but it all started off pretty innocently. We didn't strip our clothes off instantly or start grabbing cock as soon as we were down. Instead Partyboy and I just made out laying down, our tongues exploring our mouths vigorously. I know it's because we were drunk, but he still tasted really good to me...I couldn't even tell he was a smoker.

We kept it simple and sweet for awhile, just kissing and feeling each other in the dark. He made the first move further, sliding my hand to his cock. I could feel that he was rock hard, and once I got a feel I had to have more. We kept kissing as my hand slipped beneath his jeans, cupping his dick in a pair of briefs or boxers.

Partyboy moaned softly, taking my arm and guiding it beneath his underwear. I felt his cock, long and kind of thin, but rock hard. I jerked it with my hand for a minute, our tongues still gliding against each other. I slipped my hand down lower, to his balls and then to the area right above his hole. He started moaning more forcefully, taking my hand again and pushing it lower. I touched the cheeks of his ass, eliciting some very soft, sweet moans, and traced my finger around his hole, which got him even more aroused. It was evident this boy loved to bottom, and that wouldn't be a problem at all.

I removed my hand and Partyboy took his turn, sliding his arm into my underwear. He felt my cock and seemed impressed by its size...the lusty look on his face suggested he had a pretty guide idea of where he wanted it. We were still making out, forcefully but sweetly at the same time.

That wouldn't be true for much longer. We both knew what we wanted, and now it was time to get it. He moved to take my pants off and got no objections. I followed suit, pulling off his jeans and underwear with one movement, and in just a few moments both of us were completely naked. It was dark, so I can't really provide a good naked description, but I could feel that he had a flat stomach and some definition.

I sucked him first, positioning myself between his legs after a final round of sucking face. Partyboy's pubes were trimmed well, very short and neat. The upper parts of his legs and his stomach felt smooth, nothing but a short hair here and there, suggesting he did a lot of grooming. On him it was hot, and especially hot when I was feeling my alcohol.

I licked the head of his cock, taking the shaft into my mouth. It was probably 6.5 inches long and close to average thickness, leaking a very sweet trail of precum that I happily devoured. He moaned and groaned energetically while I worked his cock, his whole body shifting around with the pressure from my mouth. After a few minutes of hot head I pulled off and we switched places, Partyboy getting between my legs.

He did a decent job on my cock, which was rock hard and aching for release, though I get hit with teeth a few times. I started thinking he might have had a little more to drink than I did...maybe his cock wasn't even all the way hard when I'd sucked him. It still felt good, though, so I didn't complain.

"Want me to fuck you?" I whispered while he bobbed up and down on my shaft.

He lifted his mouth off, a happy look in his eyes. "Can you? You want to?"

"I really want to be inside you." Yeah, I said something like that. Don't was true.

He moved and we switched places, back to him laying on his back. I lifted his legs and there was his hole, shaved smooth. He was sweating, which got me hotter...I liked that he was already this worked up. He looked clean, so I stuck my face into his ass. I could tell he hadn't showered for a few hours, but that wasn't a bad thing--his ass just smelled hot. I could have shoved my cock inside him right then, but I managed to hold off and get a taste. I licked pretty sloppily around his hole and then inside, Partyboy groaning softly from the head of the bed, working his dick with his hand.

It didn't take much rimming to get his ass wet enough for my cock. I wasn't going to search the room for lube, so I just spit on my dick without saying a word and worked it on. Partyboy eyed me with excitement and didn't complain, just jerking his cock harder. If we'd gotten this far there's no way he was going to object to fucking bare, which got my dick even harder.

I lined up with his hole and started sliding inside. He was really easy, totally loose and obviously a skilled bottom boy. It felt like a perfect fit.

I could really feel my buzz now, the room looking a little hazy and my blood pumping hard throughout my body. His ass felt incredible. I was all the way inside with no effort whatsoever, so I fucked him like mad, all 8 hot inches of my cock slicing through his butt in furious strokes. Partyboy moaned like a hot bitch in heat who was having the time of his life. The alcohol was helping, obviously, but it was still a great fuck for both of us.

I probably only fucked him for 5 minutes, but it felt like 20 because of all the vodka. I didn't bother trying to slow down...I just gave him everything I had, tearing his ass up and making him beg me to fuck him harder. There was no way I could keep the action up for long.

"I'm closed," I moaned, pumping my big bare cock into his ass.

"Cum for me," he answered intently, his hand returning to his cock and jerking it hard.

I expected him to ask me not to cum in his ass. If he asked I wouldn't do it--I don't believe in pulling that kind of shit. I kept fucking, pounding his hot hole and getting closer and closer to cumming. I felt sober now, on top of the world pounding this hot boy's ass.

Then the orgasm hit, an amazing wave of energy shooting through my body.

"I'm gonna cum!" I warned, still jamming my dick in and out of Partyboy's open ass.

He didn't say anything. He just maintained his position, legs held high and hand working his dick.

The cum started to fly, rope after rope of boy jizz flooding his hole. He moaned with me while I came, his moans matching mine, his eyes fixed on mine until I closed them and collapsed on top of him, a sweaty but very satisfied mess.

We made out again, very gently and sweetly. He wanted to fuck my hole--fuck yes. We traded places, my body laying on a comforter drenched with our sweat. I lifted my legs and he scooted right in, sliding his dick against my hole and kissing me again. Partyboy didn't eat me out, instead just working some spit into me with a finger and then onto his cock.

He pushed in slowly until he hit bottom. It didn't feel like his cock was all the way hard, but he made it into my hole without a problem. His lips found mine and we swapped tongues again for a minute, his cock starting to slowly work in and out of my hole.

We stopped kissing and he pulled my legs in tighter, working my ass faster and harder with his dick. He was super quiet...the only sounds coming out of him were his breathing. Partyboy seemed to be in total concentration, pounding my ass with just an occasional glance at my face.

He worked up a good pattern and fucked me hard for just a few minutes before he started slowly down and working his dick in and out of me more carefully. We kissed and he started fucking me hard again, sliding in and out of my ass with ease. He didn't use enough spit, so there was a lot of friction, but I wasn't going to say anything--he was enjoying it for sure. After a few hard slams he yanked his cock back.

"Shit, I'm cumming," he complained. He obviously wasn't done, but as long as his load was in my hole I didn't really care...I was completely satisfied.

I pulled him close with my legs as I felt his load empty around me. He moaned and grunted really quietly as he shot, his cock probably worked only halfway into my hole.

"Yeah, fill me up," I encouraged. "That was so hot." I touch his head and ran it through his hair.

"Yeah," he panted. "Amazing. I'm glad I met you tonight."

He pulled his cock out and rolled over next to me. I got up and worked the comforter off, pulling him up by the hand and pointing him toward his clothes.

"Let's clean up at least," I suggested.

Partyboy looked exhausted, but he nodded and put on his boxers.

I did the same. We walked into the hallway and made it to the bathroom without incident. This one was basically off was the bathroom all the roommates used, not the one out in the living room/kitchen. I figured our host wouldn't mind. The party was still going was really loud outside of the bedroom's isolation. I wondered who was still here and what was going on, but I wasn't going to bother trying to find out. Partyboy and I pissed and washed up, walking back to the room we'd had sex in. He jumped in the bed and I followed, pulling the comforter back. We were both out in just a few minutes.

I woke up the next morning to Partyboy cuddled up against me. It actually felt nice, so I didn't move. There were two other people sleeping in the room, one of them just on the bare floor--no pillow or blanket whatsoever. I felt bad for him...that was going to be one sucky hangover. I felt like drinking a gallon of water but otherwise I was fine.

Partyboy and I held each other a bit, kissing gently every so often for half an hour. We didn't stay long after we both woke up. He gave me a really promising kiss goodbye.

We added each other on Facebook and traded some messages online, but this one was just a one night stand. He said he wasn't interested in doing anything else, which always sucks to some extent, but we'd had a good time and there are plenty of other boys out there...

I've been to one party since this happened, but no action came out of that one. You never know, maybe Partyboy will need a cock the same time I need an ass at some point in the future. Or maybe I'll go for the cute one next time...or maybe someone completely new.

There aren't any parties on my horizon just yet, but one will pop up sooner or later. Hopefully I'll have another awesome time.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Trick from a Party

Note that I ran out of time to write and basically had to stop right before the real action of the story begins. I'm sorry, guys, but since it's getting so long I figured you would appreciate me splitting it into parts anyway. The second part will hopefully come tomorrow. ;-) Enjoy it! Also, "party" here has nothing to do with drugs. I just wanted to make that clear...the party in this story is a college party, not a sex party or a bunch of guys using drugs.

This story actually took place several weeks ago, but for some reason I've been putting off writing about it. I guess I just kept putting other stories I wanted to write ahead, and now I feel like it's now or never. I suppose I wasn't sure what to tell and where to start...I didn't want to set you guys up to think this would be more than it is. The party I went to gets a little wild (as they usually always do) but I only wind up having sex with one guy who was there. Now that I said that, don't expect too much to happen--no matter how it looks--but I'll tell you about the whole experience.

I'm not too involved with the gay scene in this town. I know a lot of gay guys, obviously, given my exploits, but I don't fuck all of them...some of them are actually my friends! I'm not interested in gay clubs or gay bars, so I don't see a whole lot of my gay friends, but every so often one of them will host a little party and spend days begging me to come.

The parties are never too exciting. though they're certainly better than wasting my time flirting with 20 guys in a club. Imagine a room full of gay boys, half of them hot and doable and the other half...well, good friend material. They spend most of their time bitching about everything, steadily drinking more and more, getting louder and bolder with each other. The one plus about a gay party is that no one expects a keg of beer to be sufficient--gay boys want liquor. They don't have a dollar to their names, but somehow the parties are always stocked with decent bottles of vodka and rum and a wide assortment of mixers.

I think that's enough background. Now we'll get to the real chronicle!

I showed up about 2 hours after the party was supposed to begin, so the host's apartment was already filled with loud gay boys.

"Hey RC!" the host greeted. He grabbed me by the hand and took me around the room, introducing me to the guys I didn't know. I probably knew about half of them, and I wasn't going to try and remember all the names, but I still greeted everyone warmly. When we hit the last couch full of boys, I recognized one who I'd fucked before. I've never written about this guy on the blog, but he didn't look as hot as he did when we'd had sex. He greeted me like it was the first time we'd ever met, something I didn't challenge--I really didn't care. I'd think this guy would be proud of having sex with me, but that's Ok...

The host got me a drink, producing a good bottle of vodka from the back of the freezer.

"You can have the good stuff," he said with a smile, pouring a couple of shots into a plastic cup and filling the rest of it with orange juice.

The fact that he wanted me was no secret. We'd been flirting with each other ever since we met, but nothing ever really happened. He was decently cute, about 24 years old and 5'10" tall. He was a little overweight, but not enough to make him fat or ugly. It actually worked on him...I'd have no problem pounding his ass if I wanted to go there with him.

A few other guys joined us near the dining area table and I chatted with all of them, making steady progress on my drink. It was gone after 10 minutes, my host pouring me another drink with the good vodka. He left me to greet some more newcomers, so I made my way into the living room and sat down next to two of the other gay boys who I like hanging out with.

We chatted for awhile. A game of beer pong started, with shots instead of beer (great way to not remember a night...) and gay boys who can barely throw. A bunch of people went out to the back patio to smoke, leaving the room a little empty.

"We need another game," one of my friends suggested.

"Let's play suck and blow!" someone else volunteered, a big grin on his face.

"What the fuck is that?" the guy standing next to him asked.

Everyone laughed. I knew what the game was, but it was obvious several of the others in earshot didn't.

"You pass a card around with your mouths. If you drop the card you have to kiss the guy."

Here's where the fun begins. The only purpose of suck and blow is to kiss guys...all it winds up being is dropped cards and making out, which is exactly what everyone wanted.

By now I'd finished my second drink. I was starting to feel the alcohol, so I got up to get another as the boys arranged some chairs and dragged people over to play. When I got back, everyone was fighting over where to stand. The boys all wanted to be next to the guys they thought were hot, which meant there was a lot of overlap and drunken disagreement. Eventually we had it figured out, which meant that the less pretty guys were standing around each other and the pretty guys were standing around other pretty guys they wanted. The hottie I wanted was on the end of a row, so I simply got next to him and made myself the end of the row. He smiled, so he didn't seem to mind! Another cue guy came over and did the same thing to me, but I had no objections.

We basically had two lines of gay boys in the living room and a race. Whichever line got its card to the end of the line and then back to the beginning again would win.

The game started. The first round was pretty clean, just a few drops of the card. Neither of my guys tried to drop it, so I didn't try either. Everyone tried to go quickly, but the other line of boys managed to get the card back to the front of the line first.

Everyone agreed that we needed a second round, and this one was slow as fuck. Almost everyone was dropping their card and locking lips. I was no exception...I kissed the hottie I wanted and the cute boy who stood next to me got his lips against mine too. This time our line won, and the game by now had accomplished it's purpose...several pairs of guys were making out.

The cutie put his hand on my ass, so I turned to face him. He was decently tall, maybe 6', so we weren't far apart in stature. He had on a really deep vneck, which I have to say I really hate. Nothing screams "I'm gay!" more than a triple deep vneck shirt. I don't think they look good...I can't understand why gay boys wear them. No offense if you like them--regular vnecks are certainly hot--but for me they're just too much. All of that said, I still chatted with him, and I didn't move his hands when he started feeling my body up.

We wound up in a chair, me sitting and him on top of me. He tasted like liquor and fruit juice--probably what he'd been drinking--but it wasn't bad. He stuffed his tongue into my mouth and I didn't fight. He was plenty cute...I wanted to be making out with him. We sucked face, kind of gently, but it was still hot. His mouth was really warm, and he was really light on top of me. We went for several minutes, lips and tongues working hard. My cock was hard, and I could feel his too...he started feeling mine in the jeans I was wearing.

"You're so hot," he whispered, grabbing my head. "You want to go somewhere?"

I kissed him and ran my hands up his body. I noticed several people were watching us intently, the looks on their faces varying from interested to excited to horrified. I really didn't care--this was standard fare at these parties, and we weren't the only guys in this position in the room right now. Someone snapped a few pictures, which pissed me off--by the end of the night I had them deleted--but for now I let it go.

"And do what?" I asked, responding to his initial query.

He felt my cock. "Fuck me?"

As much as I wanted to fuck the cute boy who was willing to take it right then, I decided it wasn't going to happen. We made out a little more, feeling each other up, but I wasn't going anywhere.

"Not tonight, man."

He sighed with disappointment and lifted off of me.

I got up and headed toward the closest guys I knew. They joked about the show we'd just put on, and I got the pics that had been taken deleted. They told me all about cute boy, that he was just visiting town and was hoping to move here eventually. Apparently he really liked one of the guys all of us knew and was really interested in having sex with him (he wasn't at the party). I excused myself to get another drink, which I did, and then I decided it was time to search for the hottie I'd had my eyes on earlier.

He wasn't inside, so I started to think that he might have left the party. I checked all the people smoking on the back patio and he wasn't out there either. Suddenly turning down the cute boy who was all over me and eager to get fucked seemed like it might not have been a great idea. I'd only held out because I thought I could do better!

I chugged down what was left of the drink and tossed it into the trash. I'd probably had 7 or 8 shots of vodka in the drinks, so I was feeling pretty good. Things were just starting to get a little hazy.

Now I noticed that people were moving in and out of the front door too. Maybe my hottie was out was worth a look. I headed for the door and stepped out into the parking lot, searching.

There he was, across the parking lot, sitting on a car smoking a cigarette. I made my way over and he offered me a cigarette. I turned him down, but I got up on the car next to him anyway.

He was really hot. Great face, just a hint of gay...very strong and masculine. His hair was a dark blond color, but now I couldn't even tell if it was real or not. He had green eyes and was very thin. It looked like a natural thin, though. I didn't think he spent a lot of time at the gym or out running...he just had a naturally slender body.

He told me how he'd started smoking and that he really wanted to quit. Apparently the hot party boy was glad I turned him down--he said someone as hot as I was shouldn't be smoking anyway.

We kept flirting and wound up talking about his last boyfriend. He graduated and moved, leaving Partyboy in town to finish up his degree. He said he'd been screwing around a lot as a result. I didn't do anything special...I just acted like myself, even if I was a little drunk. He seemed to like me, steadily getting more comfortable and starting to give me a light touch here and there.

I wasn't surprised when we hit a wall of silence and stared at each other. He moved first, pressing his lips against mine. It was simple and sweet, repeated by a barrage of additional kisses. Within a minute our tongues were in the action, swirling around together. We made our in the parking lot for several minutes, just keeping it there and not taking it any further, but both of us were obviously turned on.

"Let's go back inside," Partyboy eventually suggested, jumping off the car and taking my hand. We walked back inside with our hands locked together. Now I realized how loud it was...there was no way we could have a quiet conversation like we'd had outside. Hopefully we wouldn't have to, though...I wanted him and I was pretty sure he wanted me. There wasn't anything left to talk about.

Partyboy wound up pulling me into the bathroom, locking the door behind us. We made out again, his 5'10" frame pressed against the wall. I could feel his cock, and there was no way he couldn't feel mine too.

As you can imagine, the bathroom wasn't a great place to be getting hot. People kept trying to open the door, some banging on it and others yelling to hurry up.

"We need to find a new place," I suggested.

"Yeah. Let me piss and we can get out of here."

He pulled his cock out. It wasn't all the way hard, so I couldn't tell much about it. He started pissing, so I pulled mine out and stood next to him in front of the toilet. I let my stream of piss go to...I hadn't been to the bathroom all night, so I had a ton stored up. He finished and washed his hands. I took an extra minute, but then I zipped up, washed my hands, and we headed out the door.

An angry queen muttered something about sex in the bathroom and took our place, slamming the door behind.

We needed a bed. I figured we were too drunk to go anywhere, so a quiet place to have sex would work too. A car would be a decent last resort.

I saw the host and approached with Partyboy. He was completely trashed, so I didn't hesitate to let him know what was up.

"Anywhere we can be alone?" I basically shouted.

He grinned, eyeing Partyboy. "Damn, RC! What was your name again?"

Partyboy told him, the host giving us both a big pat on the back.

"You can fuck in my bed if no one's in there. I won't mind at all!"

That made me picture him naked, jerking off in his sweat-soaked bed after the party had ended. It was a really hot image!

"Thanks, man!" I grabbed Partyboy's hand.

Our host gave me a quick kiss on the lips and smiled widely, returning to the conversation he was taking part in before we had interrupted.

We made our way to the bedrooms. There were 3, all of the doors closed. I actually wasn't sure which one belonged to which roommate, so I just picked a door. There were several guys asleep in a bed. It didn't look like they'd been having sex, they were just passed out.

I tried the second door and found it empty. It was the same for the third bedroom--empty. We had our pick, so I took a guess as to which one belonged to my friend the party host. Within moments Partyboy and I were tangled on the bed, trading tongues and pulling our clothes off...

Muscleboy Flip Fuck

Lately I've done a lot of complaining about how boring my sex life has been. It had been a pretty dry two weeks, but I don't really think there was anything I could do about it...I was just way too busy with everything going on in my life. Fortunately, things finally started to calm down as we finished up last week, and now I think I should be able to fall into my former pattern. :) You ought to know that from the last few posts I've made!

Consistent with that, I had a very hot flip fuck last week. I've been wanting someone new for awhile now and sticking my cock in Dormboy certainly wasn't a priority (although things are better than they were). I spent some time on Craigslist and Adam4adam searching for some possible candidates. The number of available guys in my town has sharply declined since the spring semester ended, which is sad, but there are still a ton of them left--I had no problem finding a few I wanted to play with.

I started talking to a hottie who I'd never seen before. 22 years old, 6 feet tall, 190 pounds, with brown hair and eyes. 6' and 190 pounds doesn't sound great, but the pics showed a large frame and a nice amount of muscle. I usually go for twinky guys more than muscular ones, but there's no problem with a little variety!

We spent a few days talking. He claimed it had been weeks since he got any sex, which I found hard to believe, but he stuck to it and basically begged me to shove my 8"x6" cock into his hole. No problems with that here. :) The fact that he was so excited about doing it bare also made me question his sexual habits, but whatever the truth was there was no way I could turn this hottie down. To top everything off, he sent me some insanely hot pics of his ass...I wanted to eat him out and plow him right then.

We made plans to meet and traded numbers. He said he would be more than happy to come to my apartment for the fun, so a day or so later he left his place and was on the way to mine.

After 15 minutes my phone started vibrating.

"Hey," I answered.

"Hey, man...which apartment do you live in?"

I let him know where to go and told him what number he was looking for. I hung up and there was a knock at my door a minute later.

I answered, the hot muscle boy standing on my doormat. His broke into a huge smile as he looked me over, from my face to my toes.

We shook hands and I pulled him inside.

"Good to meet you, bro," he greeted. "You're hotter than your pics, that's for sure."

"You too," I said honestly. His face looked a lot better, and his body looked more defined in real life than it had online. He was wearing an Aeropostale tshirt, his biceps and pecs bulging out of it.

He was fucking hot and I wanted nothing more than to bury my cock in his hole, so I decided I wouldn't try to waste any time. I wrapped my arm around his hard upper body and pulled him into mine, going for his lips.

He closed his eyes and our mouths met. At first it was just lip to lip, but he produced his tongue very quickly, and I didn't hesitate to let him into my mouth. We were sucking face without any reservations, tongues and spit flowing freely between our mouths. He tasted like toothpaste, mouthwash, and gum, an interesting combination, but I always enjoy kissing a clean mouth.

I spent the whole time feeling his body, sliding my hands under his shirt sleeves and then shifting to the bottom, feeling his hard abs and pecs. He didn't touch me in the same way, just seeming to enjoy my exploration.

"Let's go to my room," I suggested, taking a break from the kissing.

"Yeah, this is getting way too hot."

Muscleboy grabbed my wrists and used his strength to push me to the wall, obviously playing, and lunged his tongue into my mouth again. I didn't think I'd like being forced into a wall, but I was actually insanely turned on right now. We made out for a couple more minutes before I slipped away and pulled him up to my room.

I closed the door behind us. Muscleboy pulled all of his clothes off in an instant and was on the bed, spreading his legs so that I could get to his cock.

I followed the hint, stripping off everything but my underwear and positioning myself between his legs.

Staring at his cock I realized we'd never once talked about it. I'd seen it in the pictures, but I'd never asked how big it was or anything like that--it was just a bit of a weird moment when I found myself guessing about how big it was. I'm not suggesting it was impressive, because it wasn't... just picture an average cock, maybe 6 inches long and a little thicker than normal.

I started on his muscles, kissing his pecs and licking his nipples, even working my teeth in on each one. He moaned approvingly, so I went lower, kissing his abs and sliding my tongue all over his stomach. His body was a bit salty, which suggested he hadn't just gotten out of the shower when he'd come over, and in his case that wasn't a problem. He had a very masculine smell that wasn't bad at all.

I hit his cock and licked up to the head, sliding my tongue against his piss slit. I could tell it had recently been used...I could taste the extra salt. For whatever reason that got me really turned on and I started licking wildly along and inside his piss slit. I shot him a big smile.

"What's up" he asked without a clue.

"Just the taste of piss in your slit...I almost wish it had been on me." Almost? Alright, I did wish it had been on me, but I had no idea how he felt about that.

He laughed. "Seriously? I could totally piss all over you right now."

My cock sprung up, my body bolting up with it. "Would you?"

"Yeah...I'm getting harder just thinking about it," Muscleboy answered.

I looked down and saw that his cock was indeed getting harder.

"Want to get in my shower?"

"Sure thing." He lifted up, heading toward what was obviously the bathroom.

I turned the water on and we spent as few minutes making out before we got in. In the bright light of the bathroom, I had an awesome chance to survey his body. Tons of cuts, tons of muscle...not normally my kind of guy, but he had just the right amount of muscle to make it look good. He had a few tattoos on his arms, which worked on him and only made him look hotter.

We got into the shower. I looked down to his feet, which were very cute, kind of small with medium length toes. I got down on my knees and ran my tongue over them a few times, enjoying the taste and smell before the water washed it all away. Then I positioned my head right at his cock, which he'd pointed right at me.

"Ready?" Muscleboy confirmed.

"Yeah, do it."

He closed his eyes and concentrated for a second, opening them up again right when the hot stream of piss started to flow. I had to shut my eyes, but I could feel it and smell it hitting my face and running down my body. I opened my mouth, letting him hit it with the piss stream and fill me for a few seconds. I closed it and spit the piss out as he sprayed the rest of it on my face, eventually coming to a stop.

"That's it...I'm dry. So hot though."

I opened my eyes and looked up, seeing a very satisfied look on his face. I swallowed, tasting what was left of the piss I'd taken in my mouth. It was very strong, so I can't say I liked it, but the fact that I'd let him do it really had me going.

We got out and I grabbed a few towels. Once dry, we headed back for the bed, resuming the original position. This time I actually finished the job, going to work on his dick with the taste of Muscleboy piss still in my mouth. He moaned with enjoyment the entire time, his cock sliding between my lips with ease.

I started touching his ass, my fingers drifting down to his hole and rubbing the outside. That got him moaning even more.

I pushed his legs up, his eyes lighting up with excitement. He knew what was coming! I licked his hole with a quick movement, sliding my tongue along the outside. Then I came back, working along the edges and steadily getting bolder. He moaned happily, his toes curling with pleasure at each lick. My face was soon buried in his ass, my tongue probing hungrily into his ass. I seriously spent 5 minutes eating him was obvious he was enjoying it way more than the head.

"Fuck me," he begged, my face still buried in his hole.

I lifted out, sliding my thumb inside him.

"Yeah? Ready for my big cock?"

"Fucking bareback my hole, I need it inside me."

Yeah. Imagine this hot muscled guy with a rock hard body and bulging arms... on his back on my bed, strong legs up in the air, begging me to slide my raw dick into his ass.

I grabbed the bottle of lube and worked some into his hole, then onto my cock. I pressed it into his ass and looked into his lusty eyes.

"Take it easy," he breathed.

I did as he asked, sliding my 8 inches in very slowly. He breathed hard and put his hands on me a few times, but he didn't ask me to stop or pull out.

His ass was insanely fucking tight. It had been a long time since I'd felt an ass this was that much. I felt like I'd have to tear him open just to get a good fucking motion going! Maybe he wasn't lying about his recent sex history after all...that certainly wouldn't be a problem.

Eventually I was buried inside him, his tight ass pressing against my cock from all directions. I started working it in and out of his hole, slowly at first, trying to loosen him up for a good pounding.

Muscleboy moaned with delight as I made each stroke into his ass, his face washed with pleasure. I started slamming really hard to open his hole, his moans growing louder and louder with every deep thrust. He finally started to loosen up, and now I felt free to completely own his hole, fucking with different motions and different speeds to figure out what tickled my Muscleboy's ass the best.

I fucked him for about 10 minutes, my body radiating heat and covered in sweat. His ass was completely open, taking the entire length of my cock with ease. I switched between hard pounding and gentle fucking, but mostly kept myself on hard pounding to the extent that I could without firing my load off inside him. He enjoyed that the most, so I had a tough time keeping it together, but I managed to do a good job.

I pulled out to add some spit to the mix and his hole wasn't recognizable, stretched open and gaping for more cock. I worked the spit into my dick and went back to work, pounding him hard for another 5 minutes. The added lube had me on edge almost the entire time...I had to stop several times and work my cock pretty gently. He'd stop moaning and look almost sad--he was all about getting slammed hard.

Finally I decided it was time to cum. I slowed down and took a little rest, preparing for one final round of hard pounding.

"You want my cum?" I whispered.

"Fuck yeah," he answered. "I want to feel it dripping out of my ass."

I fucked him harder than I had all night, my whole body slamming into his his with every thrust. His moans matched my pace, strong and was so fucking hot. I gripped his legs and gave him all I had, my cock probing the deepest part of his ass it could reach, sliding into him at the most furious pace of the night. I started moaning with him, my sounds climbing to his level, the cum flooding up to my hard cock.

"Cumming in your fucking ass!" I yelled.

He wrapped his legs around me and pulled me into him, bouncing his ass up against my cock as the hot jizz poured into his loose muscle ass.

"Fuck yeah," he groaned. "Hot load in my ass...fuck yeah."

I slid out of his hole with ease, my cock covered in slick college sperm.

We switched places. I was laying in his sweat, which was soaked into the sheets, smelling his ass and my cum everywhere.

He grabbed the lube and worked a little into my ass, pouring most of it onto his 6 inch cock. I knew he was too worked up to last very long, so I didn't expect an amazing fuck, but I still wanted Muscleboy's load.

He actually plowed me pretty well, fucking gently at first but building into a really hard pace...almost greedily shoving his dick in and out of my ass.

I moaned when he hit the right spots, and he quickly figured out where they were and focused all of his attention there. After a few minutes he was slamming me hard, never stopping or slowing down, just plowing me at a constant pace.

"Here it comes," he announced, sweat pouring off of him. He closed his eyes and moaned softly, coming to a complete stop as his cum emptied into my hungry ass. It felt like a good orgasm, and given the way I pounded his hole earlier...I'm sure it was. I know mine was awesome. ;-) He kissed my forehead and slid out of me.

"Let me clean it off," I whispered.

He looked down, surveying his cock before he positioned himself above my face and let me take it into my mouth.

His cum was pretty good--I licked his whole cock clean. Once finished, he lowered his body onto mine and we made out gently for a few minutes.

"Can I get a shower?" Muscleboy asked.

"If I can come with you."

"Yeah. That would be nice."

We kissed a final time and got up. I could see that the bed was completely soaked, a little leaked cum (probably from both of our holes) the crowning touch. There's nothing more satisfying than a hole full of cum, empty balls, and a messy bed. ;-)

We took a real shower, soaping up and cleaning ourselves off, trading a few kisses here and there.

The towels were still wet from the first shower, but that was Ok. We did the best job we could and Muscleboy pulled his clothes on.

"I'd love to do it again. You're a great fuck." He gave me a big smile.

"You too. It's been awhile since I've had some really hot sex." The meaning of "awhile" is probably a week for me, but it was nonetheless true!

"Yeah. You think it's been awhile for you? Try waiting almost a month!"

We both laughed. I put on some crappy clothes and walked him to the door.

"I'll hit you up soon, man," I told him.

"I hope so, hottie."

We shared a final little kiss and he was on his way.

Maybe Muscleboy will be our new Cruiseboy for the summer. He's certainly hot enough, and the sex passes the test! We did wind up talking, and we have already had sex who knows. I still have a lot of hooking up to do before anyone becomes as favored in my mind as Cruiseboy. ;-)

Sorry it took so long. I probably won't get lucky as often this week, so maybe I'll have more time and energy for decent fuck stories!

Load Count

One of the best load counts ever for the week:

6 loads given bb
4 loads taken bb

What a comeback! Yeah, I know, I have way too many stories to tell. I'm going to have to be selective, but don't worry, I'll be sure to write up the best ones for you guys to read. ;-)

The first one is one its way right after I make this post...

Thursday, May 21, 2009


What can I say... 4 times topping, 3 times bottoming. I'm literally fucking at least once a day. :)

That's what's up. I'm kind of sorry, but kind of not sorry. ;-) You guys understand... lol.

I am still working on several posts. Hopefully they're on their way soon enough.

I went to bed with a load of cum in my ass the other night. I haven't done that in a long time, so it was super hot knowing it was lining my hole. I've been eating a lot of cum lately too...mine, my tricks'. Apparently I'm just in a cumslut kind of mood lately!

If you count jerking off, I think I've cum 10 times this week. Crazy. ;-)

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Load Count

Did I really forget to add a load count for last week? Apparently I here it is:

2 loads given bb
1 loads taken bb
1 loads given oral
1 loads taken oral

Not great, but not horrible for the week I started back to school/finished getting settled into the new apartment!

This week is AWESOME so far. 3 loads given, 2 loads taken. Fuck yeah!

Unfortunately, that means I already had sex today, which means I'm not horny right now. As I've told you guys before, I don't want to write stories unless I'm in the mood...otherwise they don't turn out as steamy sex stories.

Sorry for the delay, but having sex comes before writing about it. ;-) If I feel up to it later, I can finish my story about the other night, and there's at least one more than I absolutley have to write. I just need to find the time...

So to be safe I'll say check back tomorrow, but you never know...I could wind up finishing and posting one tonight. :)

Thanks for your patience and understanding. ;-)

Monday, May 18, 2009

Freshly Fucked

A cool breeze is blowing on my back from the air conditioner. My room is otherwise hot and dark...the smells of sweat and cum rich in the air. The unmistakable scent of two boys who just had insanely hot bare sex. The sheets on the bed are ruffled, the comforter and pillows in disarray.

I just let a warm load of hot muscle boy jizz out of my ass. The sweat on my body is finally starting to cool and evaporate...

My trick's footsteps could be heard down the stairs just a few short minutes ago. His ass is full of my hot baby batter too.

Details tomorrow, hopefully. ;-)

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Pornboy & E-mail (not a story)

Just so you don't get excited I thought I should note that this isn't a story in the post title. I'm writing about Pornboy because I saw some of his pictures on a blog the other day... you know, the kind of blog where you post photo sets from web sites. They were old pics, but they were his nonetheless and reminded me that it's now been months since I had any contact with him.

I checked Adam4adam yesterday and saw that Pornboy deleted his account there. I don't know when he did it, but whenever it was the account is gone now. And the last time AIM tells me Pornboy was online? Literally in March. I don't even have his number anymore either...I pruned it out when he stopped communicating with me.

I think Pornboy probably decided he liked California and decided not to tell me he wasn't coming back. I can't blame him...I'd probably feel the same way. ;-) Someone want to buy me a ticket?

Anyway, if I hear from Pornboy again you can be sure I'll post about it. If I ever see any of his new porn work I'll also let you know that it's out there so you can surf the internet and imagine that you've figured out which hot pornstar my cock's been inside. He filmed in April, so it might still be months before any of it gets posted.

That's all on Pornboy. Sad story, yeah. I hope one day I hear from him again, and if he is out in California I hope he's having a good time.

I wanted to write a quick note about e-mail too. If you send an e-mail to me, I will read it within a day or two of getting it and will respond within another couple of days (depending on how busy I am when I read it and afterward). If you don't get a response by then, you probably shouldn't expect one. Please don't be offended...I get a bunch and it would take a long time to answer every single one, especially if I get a reply to every message that necessitates a response!

That said, don't be afraid to e-mail me if you have something interesting to say. I like hearing from my readers! Just try to avoid things like begging me for sex pictures (and there has been a lot of that) because I probably won't even bother to write back. If I ever share pictures of myself solo or in steamy action, it will be here in the blog and not with individual readers!

If you want to play the I-live-in-Florida-so-do-you-go-to-University-of-______________? game I might be in the mood to play...depending on how hot you are. ;-)

So yeah, thanks for all of the messages, I enjoy getting them, and I enjoy hearing about what some of you guys are up to and seeing how hot some of my readers are!

You guys are the reason I write, after's no fun without you.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Shower Fuck

Dormboy and I were both in a hurry to get out the door this afternoon, so when I got into my shower he was only a minute behind me. Does he have his own shower? Yeah, he does, but apparently it's faster and more efficient to just shower with me. Like I believe that...

Anyway, we get in the shower and start doing our thing, and before I know it Dormboy's cock is getting hard and mine is following suit. He starts stroking while he's in the water, and wow it's a hot site. Dormboy is moody and can be a huge pain, but he actually is really hot. His body was looking extra good...probably because neither of us had eaten anything, but still, it was hot!

We start making out and Dormboy starts fingering his hole. Now I have no doubt in my mind that my cock is getting into his ass. Before I know it he's arranging himself on the bottom of the shower, holding his legs up and showing off his hot hole.

"You want to get fucked?" I asked.

He nodded his head and jabbed his finger into his ass, moaning. "Yeah, please fuck me right now."

I grab some conditioner and squirt it onto my cock. I spread some more around his hole, sliding a slick finger in.

Dormboy moans with appreciation, the hot water running down my back and dripping off onto him from the sides. I have no idea why, but sex in the shower is hot. Unfortunately, it's also pretty difficult. It's hard to keep anything slick on your cock and space is a pretty huge issue.

After a few false starts, which consisted of the head of my cock making it in, I'm able to slide the whole length of my dick inside.

Dormboy's ass feels so fucking good. He was so worked up that he shot his load after just a few minutes of playing. I kept going, sliding my cock in and out of his hot hole. I scooped up his load and rubbed it onto my cock, sliding back inside him.

He moaned loudly and we went for a few more minutes before Dormboy said it was too uncomfortable to keep going. Like the good friend I am, I dutifully slid out of his ass without depositing a hot load of my sperm.

I washed the shampoo out of my hair and finished soaping up. Dormboy got out and grabbed a towel, and after 5 minutes the two of us were heading out the door.

No, we didn't save any time, and I may not have gotten off, but it was still a hot few minutes of fucking. ;-)

Just as a quick note, I'm not changing Dormboy's nickname. He may have moved on from dorm life, but in this blog he'll always be known as Dormboy...

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Living With Dormboy

Well, I guess I should let you all know something before I write my next post. My roommate for the summer is...Dormboy! He moved in at the same time I did, but I wasn't sure if I wanted to say anything about it or not. I figure I might as well tell you guys because if he ever finds this blog there's already plenty of detail that would allow him to figure out I was writing about him anyway. He barely uses his computer and he barely looks at porn, though, so I'm not too worried about ever having to face him.

You would think that living with Dormboy would be great for my sex life, but it's actually horrible. As I've explained, my relationship with Dormboy is the closest I've ever come to being in a relationship with a woman. He thinks and acts like one all the time, unless he's horny and his slutty side gets a chance to come out. Lately I haven't seen ANY of his slutty side. :( I don't really understand what's going on his head, and I don't really try to understand either...I just let him work it all out on his own. We've been living in the same place for 2 weeks and we've barely touched either, despite my trying hard! Oh well. Maybe he'll lighten up and be horny as we get settled in.

Having Dormboy here is detrimental to my sex life as well. I feel weird talking to guys on the phone when he's around, and I also feel weird about bringing them home. He really hates to be reminded that he's not the only thing in my life, so we wind up on bad terms as soon as it comes up. Wow, writing that I think I may have figured out why he's been so terrible--he has to see me being slutty and he hates it! If Dormboy were willing to have more fun and embrace his desires we could seriously be together, but I doubt that will ever happen. Until then he's going to get mad every time he sees me looking at, talking to, or having sex with any other guy.

I didn't necessarily want to live with Dormboy and I didn't imagine we'd be having sex all the time, but summer housing in a college town is plentiful and cheap. He has the cash to pay his full share of the rent without me having to knock money off of it to find another roommate, so there wasn't much of a choice! Since I've been so busy I haven't been able to work much, which means I really need the cash. I wish blogging about my adventures was a job instead of a hobby. ;-)

Anyway, don't worry. Dormboy and I are going to have to make it work and he's going to have to accept things the way they are. The sucky time I've been talking about since I started moving isn't going to last much longer!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Cruiseboy's Last

I've been working on this for days but kept getting , as I explained. Sorry guys! ;-) I'm working on another one for tomorrow, but yeah, no promises until things cool down some more. Trust me, I really miss's a lot of fun, it just takes me 20 times as much time to write something as it does for you to read it. Keep that in mind! Anyway...

I'll be here all summer, but as I've mentioned somewhere in the past Cruiseboy is going home. And now I guess he's already gone...and has been for almost a week. :( My ass is going to miss taking his big 7 inch cock and getting filled with his gooey frat boy cum. We were only able to fuck once a week or so (yeah, you read about maybe half of our times together ;-) ), but he was a really hot guy and a really great top. Hopefully Cruiseboy will visit during summer...he said he might, though that doesn't mean too much. We'll see. Whatever happens, he'll be back in the fall!

Alright, enough being sad. Let's talk about the fun stuff--the hot final fuck of the summer between Cruiseboy and I!

The end of the semester was driving both of us crazy, but Cruiseboy had all of his difficult finals at the start of the week and he was pretty much free after it passed. My situation wasn't quite as good...I had my hardest finals at the middle and end of the week. Imagine me studying with a book and some notes and my cock sticking out of my underwear begging for attention and you have a pretty good picture of how I spent finals week.

I was studying for a difficult test when Cruiseboy texted and asked if I wanted to get plowed. Hmm...tough choice. Study or fuck? Well, I know I shouldn't have done it, but I decided to give up studying for an hour or two in order to fuck. I felt horrible about it, but I was horny and Cruiseboy was could I resist? I wound up doing well on the test and getting an A in the class, so the debate doesn't really matter now, but it did happen. ;-)

A quick shower and some work on my hair later, Cruiseboy was parking his car outside and texting me to go let him into the apartment. I gladly complied.

He was as hot as ever, his tan a bit faded and his hair cut yet again. He smiled, showing off his clean white teeth.

"Hey RC," he greeted. "What's up, bro?"

"Tons of studying," I answered, my cock starting to rise.

He laughed, knocking his hand against my shoulder. "Yeah, I'm glad I'm done with that now. More time for fun stuff."

We both knew what that meant. We chatted a bit more about school and going home...I didn't really lead the conversation, just went along. He seemed to just be trying to show that we were friends and not just fuck buddies, so I really didn't mind at all--he's a great fuck but I want to be his friend too.

Eventually there was silence. "So..." he trailed off.

"Ready to go back to my room?" A big grin spread across my face.

He showed his teeth again, grabbing my ass through a pair of athletic shorts I had thrown on.

"Yeah, sure!"

We made our way there, shutting the door behind us. Cruiseboy pulled his clothes off, stripping naked, and I followed suit, getting down on the floor in front of him to suck his cock.

My lips met his thick head, wrapping around and sliding down his shaft. His cock was especially warm, a salty slick of precum at his piss slit.

"Shit bro," he groaned, touching my head with his hands. "You're the best."

I gave him a good sucking and eventually we shifted into a facefuck, with Cruiseboy holding his head as he shoved his thick cock in and out of my mouth, grunting loudly the whole time.

It didn't take long for me to end up on the bed with my legs up in the air, Cruiseboy leaning over me with his cock head poking at the entrance to my hole.

"Yeah," he whispered, smacking my ass. "You need this cock in there..."

He spit on his cock, wiping it around the head and pressing against my hole.

I was already insanely turned on. My rock was rock hard and leaking a stream of precum onto my stomach.

He pushed further, the head of his cock sliding against my hole.

"Fuckkk..." he growled, obviously insanely turned on himself.

"Give it to me," I said gently, relaxing my ass as best as I could.

"Get on your stomach," he ordered.

I happily did, rolling over and sticking my ass into the air. Then he did something he's never done before. Cruiseboy lowered his body, pressing his face against my ass. After a few brief seconds of hesitation, I felt his tongue moving around the outside of my hole.

"Holy fucking shit." I groaned, my whole body quivering. I had never expected him to rim me--ever--so now that he was doing it...well, it was amazing, even when his tongue hadn't even hit my hole yet.

Cruiseboy's face lifted up. "Yeah? Does that feel good?"


"You want some more?"

"Fuck yeah!"

His face was back in my ass, his tongue hitting the edges of my hole and then suddenly diving straight into it.

There wasn't even a cock in my ass and I was moaning like a bitch, getting louder as his tongue hit my hole better and better.

Cruiseboy's hands went to my cheeks, spreading my ass apart before diving back in and licking my hole for another few minutes.

His face pressed back out and his body lifted up. The fully swollen head of his cock hit my hole again.

"I'm going to fuck you now," he stated plainly, not leaving any room for discussion.

I felt spit hit my hole and heard him working some onto his cock. This was going to be hot. I have a hard time getting fucked if I start in the doggy position, but for Cruiseboy I could handle it.

He started to press into me, his thick 7 inches sliding inside and slowly opening up my ass. It was tough, but I powered through and took the whole length without asking him to stop.

Cruiseboy slapped my ass and started fucking me with light strokes, letting my ass adjust to his big cock.

"Damn," Cruiseboy groaned. "Your ass is so good...fuck."

His pace picked up to normal speed, his cock being jammed in and out of my ass. Cruiseboy plowed my hole for several minutes before pulling his cock out and slapping my ass.

"Flip over," he ordered.

I rolled back to being on my back as quickly as I had gotten on my stomach, throwing up my legs and wrapping them around his body.

Cruiseboy laughed, working another round of spit onto his cock. "You want something?" He aimed his cock at my hole, pushing in this time without any restraint. His cock went straight in, all the way back.

"Yeah," he moaned. "Fucking open feels so good, bro."

He started fucking me hard, working his dick deep into my ass and carefully watching my face. His pace steadily picked up, getting faster and rougher. If I was moaning like a bitch over his tongue, imagine how much noise I was making getting fucked by his cock... ;-)

We were both sweating a ton, bodies red, breathing hard, trading lusty moans of pleasure as he drove his cock in and out of my ass.

Since I had been getting fucked so little this particular fuck felt amazing, and since I knew it was my last chance with Cruiseboy for awhile that made it even more amazing.

We fucked for what must have been 15-20 minutes, but it felt like a much longer time. For whatever reason Cruiseboy's stamina was better than it's ever been...he barely had to slow down and didn't have to stop to keep pounding my ass hard. My legs were sore and we were drenched in sweat, but we kept going, his 7 inches easily sliding in and out of my opened hole, the sweat helping to lube the way.

I could tell when he finally hit his limit. He started working it in and out slowly, holding his pole still inside me for a few seconds at a time before he resumed the fuck.

"You ready for my cum?" he asked, slowly pressing his length in and out.

"Yeah. Fuck yeah." My hands went to work on my cock, which I had been avoiding to keep myself from shooting a load before he was ready.

He grinned, adjusting my legs and shaking his head, droplets of sweat flying out of his matted hair.

"Ok, it comes."

Cruiseboy took hold of my legs and started teasing me, pressing the tip of his cock into my hole and then pulling it out, his face staring down at the scene the whole time. After a few hits he stopped and got back to business, pressing all 7 inches into me and fucking me hard.

He tore my ass up, slamming me hard with every inch in every stroke. We were moaning without any regard to who could hear us, the air hot and smelling like raw boy sex.

I wanted him to fuck me forever, but his pace and intensity told me he was close. Cruiseboy hit my ass with a few final hard drives and lurched forward, wrapping his arms around my upper body and pulling me up.

Just the touch was enough to almost send me over. His entire body was hot, wet from passion, sending a wave of pleasure through me just from the contact. And then...

Holy fucking shit. He lowered his head as his cock probed my ass, his hot face sliding against mine, so that we were sweaty forehead to sweaty forehead. I felt him fuck harder, his moans right in my ears, as he lowered his mouth to mine and pressed our lips together.

I was in a state of pure bliss. It was one of the hottest kisses I've ever had in my life--just our lips sliding together. He opened his mouth, his tongue sliding into my mouth and probing as deeply as his cock was probing my ass.

With a few amazing final strokes he started making as much noise as he possibly could with our mouths locked together, his tongue sliding against mine with an insane amount of energy. I felt his cock fill out, my hand only needing to hit the head of mine before it exploded between our bodies. Cruiseboy froze as the cum shot out of him, our heads and mouths together until I was full of warm frat cream.

Just as quickly as it had happened, he pulled off, lifting his body up and pulling his cock out of my hole. I expected him to get up and head for the bathroom, but he didn't...instead he got down next to me, laying down just a few inches apart.

We talked about how good it was, how much we enjoyed hanging out and having sex together, how much both of us would miss our encounters during the summer. It was actually insanely sad...I knew we were probably going to lose touch as soon as he was gone.

Eventually he got dressed and left. I took my test and wound up with an A in the class. And now Cruiseboy is home for summer. :(

I think I'll miss him more than anyone else over the next three months. I hope we start right where we left off when school starts... either way, getting rimmed and kissed was the best going away present he could have possibly given me.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009


I know I'm late...I'm sorry! My social life has been getting in the way of things lately, and I have to say I believe in friends before blogging. ;-) Now that classes are ready to start against the social world should cool down, and now that I'm all moved in...I should have more free time!

An oral load given and an oral load that really all I get to claim for the last week? :-\ Ouch, that's quite a decline!

Well, let's hope for a better week this week. ;-) I'm half done with the story I was working on, so it will come soon...but this time I better not make any promises!

Friday, May 8, 2009

Story Tomorrow!

Hey guys, sorry for staying quiet...still getting settled in. I have a few more pieces of furniture I'm trying to buy and several things I've had to work on building. You can imagine... ;-)

Not much time for sex, unfortunately. 1 load given and 1 load taken so far!

That said, I should have an absolutely free day tomorrow. You can expect at least one good story out of me then, and I may do a lot more to fill you in on my adventures over the past couple of weeks.

Patience pays off! I keep saying things will get back to normal soon, but now I think we're getting a lot closer to that being true. :)

Monday, May 4, 2009

Done Moving and Birthday!

I'm pretty much done moving...just a few small things left to go. The new apartment is great! Hopefully things will get back to normal now that I'm moved in and donme with school.

I'm not going to post my exact birthday for obvious reasons, but we'll just say I turn 20 sometime in the next month. ;-) Happy birthday to me!

It was a decent week for sex...3 loads given, 3 loads taken, and one load in a boy's mouth. :) I need to make sure I got all that correct, but I'm pretty sure I do... hopefully I can tell some stories soon!