Monday, April 27, 2009

Campus Study Break

You guys will be glad to hear that a bad experience didn't keep me away from the bathrooms on campus. :) Well, I guess I shouldn't say it quite like that...I wasn't too fond of trying again when I knew some old guy could be trying to trick me into believing he was a hot young guy again. That said, it's the end of the semester, which means tons of people are in the various libraries scattered around campus. Tons of people = tons of hot guys! I should warn you now that there's no fucking in this post, just oral. So don't expect to see any fucking!

Now then...I didn't make a new Craigslist post this time, instead just focusing on the flood of them that hit the site. I picked out some with guys who sounded hot and let them know when I might be available. Most of the guys were looking for something immediate in the library, but not all of them were. I was going to be stuck on campus studying for finals anyway, so that would work when I was there, but I wasn't there just quite yet. I kept trying, and soon I had a date with a cute guy who seemed real! He was supposedly 6' tall, 170 pounds, with a 6.5" cut cock. He was more interested in sucking than getting sucked, but that wasn't a problem with me. He told me about a good bathroom for hooking up and suggested that I meet him there at a certain time. I happily agreed and patiently waited for that time to roll around.

I made my way to campus and headed for the place, decked out in a polo and a pair of shorts--it's fucking HOT outside, certainly in Florida anyway. With a little effort, I found the bathroom. It was empty, so my "date" either hadn't arrived or had flaked. Given my most recent bathroom experience, I was leaning toward the latter, but I decided I would stay and wait for 5 or 10 minutes anyway.

I hung my backpack up and sat down, unbuttoning my shorts and playing with my cock. I got almost no sex that week, which means I was constantly horny. Just pulling my dick out and touching it had me hard as a rock.

I waited in the stall for a few minutes and then I heard the bathroom door swing open, followed by the sound of flip flops on the floor. A pair of legs appeared in the stall next to me, and they led down to a pair of well-maintained feet! They were pretty small, probably size 9, with cute little toes and a perfect amount of hair. Yum...I almost blew my load right there. ;-)

Silence. The guy didn't pull his pants down even...just sat there. That meant he was probably the guy I was meeting, or that he was waiting for me to leave so he could take care of business. I decided I could make the first move. I rocked my foot up and down.

He responded a few moments later, sliding his cute little foot up and down, completing the movement with a cough.

Yeah, this guy was here for me. I can't express how excited I was that this method of having fun was working once again!

"Hey, man," I greeted softly.

"Hey," he greeted back.

"Did we talk online?"

"Yeah." Straight to the point...

"Cool. You want to come over here?"

He stood up, opening his stall. The flip flops came to rest in front of my door. Fuck yeah. I jumped up and unlocked it, pushing it open.

There he was, just as promised. 6' tall, most likely around 170 pounds, dirty blond hair and a light tan.

"You're hot," he complimented, grinning. He bent straight down and started opening up my shorts, peeling my 8 inches out.

"You too...this is going to be awesome!" Maybe I should have thought that to myself, but I didn't. :)

His mouth was at work almost instantly, sliding down my pole and sucking hard. This boy knew how to suck a cock! He worked me well for 5 minutes, sucking me exactly the way I liked to be sucked. I was so horny there was no way I was going to hold out much longer against his mouth.

"I'm close," I warned.

He slipped off. "Yeah? Don't hold back...just cum."

He went straight back to work, sucking hard and sliding his hot mouth up and down my dick, applying just the right amount of pressure.

After another minute of sucking I was done.

"Shit, here it comes!" I announced.

The cute boy pulled his mouth off and held my cock against his face. The cum rushed out of my balls and spurted out a second later, hitting his cheek, mouth, nose, and even around the edges of his hair. It was a pretty big load from me for oral!

He licked some of the cum around his mouth and stood up.

"You have an amazing cock, bro. You still want to suck me too?"

FUCK YES. "Yeah," I answered.

We switched places. His cock was sticking up in his shorts, obviously hard. I unbuttoned and slid them and a pair of boxer briefs down, exposing his 6.5 inches.

I copied his style and went right to work, sliding my mouth all the way down on his cock.

He moaned happily, his hands moving up to my head and guiding my movements up and down his dick.

"Yeah bro, blow me," he encouraged.

I focused on the head of his cock, twirling my tongue around and sucking hard. After a couple minutes his body was rocking into my mouth, kind of like a slow face fuck. I let him slide all the way back into my throat, his pace gradually increasing.

"I'm going to cum!" he whispered.

His cock swelled in my mouth, the first couple of shots hitting my throat and tongue before I slipped his cock out onto my face. The remaining cum gushed out, shot after hot shot. After what must have been ten squirts, he finally stopped cumming, what was left dribbling out against my cheek.

"Damn, I just painted your face. I wasn't expecting to shoot so much."

I laughed, licking some of the cum up. I used my fingers to gather more, licking them clean.

"Not a problem at all, that was hot!"

I stood up, realizing that he had never cleaned my cum off of his face. It was dried on now, some of it having dripped down on the floor.

"Yeah," he agreed. "You're good...maybe we should do it again before I leave town."


"I'll e-mail you again sometime. Thanks!"

He opened the door and headed for the sink. I used some toilet paper to start my clean up, flushing down what I hadn't eaten.

By the time I was out to the sinks, the cute boy had already made it out the door. I washed my face and hands, grabbed my backpack, and headed back to studying.

Load Count & Finals

First of all, I wanted to say that last week's load count may be off by 1 load given and 1 load taken. I realized I may have miscounted, but I'm not sure. It's either 4-2 or 5-3. I'm not going to change that count because I'm not sure about which numbers are right, but the total load count fr the year should be accurate. It's a small thing, but I wanted to let you guys know anyway.

As I've told you, I've been busy with finals and the end of the semester, along with moving. That's my excuse for a pretty pitiful week of sex:

2 loads given bb
1 loads taken bb
2 loads given oral
2 loads taken oral

I did get lots of oral, yeah, but I certainly prefer fucking. ;-)

I'm almost DONE with finals! That's super exciting! So far I've done pretty well, so hopefully I can keep that up as I finish things up. I have to move at the start of the month, so that may slow things down here at the blog even after finals are over, but after that I hope things will return to normal.

This week has been better than last week was. I'm already up to 2 loads taken and 1 load given! Let's hope that continues until I have to exhaust myself with moving!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Summer's Coming

School's almost over, which is kind of sad...a lot of hotties are going to be leaving town. :( I don't know for sure who's going to be here and who isn't, but in the next couple weeks I'll get a good idea by seeing what's left on Adam4adam and Craigslist. Things quiet down significantly when the semester ends, but summer classes still have a huge enrollment. I'll be having tons of fun no matter what time of the year it is. ;-)

I can tell you that Cruiseboy won't be in town. I don't know if he'll come back up at all or if he'll stay away until the fall semester begins, but I certainly hope he'll visit for some reason and give me a call. Dormboy's going to be here (he's always here, it seems), so I'll still be having a lot of fun with him. Pornboy's not in school, so he'll still be in town. I haven't heard from Pornboy in forever though--no IMs, no texts, nothing. I feel like he said his trip was going to last for a week or two, but it's been a lot longer than that. Maybe he decided he liked California and he's not coming back...there wasn't really anything to hold him here. If he's gone I'll be really sad, since he's the only bottom I've ever had blow a load without touching himself while I was fucking him. I'll keep hoping he reappears.

Of course, we don't have to look on any of this as bad. Needing new guys to play with is a fun process of exploration. :) I have no intention of slowing down for summer!

This week might be slow because of finals, so be warned. People are going nuts trying to get things finished, and I have a ton of stuff to do myself. It's Wednesday and I've only taken one load! I haven't given any...hopefully you can see how stretched I must be if this is the case. ;-)

I think I'm going to tell some stories from the last two weeks when I was quiet, but no promises if work and school get in the way. It's not too late to have some adventures this week either...

Monday, April 20, 2009

Fucking Dormboy's Roommate

I started to think it was never going to work out, but eventually it did. :) Dormboy's started working a ton lately, which means he's been out of the dorm in 6 to 8 hour stretches. Since I'm basically his best friend, I know exactly when he's working (and yes, maybe this makes me a bad friend), which also means I know exactly when I have opportunity to fuck his roommate. Unfortunatey, I've also been extremely busy, so planning a meeting has been complicated, but I'm happy to say we've succeeded!

We've been talking on AIM, which usually involves him saying "hey" and me writing back "busy, can't talk," but we have chatted about sex from time to time. Dormboy's roommate is pretty inexperienced, just into the basics...making out, sucking, rimming, and fucking. That's really all I need, so we didn't have a problem. I decided not to bring up fucking raw with him in our chats. I figured it would be best to just wait until I got there and one of us had a cock poked up against an ass. Whose was kind of uncertain, because Dormboy's roommate was rotating between being a vers top and a vers bottom. What he wanted to do depended on the day and the mood, so there was no way to know exactly what to expect until I got there. Yeah, a bit disappointing, since in our first post-suck conversation he sounded like a total little bottom slut.

The day finally came. Dormboy was safely at work, his roommate eagerly IMing me from their suite. We had a clear window with hours to play with, so I got to campus and headed for Dormboy's place.

I got to the building and texted Dormboy's roommate. It felt really weird, since I'm usually calling Dormboy to come open the door from me, but here we were. After a few minutes he appeared and pushed the door open, letting me into the building.

"Hey," he said quietly, looking me over and obviously trying to keep a grin off of his face.

"Nice to see you again," I greeted.

It was all a little off...he obviously didn't do this much, but I went with it and we made our way up the stairs to the room. When we got there, it felt a little weird yet again... there was Dormboy's door, closed and obviously dark, the lights off inside.

Dormboy's roommate opened his door and ushered me inside, closing it behind us. His room was a lot more orderly than Dormboy's usually is, which was nice for a change but not a huge deal to me.

"So, man... you horny?" Dormboy's roommate asked me.

In the light, he wasn't as pretty as he was in the middle of the night when I had first encountered him. I'm not saying ugly, just not as pretty as he had looked then. I wasn't going to get up and leave, so that should tell you that it wasn't that much of a difference.

I didn't bother answering, instead going straight for the kiss. He seemed delighted, opening right up and greeting my mouth happily. We made out pretty hotly. The way he was kissing me suggested he hadn't gotten any since our previous brief encounter, which was hot...he was hungrilly drilling his tongue into my mouth! There was a lot of spit, so it was a bit messy, but I loved it.

It didn't take long for the clothes to come off. It took him a few minutes and some help to get my pants off, but he was rewarded with a rock hard dick that sprung out. Dormboy's roommate looked super excited...he was probably remembering our first experience, thinking about my big cock filling his mouth and throat. This time I was hoping he could feel it in his ass, stretching him to his limits.

He got on his knees and started sucking, repeating the blowjob I'd gotten in the little hallway, sucking my cock greedily with an awesome hunger.

"Fuck," I groaned.

His eyes darted toward mine, his mouth still working up and down on my shaft. I take back what I said...he was perfectly cute bobbing up and down on my dick.

While he sucked I soon felt his hands on my ass, moving up my cheeks, eventually parting them. His fingers slid along my crack, soon hitting against my hole. I let out a soft moan, which encouraged him to keep going while he sucked. His fingers steadily grew braver, until he was rubbing my hole and I was at a constant moan.

"You up for bottoming?" he asked quietly, his finger poking into my ass.

Yeah, I was in the mood to bottom tonight...ideally flip flop, but I could stand a hard pounding all on my own!

"You just want to top?"

His hands moved up and down on my butt. "Your ass just feels so good...I want to fuck it."

I pushed him away and turned so that my stomach was on his little dorm bed and my ass was pointed up at his face.

His hands were instantly grabbing my butt again, spreading my cheeks apart to reveal my hole.

"You have a cute little hole," Dormboy's roommate complimented, pressing a spit-slicked finger against it.

"You should feel how tight it is," I joked. I couldn't see his face, but in my mind the remark got a nicr smirk.

The finger pushed in and out of my hole to happy moans. His finger was pretty small, so it barely felt like anything was in my ass, but it still felt good. His cock was probably going to be pretty average too, so I guess it was good I wasn't expecting too much. I'd be able to feel the matter how big it was. And as long as he was a talented top, he'd make my hole feel amazing.

Dormboy's roommate still had his clothes on, so it was well past time for them to off. I got up from the bed and stood him up, pulling his jeans and boxers down to his ankles in one swift movement. He lifted his feet so I could pull them off, leaving him completely naked now.

His dick was as hard as it could possibly be. Just as expected, it was average, probably 6 inches and typical thickness. It looked bigger on his small frame, and even bigger because of how thin and tight his body was. I hadn't really pictured it before, but I could see very clearly that he was an avid runner and made it to the gym several times a week.

I returned the good blowjob he had given me, using all the tricks I knew to make him moan and groan while I worked on his shaft. It didn't take long for him to pull me off his cock and point my head up toward his face.

"I don't know why I didn't ask you to suck me off before...damn! We need to stop before I blow my load all over your face."

I pulled back and got up, then quickly hit the bed when I realized how much I towered over him. I lifted my legs into the air and he quickly got the idea.

"Your hole's so hot..." He took a few steps forward and started pressing his finger against it again.

I groaned. His finger teasing the edges of my hole made me want all 6 inches of his cock. "Fuck me," I said simply.

"What?" He pressed the tip of a finger into me.

"Fuck me!"

For the first time he took a step forward and pressed his cock against my ass, sliding it between my hole and my balls.

I moaned my appreciation. It felt so hard--it was going to feel great inside me.

"Damn, it looks so hot. What do you usually use for lube? Can I just use spit?"

I smiled and looked him in the face. "I would prefer it if you just used spit!"

He leaned in for a brief kiss on the lips and then started spitting on his cock and on my hole, rubbing it around with his fingers. I used a hand to transfer some of my own spit from my mouth to my ass, lubing the way for his hard prick.

After a minute he was ready, looking intently at his dick and licking his lips. "You good?"

"Yeah. Slide it in, man!"

Dormboy's roommate instantly complied, sliding his cock in without any mention of a condom. I was overjoyed...I figured it would come up, but it wasn't going to take any effort at all to convince him that this was the only way to fuck.

He slid in slowly, his face concentrated with intense pleasure.

"So tight...damn," he muttered, hitting bottom in my ass. He didn't wait to start fucking, picking up instantly with moderate strokes.

I didn't hold back on moaning. I let him know I was having a great time and that his cock was doing an amazing job sliding in and out of my hole.

He was already drenched with sweat after a few minutes of fucking, not making much noise but pounding me really hard. I could hear his balls slapping against my ass and could already smell hot sex in the air. Dormboy's roommate may have been little, but he was fit, and that seemed to be making him a very talented fuck with a ton of stamina.

I can't really say much more about the fucking because it was pretty tame and constant...we didn't switch positions or try a bunch of stuff. Instead he just had me down on the bed with my legs in the air, pegging my ass at a constant pace. It wasn't the most exciting fuck ever, but it felt fucking amazing. My hole was loving every second!

We probably went for about 20 minutes, me moaning like crazy, sounding like a little bottom bitch, his balls slapping against my ass with a grunt emerging from his mouth every so often. He bent down to kiss me a lot, sometimes just on the lips and sometimes diving his tongue into my mouth, even making out with me while his body worked into mine.

He had a lot of stamina, but it couldn't last forever. After pounding me into submission for awhile, he suddenly slowed down for an extended period of time, working his 6 inches in and out of my ass at a lighter pace.

"I can't keep going," he whispered. "I'm going to cum...where do you want it? On your chest? On your face?"

"Just shoot it inside," I whispered back.

His pace picked back up so that his cock was slamming in and out of my ass again. "Inside your hole? Damn, that's hot...Ok."

Dormboy's roommate finally started making some noise, moaning as he thrust in and out of my hole, digging into my prostate and sending pleasure through my whole body.

He didn't say anything else, just thrusting hard into my ass and stopping, more loud grunts flooding out of his mouth. After a few seconds I felt his cream around his cock, pouring into my hole.

That did it for me. I'd been edging the whole time and only had to hit my cock in a slightly different way for my 8 inches to tighten up and start squirting a thick load of cum onto my stomach and chest.

"Shit," I moaned. "That was so fucking good."

Dormboy's roommate lifted my legs up and pulled his cock out, making a loud sound and leaving my ass empty aside from the hot load of cum.

"Yeah. I think that was the hottest fuck I've ever had."

He stood up, bending over to kiss me on the lips. He grabbed a towel and wrapped it around his body.

"So you guys take showers together all the time after you finish, right? The bathroom door's always locked when the moaning stops." He smirked. "You want to come take one with me?"

"Yeah." I relaxed for another few seconds before I stood up, my legs feeling pretty tired and my ass feeling like it had been well used. I was naked, but he didn't offer the towel.

"Better run for it..." he joked. "Like you did when I caught you!"

Dormboy's roommate opened his door, me following after. We headed into the bathroom and took a nice shower, sharing a few kisses, grabs, and touches.

We got out and I got dressed. It was time to leave, before we cut it way too close.

"I hope we do it again," Dormboy's roommate said with a glow.

"We can," I assured him. "I can't wait."

"Me neither. See you soon then, I hope."

"Haha, yeah, me too. Have a good night."

I headed out the door and made my way to the library, getting some school work done while I waited for Dormboy to call me. After about an hour he did.

"Hey, I just got out of want me to pick you up?"

"I'm in the library getting some homework done. I can just come over when you get to campus."

"Ok, that works. I'll see you in 15 minutes then."

"Ok...see you then. Bye."


Sure enough, he called again 15 minutes later. I packed my stuff up and headed for Dormboy's suite for the second time that evening.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Load Count

Like I said, it's been a tough week with a bad experienced that soured my mood and has helped to keep me away from the blog. I did manage to get a lot of sex though:

4 loads given bb
2 loads taken bb

Not a bad load count for an insanely busy week. I have a couple of stories in progress, but not finished yet. I'm hoping to get one posted tonight, but if not it will absolutely, 100%, without doubt be posted on Monday. ;-)

I'll have to start studying for and taking finals this week, so I may not be as busy in the bedroom. We'll see what happens, guys!

Once finals are done and I move I hope I'll be back into the old routine. :)

Foiled Campus Fuck

Without giving away too much about my schedule, I'm stuck on campus for a couple hours several times a week. If I lived in a dorm it wouldn't be a problem, but I don't, so there's not enough time to go home and come back. The off time is what caused me to start using bathrooms on campus and allowed me to meet Cruiseboy, so I can't say that I'm complaining about it.

I said last week that I was starting to get bored and needed to find a good time, so sure enough I posted an ad on Craigslist specifically naming a certain place on campus and a certain time of the day. I posted the same ad not too long ago and didn't get any replies that I thought deserved following up on, but this time I got several responses from guys who looked pretty hot. I talked to several and we discussed some pretty hot times in the bathroom of this certain building in my off time...I was super excited and couldn't wait.

One guy was especially interested in making plans and was basically willing to be there whenever for whatever. His pics and stats were super hot, so I figured I had a winner. He was into everything I was into and said we'd have a super hot time together. What wasn't to like? We set up a time and agreed to meet up in the bathroom. He told me he'd be wearing flip flops and waiting for me in the stall.

The day came. I went to class, nearly fell asleep out of boredom, and after I got out I bounded toward a particular place on campus where I soon expected to meet a hot guy for some very hot fun. My class had gotten out early, so I was way ahead of the meet time, unfortunately. I found something to do and killed time until the meet time was a few minutes away.

Just thinking about it got my cock hard. With all the work and all the moving stuff I've been doing, I was really looking forward to the excitement of another hookup in a campus bathroom. I waited for my dick to go down, which took a few minutes, and then I got up and headed for the meeting place.

It's late in the semester, so the number of people on campus has been in steady decline. The halls of the building were even more deserted than they usually are, which meant our chances of having to stop or getting caught were lower than they otherwise would be. That got me even more excited!

I eventually came to the bathroom door, pulling it open and heading for the stalls. I saw a pair of flip flops almost from the door--the guy was here!

I got to my stall, closing the door and hanging the backpack up on the hook, sitting down on the toilet.

Here's where things took a dive. The feet in the flip flops were in really awful shape--absolutely gross. There's no way this person should have been wearing flip flops (no offense intended to anyone who doesn't have perfect feet--I certainly don't, but they aren't horrible). They feet didn't seem to match the young and hot guy I'd seen pics and stats for either. I was starting to get pretty suspicious. Either the guy I talked to hadn't shown up yet or some old guy was trying to trick me into thinking he was a hot college stud.

In answer to the question, the flip flop at the edge of the stall soon started to rock up and down. If this wasn't the guy I had talked to, it was someone else cruising. Since campus was so lightly populated at this time of the day, I had to doubt that it was coincidence.

Well, I guess a person shouldn't be judged by their cover, or their feet, so I decided to play along and see what happened. I moved my foot in response, and we traded the movements a few times.

Then the guy's fingers appeared under the stall. He was clearly a seasoned cruiser and knew what he was doing.

"Hey man," I greeted. "We talk on Craigslist?"

"Yeah," a gruff voice greeted.

I doubted it belonged to a hot boy. There was only one way to know for sure. "Come over!" I ordered.

"Just looking for anonymous, dude," the guy in the stall answered.

"So I can't see you?"

"No, just anonymous," he answered.

All doubts in my mind were confirmed. The feet, the fingers, the voice, and the anonymous demand all suggested some old guy had tricked me into meeting here and thought I was going to suck his cock or do even more.

I was horrified. I've had some bad experiences with meeting people, but honestly I have to say no one has ever tricked me about their age or appearance.

I got up and grabbed my backpack, heading out of the bathroom outraged.

That was that. I spent the rest of my free time as I normally would. The guy never e-mailed or IMed me later in the day. I haven't heard anything else from him, which means that my suspicions must have been 100% correct.

I have nothing against old guys cruising. Everyone wants to get off...there's nothing wrong with that. There are tons of young guys who are into old guys...I see posts for them all the time, and I even know some in real life. I don't understand why some guys want to lie about who they are. It makes no sense! When you meet up with someone, they're going to realize you lied, and they probably aren't going to do anything with you! If you post with real stats and your real age, you'll probably get some twink who wants to be your slave for a night and calls you daddy. Why lie!?

It makes no sense to me and it was a huge disappointment, but I'm trying not to get too discouraged. I only have a couple weeks of school left to go, so the opportunities available to try again are quite limited. I think I'm going to make a new post and do it though... hopefully with better results. :)

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

A Life Update

If you're thinking this is going to announce another delay, you're correct. :( I got a good start on a post, but I wasn't able to finish it and there's not enough to do a part 1 and 2 kind of thing, so I'm just going to wait to finish the post.

I've been delaying a lot lately and making a lot of short posts, so I'm making this one to apologize. When I say I'm going to post something I'm usually pretty good about it, but sometimes it's difficult to stick to the schedule when life gets in the way.

We're at the end of the semester here, so that's the current problem. Projects, tests, papers...they're all coming due one after another! I've been devoting a lot of my time to that stuff.

I'm also going to be moving at the end of the semester (I don't know if I mentioned it or not), which is taking more time and effort than I expected. Obviously I should have expected moving to be more stressful than I did!

On the plus side, I'll have a nicer place for less money with a better roommate. I intend to have lots of sex there! It's just a matter of getting everything together. ;-) Furniture is so expensive! If you live in a dorm, it's already furnished, so you have nothing to worry about. The apartment I live in now also came furnished, so I had nothing to worry about. Now I'm seeing how annoying it is to buy and move furniture into a new place...what a nightmare. I can't imagine having to go through this process with a big house!

So that's what's going on, guys. The traffic to this blog has actually held up relatively well, which surprised me since I haven't been making "good" posts lately. I'm glad you guys are still reading and looking forward to more of my adventures!

I've had a ton, as you can see if you follow the weekly load counts--I just haven't had the time to write up good posts. I'm busy, but not busy enough to not have time for sex...and since this is a sex blog, I must say that having sex comes above writing about it. ;-)

We're about to hit a very busy stretch for me and you may not see another post from me until Sunday or Monday. Just a little warning... I'll be back then, and yes, then I WILL have new stories to post (at least one anyway).

I look forward to getting back into my old blogging routine as soon as moving is done and the semester is ended. Thanks for sticking with me, guys!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Coming tomorrow!

I know, I've been quiet for far too long, but I have some good stories to tell. I expect to post at least one tomorrow!

The week has been good to me so far. 2 loads given, 2 loads taken, even though I have been insanely busy (which sucks when the week was supposed to be easy).

I'm supposed to be hooking up tonight, so let's hope to make it 3 and 3!

Either way, I will post a new story for you all tomorrow. Sorry for the wait!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Back and Load Count

I was with family and friends the ENTIRE trip home. Yeah, I was Ok, but it also means I have no sex to report on. ;-)

I have a couple things to write, but I may just skip them for the sake of the week ahead. Hopefully there will be a lot of sex to be had!

Last week's load count, which was pretty pitiful:

2 loads given bb
1 load taken bb

Going to try for a better week. Wish me luck! Dormboy wants me to pay him a visit, so I'm off to do that!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009


Sorry for being quiet the past couple days...I'm thinking of moving to a new apartment and I would need to do it before May starts. I've been running around town like crazy all this week! ;-) Still time for sex though, just not enough to write about it yet.

I rounded the date a little, but to make it simple we'll say that I'm HIV and STD free as of April. I point to this as proof that I'm usually more careful than you think, but given some of the things I've done lately...well, I can't really claim to be perfect!

I've had tons of sex in the past year and a half since I first got fucked and I've been lucky enough to only suffer from a urinary tract infection a handful of times so far. I don't think most people in my position are so lucky, so I don't encourage anyone to copy my lifestyle. The odds are bad, and who knows how long I'll be able to say I'm never know.

I know a lot of people reading this blog are as serious about being cumwhores as I am, but hopefully some of you just read it as fantasy and stay away from the real thing.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Load Count and Week Ahead

Well, no updates to the load count since I last mentioned it, but I always make a post at the beginning of the new week:

4 loads taken bb
4 loads given bb

I accounted for most of them...the rest were Dormboy. Should I write up Dormboy stories, guys? If I did I would probably make them brief and pretty basic... Dormboy and I have sex at least twice a week, so I thought it would get old if I kept mentioning him all the time. You guys are the ones reading, so let me know... if you want to hear about what happens with Dormboy, I'll post it! Feel free to comment this post with your opinion.

I didn't get his roommate this week, obviously. Our plans fell through! I'm starting to think he's pulling my leg and never going to actually carry through, but Dormboy has a busy work schedule this week...his roommate still has a shot! I have to deal with school tomorrow, so that's out, but Wednesday is a possibility. We'll see! ;-)

I've been feeling kind of bored with Adam4adam since I've hooked up there a lot lately. I'm going to post an ad for some action on campus sometime this week and see what that leads to...I could really go for a Cruiseboy-like experience again! Let's hope some hotties e-mail me.

I'm going home at the end of the week, just for a few days. I doubt I'll be getting action...I should be too busy with family to even have time.

When I get back, I should be pretty free for a week or two. Hopefully those weeks will be full of hot sex. :)

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Starbucks Pick Up

I apologize for writing the longest post that's ever appeared on this blog, but I had to do events justice. I also apologize for taking so long, but here it is.

If you're keeping count, not including this particular experience, Cruiseboy and I have gotten off together 3 times now, about once a week. We don't get to chat much and he's usually super busy, but this was a good week for him, just like it's been a good week for me school-wise. I really like Cruiseboy, so my goal has been to try to be friends instead of just being fuck buddies...he's a cool guy who I'd love to just be able to hang out with. That in mind, I've been asking if he wanted to do something normal, and he said he would love to when he got time. That can be a hit and miss statement, but earlier in the week we finally set something up.

I met up with Cruiseboy on campus, just as we had for our first two sexual experiences, and we did something to occupy ourselves there for a couple of hours. He seemed to be having a great time, and I know I was--I think Cruiseboy is here to stay unless something suddenly changes! Anyway, it was getting late and we decided to head into Starbucks to get something to drink. The place was pretty dead, just a handful of people with books or laptops scattered around the room.

We put in our orders, chatting like old pals, and then moved to the place where you wait for the drinks to come out. I didn't have to stand there long to realize that I was being checked out by a cute guy at one of the tables. He was thin, with pale skin, medium length brown hair and an extremely cute face. He was wearing a Lacoste polo, which around here are especially popular among the gay boys who like to spend their time in clubs. If you were a normal person, he might not set your gaydar off, but I was pretty sure this guy was gay and I was definitely sure he was interested.

I kept chatting with Cruiseboy, staring at the cute guy the whole time. Then our eyes met. My normal reaction is to dart away, but the fact that I thought he was gay left me feeling pretty bold. He held the eye contact too, leaving us to stare straight into each other for half a minute. He was giving me the "I want you" eyes, most simply--I had no doubt about it. You can never tell how slutty a guy is just by looking, but I can certainly say I thought he looked like a good time...and the way we were staring at each other I figured he was mine to hook up with if I wanted him.

"What're you looking at?" Cruiseboy eventually asked, noticing that I wasn't paying attention to what he was saying.

"That guy is totally checking me out." I nodded in his direction.

Cruiseboy grinned, darting his eyes toward the guy. "Looks a little gay, but yeah, he's hot."

"You want to fuck him?"

Cruiseboy looked at me with a little shock, then over to the cute guy. "Seriously? I'd love to fuck him!" he whispered.

"Would you do it like we do it?"

He tilted his head. "Bare? How would we even get him to do it?"

"Yeah. Just go for it...see how he reacts."

He took another long glance. "Yeah? Shit, why not? I will if you will. You really think he'd do anything with us just like that out of nowhere?"

I had to laugh. "You don't spend much time around gay guys in public, do you? That's all that happens in a club. Guys look for someone to go home with."

"Damn, I'm missing out then! Fuck bro, we should do it...we can take him back to my room."

If I haven't gotten around to mentioning it, Cruiseboy is in a frat, but he doesn't live in the house. Instead he's one of the lucky few on campus who has a single dorm room that he doesn't have to share with anyone else.

"I'm thinking..." The normal fears of embarrassment ran through my mind, but I wasn't too worried.

"Do it!" Cruiseboy whispered, looking pretty excited.

We picked up our drinks and I decided that I would go for it...the situation was just too perfect and I had no idea what it would happen again. I grabbed a straw and headed toward the table, my heart starting to beat faster and pound in my head.

He looked up, meeting my eyes again and staring me down when it was clear I was coming his way.

"Hey, what's up?" I greeted.

A little smile started forming at the edges of his mouth. "Oh, hey...just finishing up some homework here."

I nodded, looking back to Cruiseboy. "That's cool. Want a break?"

He unleashed the smile, looking me over again, then Cruiseboy. "Well, maybe. What are you guys up to?"

"We were just going to go back to his room and have some fun..."

He let out a nervous little laugh. "You guys want me to come?"

I looked to Cruiseboy, who was happily nodding his head.

"Yeah, if you want!"

He closed his laptop, standing up. "Alright, sure...let's get out of here."

Given the place we met, I'm going to call this guy Coffeeboy. Not very original, I know, but true...Coffeeboy is obviously the kind of guy who spends a lot of time sitting in Starbucks either doing or pretending to do work.

The three of us walked out of the store together, passing some other students before we started talking again. We went through the normal course of introductions and some chit chat, and now that the three of us hooking up was firmly established I felt free to start asking the sex questions.

"So are you a top or a bottom?"

"I do either," he answered calmly, looking straight ahead. "You guys?"

"I'm the same as you, and Cruiseboy just likes to top."

"Cool. You're both really hot!" He gave a long look to each of us, smiling.

It was a five minute walk to Cruiseboy's dorm, our soft chatter and the sounds of three pairs of flip flops following us the whole way. Eventually we were there, mounting a few flights of stairs and stepping into Cruiseboy's dorm room.

"I'm gonna piss, right back."

I needed to go too, but it could wait. Coffeeboy was giving me the "I want to kiss you" look--I wasn't missing that! I leaned in and our lips met, gently at first and then steadily gaining steam.

"He's hot, but you're more my type," Coffeeboy informed me. "I don't mind sharing though."

When Cruiseboy got back, we were making out like animals. I had him pushed against a wall, digging into his mouth with my tongue.

"Shit!" Cruiseboy said with glee. "Yeah, guys! Fucking make out! That's hot!"

I turned my head to look at him, seeing that he'd pulled his cock out of his shorts and was stroking its hardening length. I was hoping he would join in on the kissing, but he didn' made no sense to me. He said it was hot! Believe me, one day I will make out with Cruiseboy. It's just a matter of wearing him down and getting him to do it!

Anyway, we swapped spit for a little longer before I decided it was time to do something Cruiseboy would really enjoy. I dragged Coffeeboy with me and knelt both of us down on the ground, right in front of his 7 inch cock, which was sticking straight up and begging for attention.

I went first, licking up and down the shaft before I took it into my mouth, sliding up and down and sucking gently. I pulled off after a minute, letting Coffeeboy take a turn. He took the dick straight into his mouth, sliding it back into his throat. From the sounds Cruiseboy was making, he was getting a good sucking!

It didn't take long for me to have another turn bobbing up and down on Cruiseboy's cock, and we switched off several times more listening to his satisfied moans.

Eventually Cruiseboy grabbed Coffeeboy's head, getting him into facefuck position. He drove his cock in and out hard, slamming it into his mouth, before pulling his spit covered cock out and pushing in into my mouth, taking my head in the same way. He delivered the same deep facefucking, sliding it back into my throat with hard strokes.

"Shit, this is hot. Who wants to get fucked first?"

Coffeeboy pulled Cruiseboy's shorts and underwear the rest of the way off, grabbing his cock and jerking it with his hand, his eyes fixed on it with lust. That was all the answer we needed!

I stood him up and we stripped off what was left of our clothes, a rock hard 6" dick springing out of the boxers Coffeeboy was wearing. He was probably 6' tall, so it was average, but he had a hot body that more than made up for any lack of cock.

"Wow, nice cock!" Coffeeboy complimented, staring down at the 8x6 monster between my legs before jerking me off briefly with his hand.

We made out in front of Cruiseboy again, our cock's rubbing together, mine leaking precum all over his.

"You want Cruiseboy to fuck you and warm you up?" I asked between kisses.

He eyed Cruiseboy with incredible lust. "How do you want it?"

Cruiseboy grinned at me, guiding our trick to his bed and laying him on his back, pulling his legs into the air.

I really wanted to rim Coffeeboy, but as unexpected at this fun was, he probably wasn't clean enough to have my tongue exploring his hole. I'd just have to let the urge pass.

As Cruiseboy pulled the guy's legs up and started poking his dick against his ass, I did feel a little jealous. I got over that pretty quickly though, just reminding myself that we were having fun and that the hot sex together was well worth a moment or two of regret.

"Hey, open that drawer and grab the bottle of lube," Cruiseboy said, pointing.

I retrieved it quickly, tossing it to him. He squirted most of the lube on his dick and a little into his hand, which he rubbed into Coffeeboy's ass. He gave his dick a final jerk and started for the hole, the head sinking inside.

"Wait, wait...are you clean?"

Since Cruiseboy hadn't asked me to grab a condom and was obviously on the verge of sliding his cock inside, I was surprised it had taken this long for Coffeeboy to ask.

Cruiseboy stopped dead, looking just as surprised as I was when an inch of his cock was already inside.

"Tested neg last month. Is that ok?"

Coffeeboy seemed to completely relax, an almost gleeful look of relief on his face. "Yeah, no problem...keep going."

I wanted to get my cock sucked, but right now I was content to just oberve the fuck. Cruiseboy slid his 7 inches in slowly, more carefully than the last time he had fucked me. Eventually Coffeeboy had the whole cock buried inside him, moaning with pleasure as Cruiseboy started fucking.

I watched him slide his cock in and out of Coffeeboy's hole for a few minutes, his still super-tanned skin a hot contrast against this guy's paleness, the speed and strength of strokes gradually increasing, along with Coffeeboy's moans. His feet were twisting furiously, toes curling and uncurling as he got plowed. The jealously was gone...watching Cruiseboy fuck this boy's hole was HOT.

I came in from the side, sticking my cock in Coffeeboy's face. He grabbed it and guided it into his mouth, sucking me while Cruiseboy tore his ass up. He was doing a good job, even without total concentration--this boy had to have sucked his fair share of dick in the past.

Cruiseboy slapped my ass, turning my head to face his. I thought maybe he wanted to kiss me, but it was quickly apparent that wasn't his goal.

"Want to get beside him?" he asked, still driving deeply into Coffeeboy. "I want to feel you too."

"Yeah, that sounds hot...let's do it!"

"That Ok, bro?" he asked Coffeeboy.

He smiled and shook his head yes, dragging his tongue across my dick.

I let Coffeeboy suck on my cock for another minute as Cruiseboy delivered a final round of hot hole fucking. When he pulled out, Coffeeboy's hole was wide open, wet with lube and ass juice. If I was going to get inside him, this was the time to do it.

"Let me fuck him first," I suggested, looking at Coffeeboy. "You ready big cock inside you?"

"Fuck yeah...I want to feel it!"

Cruiseboy looked at the gaping hole, grinning. "Yeah, good idea. Fuck that ass!" He stood aside as I took his place on the bed, which was wet with the sweat that had been dripping off of him. I got between Coffeeboy's legs and aimed my cock at his hole, rubbing the head of my dick against it.

He moaned loudly, but that was all. I was worried he would ask when I was last tested, since it's been a few months. He didn't though. He was either too horny to care or he assumed I was clean because Cruiseboy was clean last month. Either way, we picked him up at Starbucks and he had already let Cruiseboy fuck him raw--safety didn't seem to be his top concern. His moans were begging me to enter, so I certainly didn't feel bad sliding in. This was probably exactly what he wanted.

I slid right in, just a little spit on my dick. Cruiseboy had really loosened him up, and the lube was still holding. My bare cock was almost instantly balls deep in Coffeeboy's ass, all 8 hard inches packed inside. It felt amazing wrapped around my cock, loose or not.

Cruiseboy took the lube and worked it around his cock, getting behind me and working some into my hole. A hand wrapped around my chest while the other worked his dick into my ass. I stopped fucking as he slid in, feeling his whole length steadily entering my hole. When he was all the way in, I started fucking again.

If it had worked, it would have been really hot, but Cruiseboy's cock wasn't staying in very well...he kept sliding out while I fucked Coffeeboy. Eventually he pulled out. We didn't need to trade any words on was pretty obvious that the logistics just weren't right for me to take cock and give it. He took my place at Coffeboy's mouth, stuffing his cock inside while I rammed his ass.

Fucking this hot boy's ass and watching him suck Cruiseboy's cock clean, I knew I wasn't going to be able to last too long...I was way too hot.

So I just concentrated as best as I could, pounding Coffeeboy's hole hard for a good five minutes before I got close to the orgasm line. When I hit it, I pulled my cock out, air emptying out of his ass along with a trickle of lube, precum, spit, and juice.

"Oh god, keep feels amazing!" Coffeeboy panted, Cruiseboy slapping his dick against his cheek.

I rubbed the head around his hole, poking it inside and pulling it back out, Coffeeboy moaning expectantly. I shoved it back inside, resuming the fuck. He moaned with every stroke, until Cruiseboy gagged him with his cock again.

I experimented with different depths and different strengths and found the one that seemed to have him making the most noise. It felt just as good to me as it good to him, so I slammed his ass until I felt the orgasm start to build.

I wasn't just going to shoot in his hole without asking, and I didn't expect he would let me, but I asked anyway.

"I'm close, man. Where do you want me to cum?"

He was quiet for a minute, looking me in the face. "Wherever you want is fine with me. I just want your cum."

I nodded and picked up my fucking, jamming my big dick in and out of his ass for another minute before pleasure started to spread through my entire body.

I closed my eyes and started groaning pretty loudly, slamming his hole with my cock.

"Yeah, shoot that load, bro!" Cruiseboy urged.

As the intensity of my sounds increased, so did the ones pouring out of Coffeeboy. Our moans peaked, and with a final slam I started shooting my baby batter into his opened hole.

"Oh god!" Coffeeboy groaned. "Fucking...yeah! I can feel where you shot!"

When I slipped my cock out, his ass was open even wider, liquid contents leaking out on to the bed.

Cruiseboy had a huge grin on his face, looking like he could barely keep himself from cumming.

"Get on your back and turn," he ordered, pulling Coffeeboy's body so that it was facing the side of the bed. I copied the position and he pushed us together so that our bodies were touching, legs up in the air. Our bodies were really hot together, the air all around us hot and smelling like gay sex. I was already turned on again, my cock lifting to at least half mast.
Cruiseboy went for Coffeeboy's ass, sliding straight in and fucking him for a few minutes. I turned my head to see his face--he looked so fucking happy. I offered my lips and we started making out while Cruiseboy fucked him, tongues sliding hungrily against each other.

He soon stopped, sliding his dick out and stepping over to my hole. Our eyes met as he slid into me, a mixture of what must have been mostly my cum serving as lube. He fucked me as long as he fucked Coffeeboy, neither of us getting the most intense fuck Cruiseboy had ever provided, but still a very good one...the best he could maintain with something so incredibly hot happening.

I could tell he was getting close. His whole body was pretty red, sweat dripping down from his hair and all over his body, but he kept going, fucking both of us for a few minutes at a time, switching off another couple times.

Finally he pulled out of Coffeeboy, a gush of cum, spit, lube, and ass juice following. Cruiseboy took his legs down to the ground and stepped back toward my hole, Coffeeboy looking amazingly satisfied.

As his cock pushed into me, he flashed a little smile before his face switched back to concentration. I moaned hard, louder and louder as his dick swept past the right spots in my ass, rubbing against them hard with every stroke.

Cruiseboy grabbed my legs and gripped them hard with his hands as he delivered a few final slams, his cock driving all the way in and then all the way back out of my hole, just barely staying inside.

"Shit," he muttered. "Fuck, RC."

His grip tightened and the blows to my ass grew harder and harder, my moans matching their intensity.

Cruiseboy started breathing really hard, driving in and out of me like he hadn't this whole time. "Shit, here it comes. Yeah, cumming--fuck!"

His body came to a rest, his cock sliding in with a final soft stroke. His syrupy frat load was emptied into my well-fucked butt, the warmth surrounding his expanding cock. I had taken a third load from Cruiseboy in my hole, and it felt just as good as the first or second.

When he slid out of me, Coffeeboy jumped up and went for his cock, sucking it clean to almost pained moans from Cruiseboy.

"Careful, bro...I'm still really sensitive!"

Coffeeboy lifted off and got next to me on the bed again, stroking his hard cock. For a few minutes I'd almost forgotten he was felt like it was just Cruiseboy and I together. Now he was the only one who hadn't gotten off.

Cruiseboy got next to him so that he was sandwiched between us, twisting his nipples as he jerked his cock.

"What do you want to do to get off?" I asked.

Coffeeboy looked me in the face, his hand working furiously on his dick. "Can I fuck you too?"

I pulled my legs up and smiled. Coffeeboy bolted up, carefully standing up and arranging himself at the side of the bed. He slapped his cock against my ass a few times.


"Fuck him!" Cruiseboy answered for me. "He wants it."

I lifted my legs up higher, feeling the head of Coffeeboy's cock against my hole. He leaned forward, dropping a big gob of spit on his dick and working it around his cock with his hand.

I glanced at Cruiseboy, who was watching intently, before turning my attention back to Coffeeboy, who was now sinking his dick into me, no questions asked.

Any doubts I had about how he preferred to fuck were now gone. If he hadn't asked Cruiseboy the status question, I wouldn't be letting him slide inside me, but he had, so at least I knew he used some care in deciding who he'd play with.

My hole had to be pretty loose, lined with cum, and Coffeeboy had spent the past half hour getting his ass railed. There was no way this could last for long, but I would enjoy it while it did!

Coffeeboy fucked pretty gently, slowly sliding in and out my hole. His eyes opened and closed, but mostly they remained closed, his mouth open with soft moans.

I moaned softly too, loving his cock inside me. It was completely different from Cruiseboy's hard plowing, but it wasn't unwelcome. By now my cock was hard again, so I was stroking it gently while we fucked.

He worked for at least five minutes, his fucking picking up at the end. Coffeeboy still wasn't plowing me nearly as roughly as Cruiseboy had, but it still felt good. He pushed his dick in moderately fast, slid it out, and repeated in soft, slow strokes.

Coffeeboy's breathing grew more intense and he started fucking a little harder.

"I'm close," he warned.

I tightened my ass around his cock, pulling him into me. "Yeah, fuck me!"

Cruiseboy wasn't completely hard, but he was stroking anyway, his eyes moving between my face and the dick sliding in and out of my hole.

"Oh god, I'm going to cum," Coffeeboy moaned. He started pulling his cock out of me, but I reached my feet around and pulled his body into mine, not saying a word.

He didn't struggle, giving it a final few strokes before he stopped and held his position.

Coffeeboy wasn't a noisy cummer, just kind of breathing hard as the sperm squirted out of his dick and into my hole. I shot a second load on my stomach as the cum pumped into me, turning my head to see a huge grin on Cruiseboy's face.

Coffeeboy pulled out and resumed his place next to me, chest heaving up and down.

My legs were aching, so it felt really great to let them down, two loads mingling together in my ass.

"Damn bro, I'm glad we brought you back here," Cruiseboy said with a smile, looking at our satisfied trick.

"I'm glad I checked you guys out," he answered with a laugh.

We all stayed there quiet for a few minutes...relaxing, resting, taking in what had happened, whatever. I found Coffeeboy's mouth and we made out a final time. He stood up, collecting his clothes.

"Thanks guys, that was so fucking awesome. We need to hang out and do it again sometime!"

I gave him my number, which he added to his phone.

"I better get going...I need to finish up what I was working on earlier."

"There's a shower down the hall if you want to get one," Cruiseboy said, pointing in the direction.

"Ok, thanks...I will. See you guys later."

"Good night!" I called.

"See you later, bro."

Coffeeboy pulled his flip flops on and headed out the door.

I looked at Cruiseboy with a smile and he shot one back at me.

"we need to go to Starbucks more often," he joked, standing up.

I jumped to my feet too. "Yeah."

Cruiseboy and I looked each other over, both of us still naked and sticky with sweat, lube, and cum. He leaned in, kissing me on the cheek for just a second.

"Well, bro, time to get started on some homework." He started pulling on his clothes. "But I had a lot of fun tonight. We need to hang out like that again sometime." He smiled.

"Yeah, I'd love to do that!" He obviously meant before the fucking began, and I completely was fun. I started putting on my clothes too.

"But we can still fuck when I've got time..."

I grinned, pulling on my shirt and sliding my flip flops on my feet. "Of course!"

"Awesome. Well, I'll talk to you soon then."

"Yeah, talk to you soon."

I headed out the door, mindful that I was a mess, but I didn't want to hit the shower at the same time as Coffeeboy. I'd just wait to get home to piss, dump the two loads of cum out of my ass, and finally clean myself up in the shower. I can't say I really minded...

Friday, April 3, 2009


I've blown two loads working on the threesome story. Yeah, it's tough to write without doing that. ;-)

I'm thinking I'll have it done by tomorrow, though...we'll see!

Took and gave another load, bringing me to 4 and 4 for the week. Yes! Unfortunately, I'm going to have to start studying for a test soon and that probably means I won't be getting so lucky over the next few days.

But you never know...anything can happen. Of course, I really need an A in this class, so I really need to study!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

A Good Week!

We're half through, but this has been an awesome week. I'm at 3 loads given and 3 loads taken already!

I know, I know, you've only heard about 2 of the loads--I'm working on it! Fuck stories can take a lot more effort to write than you might think, at least the way I like to write them.

I'm going to go ahead and tell you that 3 of the 6 loads are the result of a threesome I had with Cruiseboy. We didn't set out to have sex or have a threesome...we were actually just trying to do the normal hanging out thing, lol! But sometimes stuff happens, and the other night something certainly did happen, and I can't say it was at all unwelcome. Let's just say that being a little bold can sometimes go a long way!

Ok, Ok, I'll tell you that it happened as a result of a guy checking me out while Cruiseboy and I were out and about. He was pretty blunt about what he was doing--he gave me the "I want you" eyes unbroken for half a minute. This guy was really hot, so I returned the stare. He was also alone, so talking to him wasn't an issue!

See, that's why I don't want to give hints, I start telling a whole story when I'm not ready to sit down and write it just yet! Well, you can look forward to that, at least! I have to think of a nickname for him before I can get to work.

I'm also somewhat ashamed but also somewhat pleased to tell you that I plan to be adding Dormboy's roommate to my fuck count very, very, very soon. Maybe even...tonight! I don't think you know how hot the idea is getting me, but Dormboy's work schedule should leave him away from the dorm room for many hours, giving us the perfect chance to get together and have some fun.

Wish me luck. :)