Friday, October 21, 2011

"What happened with Brock?"

This post is the final answer on Brock unless I make another post, so don't e-mail me questions about him.

The two Brock posts I made so far feature some creative changes to make my existence and authorship of this blog deniable (as always), but the substance of what happened and the emotions involved were true. Relaying more details about what ended up happening with our relationship would be a lot harder and would require me to do a lot of outright lying. You won't really understand what happened between us if I do this, so I don't see a point.

I will answer a few easy questions:

1) Did we stay together and have sex again?

Yes, we did, and I may post more about it in the future. Let's just say I gave Brock the experiences he wanted to have (yes, we had threesomes with John and others). We did things we had avoided and I thought it would settle everything. Unfortunately, these experiences were a little too good. Brock decided he wasn't ready to settle down and wanted to enjoy being young, dumb, and full of guys' cum.

The fact that I had done so many things he hadn't just fueled him on. The fact that I never got hurt doing these things encouraged him even though I tried very hard to tell him that I used a lot of care and still got really lucky.

We were slutty together for a small time but I quickly decided I didn't want to have a relationship based on having sex with other guys. We can both pursue that as singles.

2) Do you still talk to Brock or want to get back together?

We don't live in the same city anymore and we don't talk at all. I don't know why this would change. I have no desire to be romantically involved with him ever again.

3) Are you looking for another relationship?

If a find a guy and connect like I did with Brock, great, but that guy needs to be very mature and very secure in himself.

I would rather flip fuck twice a day with a boyfriend I care about than share him freely with other people. If the sex isn't incredible, meaning better than most of the sex I've ever had, that guy isn't going to last very long as a boyfriend.

If I'm craving other people the guy isn't doing it for me.

4) Where do you live!? Can we hookup?

I'm not going to tell you where I live now.

Am I interested in having sex with you? Maybe...send pictures. But probably not.

Am I interested in dating you? That's a long shot. If after sex almost every guy you fuck says, "Shit, that was the best sex I've ever had in my life," we may get along. But we probably don't live anywhere close to each other, so please date someone in your own backyard. You really don't know very much about me anyway.

5) Has the old RCJS returned?

A little bit. I still love sex and I need sex a lot. I still never use condoms. I still like other hot college boys like myself. In another day or two I plan to post another old first fuck with a black guy. It's post-Brock but certainly doesn't represent a typical night for me.

I usually fuck 1-2 times a week now, a little tamer than in the past. I jerk off way more. I turn more guys down than I did. I'm too busy to ever go back to the way things used to be, and maybe a little wiser and more confident in what I want.

Now I just need to find it.


  1. Dude just be honest. You know you have a disease. So you want us all to believe that since 2008, after taking over 300 loads of cum from all sorts of random guys without a condom on that you're disease free? Oh please. Even Sasha Grey, who is extremely kinky and promiscuous, has admitted to having gonareah. Just be honest. I don't get who would want to risk getting a disease from some one so careless like you.

    No wonder our community has are diseased infested. It's people like you who contribute to it.

  2. 'Anonymous' here is starting to sound like Agent Smith, what with the "it is inevitable" attitude.

    Good to hear that it didn't end badly.

  3. Hi,
    I just recently caught up with your posts and want to thank you for writing!!

    First of all the writing is honest and heartfelt.
    Second, its nice to have a good blog writer return!

    Sorry that you had to go through the pain of the experience with Brock - hope that someday you will connect with someone that ends more positively.