Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Load Count

I forgot I owed a load count for last week. Here it is:

2 loads given bb
1 load taken bb
3 loads given oral

I flip fucked two other times without any cum shots. I haven't bothered with those stories for obvious reasons...but if I counted bare sex instead of loads, I think I could add double digits to my counts. Oh well. ;-) I kind of wanted to start tracking oral loads, but I tried it out and thought it looked too cluttered. So no oral count for now.

In addition to what my post described the other day, I've filled a boy up with my sperm one other time. Since this is an insane school week, I'm pretty pleased. Hopefully I'll keep getting lucky!

Monday, July 27, 2009

Hot Fuck...Twice! :-)

Threesome story from my trip remains in progress, but I had a really hot time yesterday that I feel like sharing. ;-)

I met a hottie from Craigslist, about my age. I've had pretty much no sex lately, so I was insanely horny. I was here with him for half an hour before I was on top of him with my lips on his.

We kissed gently at first. He seemed to be avoiding my tongue, but that's Ok...I didn't mind dragging it out. I kept working, getting bolder and bolder with the kisses until I was sliding my tongue into his mouth. He didn't resist, opening right up and offering his back. We swirled around for awhile, just tasting each other and enjoying the kiss. I grabbed his head and pulled it into mine, pushing my tongue deeper into his mouth until there was nowhere left to go.

I broke off to get rid of my clothes, and he did the same. He was hairy but still hot, his skin darker than mine, more built than me but not by much. His dick was pointed straight up into the air, almost 7" long.

We decided to go upstairs and get on my bed. I sucked his cock, taking it almost down to the base and working my magic. He was moaning hard, running his hands through my hair and squirming around while I sucked and bobbed up and down on him.

When I stopped, I took his legs into my hands and lifted his ass into the air, a relatively smooth and very hot hole waiting.

"How's your ass?" I asked.

He looked nervous. "I think it's fine, but I worked all day, so it's probably kind of sweaty."

Perfect. I lifted him up on the couch a little further and dove my tongue right into his hole, licking softly at first. The taste was amazing, so I happily lapped for a minute before I seriously started working my tongue into his hole. He groaned while I pressed inside, getting louder as I went deeper. I sucked on his hole, getting another round of loud groans. I kept eating him out until I couldn't take it anymore.

I got up and pointed my throbbing 8x7" at his hole, just pressing the head inside with nothing but the spit left from eating his ass out. He moaned as it slipped inside. I was shocked...I figured there was no way it would go in with just a little spit, but the head of my cock was popped inside his ass.

I pulled it out and ate his hole some more, pushing my tongue deep inside of him again and licking up the hot taste of his sweaty ass. I stopped and positioned my cock again, sliding inside just like I had before.

"Don't go all the way," he said through a moan. "Just push the whole head in...go a little more."

I did as he asked, my dick cutting right into him without any resistance. It went in so easily that I pushed inside of him all at once without even trying.

He jumped a little and made a surprised noise, but he wasn't complaining. "Oh shit," he groaned. "Fuck me. Fuck me right now."

You have to love how easy it is with my cock. I slide it in and he begs...what am I going to do?

I started fucking him, still just using the spit I'd left on his hole rimming his ass. He opened right up and easily took a hard pounding from my cock. I fucked the shit out of him for at least 20 minutes, my cock diving in and out of his hole easily without a drop of extra lube. We were both drenched in sweat, making out almost the entire time, my sweaty face pressed against his as drops of sweat dripped off of me and fell onto his body. He begged for my cock deeper, harder, and I gave him every single inch.

I started getting close, as you might imagine. I was surprised at how well I was holding up fucking his hole...I think lube makes me cum faster. Whatever it was, he looked up at me, his eyes in mine.

"Don't cum," he gasped while I kept working in and out of him. "I want to fuck you too."

Oh fuck yeah. A boy after my own heart! I let him have a few more strokes before I pulled out and flipped over into his position.

I held my legs up. He spit on his cock and worked it around, licking my toes a couple times before he pulled my ass up into his face. He ate me out really well, but only for 30 seconds or so before he had his cock against my ass. I couldn't blame him!

He slid inside me. I haven't been bottoming much, so it took me more time to take his cock than it took him to take mine, but eventually all 7 inches of him were resting inside me. He leaned down for a kiss and started plowing, fucking me hard. Since I haven't bottomed in so long it felt really great...I moaned like a little bitch with every stroke, especially when he grabbed on and fucked me really hard. We started working up the sweat again. The bed was already soaked when we switched places, and now it was even more soaked...sweat pouring off of both our bodies.

He was a good fuck, owning my ass. He worked up the juice down there to the point that my hole felt completely wet, which was hot because it usually doesn't happen (I'm pretty sure I had him at the same point). He kept pounding and I kept moaning, the two of shoving our tongues into each other frequently. He fucked me for as long as I'd fucked him when he said he didn't think he could cum.

I hate it when that happens, but I know it happens, so I said it was my turn again. He agreed and spent another couple minutes inside me before he pulled his cock out of my hole and we switched places again. The sweat must have been down to the mattress by now, but he took up the soaked place and held his legs up again.

I licked his hole a little, hoping to avoid using anything else. He didn't object, so I slid my cock inside and started fucking him again.

He jerked the whole fuck this time, working his cock and moaning while I tore his hole up. I went as long as I could, but given all the hot sex we'd already gotten through I was already feeling super sensitive.

"Keep fucking me," he begged. "Keep fucking me until you cum and blow your hot load."

Shit. That almost made me do it right there. I kept going for another minute or so before I couldn't hold off anymore, and then I grabbed onto him and gave him the deepest and hardest strokes I could do. My cock exploded and I was basically yelling at full force as what must have been a gallon of my hot jock cream spurted deep inside of him. Spurt after spurt, groan after super load groan, I kept cumming until finally it stopped.

I was out of breath, pulling my cock out of his hole and falling over beside him. I felt like I had been completely drained of water and air, but it was totally worth it...hottest fuck in a long time.

He got up to clean himself off, going into my bathroom and getting on the toilet.

"You shot so much cum," he informed me. "It just keeps coming out of me."

A big smile worked its way across my face. Yeah, I already knew I'd filled him to capacity. I can't remember when I last felt a load that big squirting out of me.

We took a shower together. He wanted to hang out, so I agreed. We spent a few hours together in my apartment before I was on top of him again. This time he didn't make any effort to resist...when I wanted my tongue in his mouth he instantly accepted, moaning just from having my tongue in his mouth.

We wound up upstairs in the bed again, and there we did the whole thing over again. I won't repeat the details...I fucked him, he fucked me, I fucked him some more. The only thing I'll add is that when he came while I fucked him I pushed my face down into the cum, lapping up at least half of what was a huge load. The rest of it was all over my face and down on my stomach where I couldn't reach. That set me over for the second time in just a few hours. I planted another big load in his hole while he begged for it the whole way.

We cleaned up again. He got dressed and left me to my homework...

You can bet this boy is coming back. I hope you enjoyed hearing about the experience, and I'm sorry it's been so long since I've relayed one. ;-)

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Still fucking...

I had several hot flip flops this week and dumped my load straight into a boy's mouth the other day. So I am still having some fun, even if I am super busy. ;-)

I counted and basically class takes up almost 30 hours a week when I count getting there, sitting there, and getting home. Ouch. No wonder I feel so stretched! Class doesn't ever take up that much of my time during the school year, so it's very frustrating.

I get like 6 or 7 hours of sleep every night and feel tired all day. I've been turning hotties down because I feel too exhausted to go have sex. Kind of sad, isn't it?

I'd like to get to bed earlier, but waking up early in the morning makes that tough. Everyone wants to hang out in the evening and at night...not much of a choice.

So for now everyone will have to be content with little flashes of my sex life. I hate it as much as you do.

I've been losing count of my weekly loads and that's why I stopped posting the count. I'm going to start counting again on Sunday so I can at least post that every week. The total count on the page is accurate though...I just lost track of which week was which a couple times. ;-)

Tomorrow will be an easy school day, so I'm going to try and hook up tonight. I'll let you guys know how it goes!

I started writing my threesome story. I'm hoping to have it available soon!

Friday, July 10, 2009

Writing About Me

I decided to Google myself just to see what would come up. It was mostly blogs that link to my blog (thanks for that) and not much else, but I did find one link to an entire article that someone wrote mostly about me.

Read the article!

I couldn't find any contact information for this Thomas Kraemer. Apparently posting comments on his blog isn't allowed, and I couldn't find an e-mail address anywhere. With that in mind, I'd like to write about his post, even if I am a few months late in responding.

I'm glad he thought my stories were hot, first of all. :) Let me assure you, I am indeed a 20-year-old student at a big university in Florida. I've edited my personal details a bit for the purpose of protecting my identity and I'm careful about saying too much, but everything I write about is based on some real event. I do change minor things like ages, descriptions, places, or the order of actions in order to make it plausible to deny that I wrote about a specific person who had sex with me but the base of the story remains intact. For example, if I say someone had brown hair, it just means dark; if I say someone had an 8 inch cock, it probably wasn't 8 inches but it was somewhere close. I hope I'm not spoiling my blog by saying any of this, but I think you guys should still enjoy the stories as they are.

I'd also like to say that I understand the risks of my behavior and I'm not deluding myself into believing that I'm staying safe. I do take measures to avoid getting any diseases (very effectively so far), but I don't pretend they're 100% sure to keep me safe. I accept the risks involved as necessary to have all the fun with all the hotties. I know exactly what I'm doing.

So thanks for advertising my blog, Thomas Kraemer. If you ever read this post, I'd appreciate you noting what I had to say in your original post. Especially since I have no way to contact you and say any of it...

That's all I have to say about that. ;-) Side note...if you have a blog and you've linked to my blog and I haven't linked to yours, e-mail me and tell me. Since I'm too busy to write my own posts I'm way too busy to read blogs as much as I used to...if I like your blog and you have a lot of posts I'll probably give you a link back on mine. I really do appreciate it! If you've ever written something about me in your blog or you know where someone has, I'd like to read it, good or bad...just so I know what's out there. Hopefully I won't need to respond to it with a post in my blog. ;-) lol

My last management note is on e-mail. I got way behind in reading and responding to e-mail to the point that I'm kind of afraid to even look at the e-mail. If you sent me something, I appreciate it, and I did read it...that's 100% sure. I just never found time to reply to a backlog of e-mail and now it would take me a really long time to do. So don't be afraid to keep writing me...I'll try to respond to the next round of messages I get and avoid letting them build up on me. I really do love hearing what you guys have to say or seeing how hot some of you are!

Last word for this post is on sex. I fucked a boy from Craigslist last night and filled his ass with my hot cum... :) I woke up with him in my bed this morning but he didn't seem to want seconds. Maybe he just wasn't a morning person...

Of course, the next story I give you all will be my last threesome. I'm going to try to start working on it today. We'll see how it goes!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

School Sucks

If you're wondering why I haven't posted yet, blame school. I basically have a 4 month class compacted into one month, so you guys can imagine how annoying it is. And I have two classes to deal with!

I've been feeling pretty exhausted all the time...not having as much sex as I was before I had to go on my little break. It's pretty sad.

I'm still going to try to work on some theesome on vacation is a certain one, for example. And I'll try to update you on other stuff that's going on when I can, but it's hard to promise.

I'm kind of running out of money after the vacation, so I'm having to work a ton too. I'm sure you guys know how much that can cut into a hot sex life!

So I apologize. Keep checking me every so day there will be something new here, and hopefully when I can make a post I'll be able to keep them going. :)

Hot sex today. Got my ass pounded by a hot hairy guy and took a huge load that I spent the rest of the day trying to push out of my ass. Then I flipped him over and pounded his hole...dumped my load in him. :)

I can't wait to tell the threesome story. It was hot! I just know I'll probably need 3000 words to do it... and that takes a lot of time to do. ;-)

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

I'm back!

A lot more tan, a lot less money, and with 6 loads added to the count...not too bad. :)

I was stuck in a rural area for most of the trip visiting family, and my hopes that I'd find something sexual to do were very easily dashed when I got there. Talk about being 20 minutes away from your neighbors...

But for the second part of the trip I was in a major city and went out to the best gay clubs every night. I gave 3 loads and got 3 loads, another threesome in the mix!

I'll work on posting some stories, although I have another class to deal with now, so I'm not sure how active I can be. That said, I owe you guys a bunch of hot stories and will do my best to get them posted!